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•Advising or consulting on serious, innovative projects in my areas of interest (digital content, social interaction, financial services, energy). Non-profits using innovation, particularly technology, to improve society. Generally prefer board roles working with entrepreneurs that also have the goal of improving the world, as well as launching ultra-successful products and businesses. •I’m in the middle of several projects right now, so my time is limited.

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World-first discovery of 4D GeoSEIS Tomography Method can help save cost for ore/oil/gas deposit`s prospecting, 4D Risk Modeling and Monitoring ! * We propose for your company of ASEG the 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography transformations of DEM, airborne thermal & multispectral satellite images, airborne/ground gamma-ray spectrometry and geophysical data (magnetic, gravity, IP, seismic) into multifactor volumetric 3D-4D GeoSEIS (space-time) Tomography Model, exact ranging and forecasting of mineral deposits, multifactor volumetric mapping of low-amplitude tectonics, geophysical anomalies and geologic properties of deep structures for cost-effective 4D Geomechanical Modeling/Monitoring:; * We have used multispectral images of WorldView-2 satellite with 1-2 meter resolution for volumetric 3D GeoSEIS mapping (deep: 500-1500m) with much higher resolution (1-2m) than 3D seismic, magneto-telluric, electromagnetic data. *We have used geophysical data & multispectral images of Landsat 5-7, ASTER, Hyperion satellites with 15-30 meter resolution for predict volcanic activity and volumetric mapping of volcano-tectonic structures up to depth 19-60km: * The results of structural-geodynamic 3D GeoSEIS modeling proved possibility of satellite maps creation (Landsat7ETM, ASTER, World View-2…) of low-amplitude tectonics with spatial resolution 1-20-30m/pix for horizontal lines, and 20 cm of fold’s amplitude. The spatial resolution of satellite models and maps on a concrete area exceeded the spatial resolution of mining works plan on the scale 1:5000. * 3D GeoSEIS Tomography is invaluable for identifying geodynamic zones that may be potential areas for rock bursts, 3D fracture patterns, their density (number of cracks per unit volume) and outline zones of high permeability, shear zones and faults... * Mining professionals of State Enterprise "Mining-Ore Research Institute” (Ukraine) used 3D GeoSEIS Tomography to accurately locate subsurface volumetric distribution (deep:500-700m) of cavities, mine workings, active geodynamic zones, concentration of stresses, ore and oil-gas deposits with much higher resolution (1-2m) than 3D seismic, magneto-telluric, electromagnetic data before drilling. 3D GeoSEIS Tomography is helping mining companies to identify volumetric distribution of cavities, active geodynamic zones and concentration of stresses to prevent Earth surface collapses. The “4D GeoSEIS Tomography” methods developed for multifactor volumetric structural-geodynamic modeling can serve for accurate 3D mapping & 4D monitoring of the low-amplitude tectonic structures (lineaments, fractures, shear zones, folds, faults), active geodynamic zones, , landslides, cavities, old underground workings (mined-out areas) and collapse sinks. * The integrated 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography™ is a unique tool for volumetric mapping of microstructure-geodynamic evolution of local fields of thermo-elastic stresses, fractures, shear zones and faults around underground faults, cavities and old mined out areas that detects, measures and monitors different geophysical and geodynamical phenomena (e.g. 3D fractures/stresses/strains lineaments and shear zones, subsidence, uplift, landslides, seismic faults, etc.) and verifies the stability of individual structures, providing precise measurements of displacements. 3D-4D GeoSEIS Tomography™/PSInSAR™ Technology has demonstrated its ability to accurately characterize reservoir processes such as fracture growth and volumetric changes based upon the surface deformations they generate, whether from primary or enhanced oil recovery techniques, or from CO2 sequestration. VALIDATION CERTIFICATE for “4D GeoSEIS Tomography” Method:

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