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02/13/2017 at 7:53 am   * * * Police advise no tradesmen should be considered even for quotes unless they areVetted & have aTraceable/landlineNr like our 01494671308. Save Now this Nr for future* * * 1STOP  family, small InviroSolutions' vetted Emergency_Locksmith, etc Tradesman  Ian  0785 383 9670 beefs-up properties' security as winter, darkMONTHs still here, fitting InsuranceCompulsory BsMandatory Special-Locks!

IanGraham-EmergencyLocksmiths Handymen, PropertyMaintenance &
Home & Garden Repair
02/13/2017 at 8:20 am
COVER HOME COUNTIES ONLY ! : East-Berks, SouthOx, SouthBUCKS, MIDDX / N-W London & SouthHerts. * * * Police advise that ''tradesmen'' Without aTraceable/landlineNr like our 01494671308 should Not be considered even for quotes! * * * WE ARE Fully_Operational on All School & National HOLIDAYS when Others are Off , even Abroad ! fake guys invalidate your insurance,  ruin your property or visit  just  to see what to steal later, even.  Some  so-called "tradesmen" ["foreign" seemingly?   or   native rip-off cowboys]  have  only  Pay-As-U-Go mobiles
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