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Hendrikus Laurentius Rijnart

Ciskei -se Uitsaai Corporatie

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Type of Clients/Prospects I look for: those who want to be part of the (virtual) "Amikjo" community. Amikejo? "Place where dears meet", is the literally explanation of this Esperanto phrase. Amikejo had been ground layed 1816 as Condomium of Neutral-Moresnet, and succeeding the Versailles Treaty 1920, the 'country' had gone (up into surrounding Belgium, cq. Wallonia), but still, it's there...and YOU are in the unique circumstance to be part of the (growing) "population", known as Moresnetians..or rather Amikejoans. No cost, no investments, no obligations. Juts the knowing of being part of a non-EU, non-UN, non-NATO, so non-affiliated state, while in the middle of every state (of mind) you'd yourself want to travel in/to!).

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neutralmoresnetianstatebankNSB, a independent fund, brought together by/with all the participators in/to (USA's 51st. State). Don't do ANY-/NOTHING! NSB Bank doesn't require investments (n)or in lays, everythings being taken care of meanwhile as we speak and once you get this message. As once being part of my colleagues' page, you're part of It's probably the most lousy way of banking, you'd become part of, cq. active in. Please don't get out of your seat and please be as comfortable as one would be, for this mode of banking requires no any effort, other wise than being part of my pages circle: Enquiries: 31206366499 and/or

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