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Dave Parise

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We have two businesses- Besides our Private personal training center (catering to busy business professionals.) We are a traveling personal training school offering hands on application (condensed learning curve) to your staff. We are a national provider # 540 and provide 1.4 cec's to every student.

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Questions & Answers About Results Plus & FIT-PROS personal training school- “Qualified not just Certified” Personal Trainers Dave Parise’s personal statement: “Remember, anyone can get certified…you just need to pass a test. At Results Plus, we hire certified trainers and train them to be QUALIFIED! Just because a trainer reads a manual on anatomy and throws out some scientific words do not make him or her qualified.” Q. Will I lose body fat and/or weight on the Results Plus Program? A. The frequency of eating, making correct choices, hydrating properly, and making all your appointments is 75% of your goal. We recommend a private consultation for those who require in-depth information. The average Results Plus client loses 12 pounds in a six-week program with proper, frequent eating and no missed appointments. Q. What makes the Results Plus Program different from the average health club/fitness center training session? A. Our sessions are only performed by qualified—not just certified—trainers having a vast educational background in functional anatomy, the application of kinesiology (the study of human movement) and soft tissue therapy, including myofacial release and/or neuromuscular contact stretching. Our trainers focus on enhancing your movement and health while simultaneously adding creativity to the program allowing you to accomplish all conditioning goals you desire. We feel the typical “gym trainer” is nothing more than a “rent-a-buddy”—Sorry! Q. Is there an age limit to the program? A. No. Our clients range from age 13 to 89. Q. Can I perform the Results Plus Program in the privacy of my own home? A. Not efficiently. Each program is tailored to fit a series of many environmental factors. Unfortunately, unless you have the tools needed to perform the movements, we recommend our facility. Results Plus has state of- the-art applications needed for a well-balanced, comprehensive conditioning program. Q. Will I see results if I don’t maintain a strict program? A. Yes. Not everyone follows a program perfectly, but at least you have a plan to objectively measure results! We are with you every step of the way if you need motivational help. I can say this, “If you train less than 3x per week, with no other form of activity on your off days…that is maintaining.” Q. Is the Results Plus Program tailored to fit busy lifestyles? A. Absolutely! We work with clients—everyday—who have “more important things to do.” Current lifestyle is an important factor in determining the intensity and volume of your program. Everything from mental, physical and emotional stress is taken into consideration before designing your program. Q. Does your service replace physical therapy and/or chiropractic care? A. In some cases yes, however, in most cases, it works in conjunction with your current rehabilitation, massage and/or chiropractic treatment. The specifics will depend on your current rehabilitation status. Call us for an over-the-phone consultation. Q. How often do you re-assess, progressions? A. No one-program should last more than 12-total sessions without an assessment—regardless of the program. Exercises should change. Exercise is defined as repetitive movement resisted; therefore, it can— and will—eventually cause an imbalance if not changed frequently. This is one of the major causes of repetitive stress injuries. During your Fat-Loss, Strength Training, Core reconditioning program, you will be re-assessed and progressed according to your body’s adaptation. Q. Does the program integrate into other forms of exercise? A. Yes. By request, we will design your monthly planner. All physical activities are taken into consideration and integrated into one customized plan. You must ask for a travel workout. Q. Can you design sport-specific programs—even if I am a “weekend warrior?” A. Yes. All of your information is collected and utilized to build a program that fits whatever sport you love to participate in. The Results Plus Program is highly recommended by qualified athletes. Q. What is Corrective Exercise? A. First, it is important to understand what exercise is. Exercise, in its simplest form, is movement performed repetitively under resistance. Corrective exercise focuses on movements that correct deficits within the human movement system. This will enhance your structure, and make your body more efficient for the goal at hand. Q. What is Performance Conditioning? A. Performance conditioning is the conditioning of the body to perform specific tasks. The task may be as simple as walking or climbing up and down stairs. All our creative functional programs have “carry-over” to a person’s daily life. All humans require certain levels of performance conditioning to live life. In fact, all humans are athletic; we just exhibit different levels of athleticism (movement vocabulary). Remember there is a difference between “Certified and Qualified”…anyone can pass a written test. We’re different—we have certification and application! FIT-PROS PERSONAL TRAINING SCHOOL HAMDEN, MASS, NEW YORK Fit-Pro's Personal Training School, provides more than just continuing education credits (CEC’s). Becoming a certified personal trainer is more than passing a test. Through our workshops and seminars, Fit-Pro's Personal Training School, teaches facilities and certified personal trainers more hands-on than any other personal training school in the country. We teach application—and how to increase revenue to your staff of certified personal trainers. How? Fit-Pro's Personal Trainer School demonstrates, hands-on, the difference between nonsense high-risk exercises based on sensation vs. proper anatomical function based on science. Become a "qualified", certified personal trainer who understands the difference between "gym" talk and science. Become a "requested" personal trainer who doesn’t worry about client renewals. Talk to our team of teaching professionals. Seminar dates are determined by club owners, fitness directors, and Fit-Pro’s Personal Trainer School representatives. Call Fit-Pro's Personal Training School for one day or weekend hands on advanced application courses. Fit-Pro's Personal Trainer School, workshops in CT, MA, NYC, is the only personal trainer school that focuses on application. In order to create revenue streams, personal trainers should have an understanding of specific hands-on application. Our personal trainer seminars and workshops provide required cec's and are 90% hands-on with certified personal trainers. Knowledge is not power until application is present. The principles of personal training and proper exercise mechanics are what make the Fit-Pro's Personal Trainer School workshop and seminar one-of-a-kind. A certification workshop or seminar from Fit-Pro's Personal Training School (FPTA) is valuable to the employer, fitness director, and personal trainer. We demand—please—you become a certified personal trainer, with an accredited organization, and receive your continuing education credits (cec’s), but remember personal trainer certifications do not effectively delineate between qualified and unqualified personal trainers. A personal trainer who attends a class room seminar gains informative "book" knowledge—this only makes the certified personal trainer textbook smart. Without the platform of knowledge in regards to application your only a "rent-a-buddy". Understanding the body & how it functions is based on science not "gym" talk. (SEE OUR WEB-SITE WWW.FITPROSPERSONALTRAININGSCHOOL.COM 203-288-8822 Dave Parise, CPT Results Plus 3013 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 06518 Phone: (203) 288-8822

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