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Mike D'Agostino

Black Knight Tracking

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3551 Boul. St. Charles
Kirkland, QC H9H 3C4
T: 5149903506
F: 514-990-3506

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I'm seeking clients that are looking for Assistance with all forms Black Knight Asset protection. Black Knight Technology a global leader in asset protection. Currently supplying various markets Powersport, Corporate, OEM, Aerospace, Utility, Government, and consumers

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There are many trackers in the market but Black Knight is totally unique. (a) Black Knight Global Tracking Systems uses the latest technology, and is a world first in many categories. (b) Using its custom connectivity chip, Black Knight seamlessly selects the best GPS and telecommunication signals anywhere in the world, pinpointing your device from 5 to 15 metres. No hidden fees or roaming charges. [Great for an OE which can distribute the Black Knight anywhere in the world without the need to select a local SIM card carrier. (c) All competing trackers on the market use SIM cards, rendering them insecure and expensive. SIM cards are easily replaced, meaning the device can easily be compromised as a tool to track down a stolen asset. Also a SIM card makes a tracker expensive, adding $30/month plus penalties for early withdrawal, global roaming charges, etc. (d) Black Knight was showcased at the recent global M2M Expo in Las Vegas at the invitation of Vodafone International. Black Knight was featured on the Vodafone booth as the most innovative product using the latest M2M (Machine2Machine connectivity) technology. Black Knight is the only tracking device that can be used across the globe, connect to satellites and telcos in over 250 countries without ever having to change to a local SIM card to connect. (e) 99.9% of all competitor GPS tracking devices use a local carriers SIM card. The owner’s communication to the device is mainly via txting codes.. Black Knight uses data only via M2M and NOT SMS. Black Knight updates its position 265,000 times per month, every 10 seconds - an impossible task using other txt based systems, to send that many SMSs. (f) Most courier companies, update their position back to base every 3/4/5 minutes. This is not an option for Black Knight. We will update every 10 seconds so we can trace the stolen vehicle accurately. A 3/4/5 minute time gap would be a disaster if we were using that system as the vehicle could be far away and hidden. (g) 10-second updates become a safety feature for offshore boating and anyone tracking the boat from a mobile device will be able to receive up to date reports. (h) Black Knight has 3 simple alert functions: • GEOFENCE ALERT which sends an email alarm to the user saying that Black Knight has moved outside the designated fence area. • DEALER ALERTS for distance and hours travelled. Email alerts sent to the dealer indicating milestones reached - these features are excellent for keeping the dealer involved for servicing with the customer. • CUSTOMER ALERTS for distance and hours travelled. These email alerts can be set by the customer in their settings - useful for their records and log keeping. . NMVTRC ENDORSEMENT (a) The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council is preparing a “white paper’ on Black Knight. They will only support the security of a “closed system” - that is, tracking devices where the SIM card cannot be replaced. (b) Once completed, this paper will be widely distributed over many industries. This will come after the launch in WA around December where there will be massive amounts of publicity. This will include national television, media, magazines. 9. HARD-WIRING POWER GUIDELINES (a) If a distributor is to sell and hard-wire a tracker into a powered source of a motor vehicle, motorcycle, marine, jet skis etc, it must be supported by reports on power usage. [See attachment for power usage] (b) Car batteries - 12V/100A (c) Boats - 12V/75A (d) Bike/jet ski/PWC batteries - either 12V/32A or 12V/16A (e) Trucks - 24V/150A + 10. HARD-WIRING INSTRUCTIONS (a) Highly simple to connect - red wire to power and black wire to earth. In reality in can be connected to anywhere there is power (b) We provide the connection (blade fuse adaptor) for simplicity. The blade fuse adaptor has been recommended and endorsed by IAG Research Centre (see attached) (c) No drilling or piercing of fire walls - simply use blade fuse adaptor or an auto electrician will connect it to any power source in the vehicle, then earth (d) At all times, where there is power available, Black Knight must be connected to power. (e) Black knight can be connected to a motorcycle with no battery. 4 strokes (motorcross bikes) are fuel injected and have power to its fuel injection, Black Knight can be wired here as there is power. 2 strokes (carburetor based) - we are in testing now but solenoid seems to be the place to grab power. NOTE: If a bike, Jet Ski or boat is stolen and the owner is using manual charging of the Black Knight via a USB, this is DANGEROUS AND UNACCEPTABLE. Because if the BK is not charged, the item is lost forever. If it is wired and even if the item has not been used for weeks and the battery in the BK is flat, as soon as the item is started, the BK will charge and show its position. AND, if the owner has set a geofence, the BK will begin to send email messages. 11. BLACK KNIGHT POWER USAGE (a) Making connection - 300MaH (b) Once connected - 65MaH (c) Sleep mode - 2.5MaH (d) Internal battery (rechargeable lithium) - 3.7V, 520MaH (e) Input - 5V/DC 500mA INTELLIGENT POWER-SAVING TRANSFORMER (a) Black Knight has an intelligent transformer which will NOT allow the device to keep drawing power after the battery has dropped to 12 volts, enabling the BK never to be blamed for a flat battery. (b) The new transformer will take 35 volts to 11 volts, so it can be used for any 24-volt system. Of course only 5 volts is distributed to the BK. .

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