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Delores Taylor

Englewood community connection out reach
Social service

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Chicago, IL 60615
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Organization History: My name is Delores Taylor, and I am your current Director of Englewood Community Connection Outreach Program since 2007. Branding has been one of the largest ideals of the organization and how to network not only within the community but outside association as well. Through our Fund raisers (Raffle, Soldier Field stand and Ad book bags) for our college scholarships as well as our outreach and Mentoring program, we have shown large stride in our efforts to brand in a positive light. As a product of college and environment of a strong positive environment and a strong since of education and being an advocate & educator I assumed the role of a leader at a young age. I also saw that my cousins (females) also took the same roles, from our family upbringing. I think it is time that we look beyond our inside agenda and join others that may have networking tools or even financial support as a non-profit that we currently don’t have. I would like for us to start a “Leaders for a Brighter Tomorrow” program in conjunction with other non-profit organizations. This program will consist of class room / lecture style format and will be geared toward 6th – 8th graders & high school students. The children in the program for the first trial year will be the children that are currently in the Englewood Community Connection Outreach program. This first year would serve as a prototype for what the Englewood Community Connection Outreach organization would like to open up to the rest of the Englewood Community area. Englewood community Connection Outreach Founded in 2007 as a 501 ©(3) non-for-profit Organization social service youth organization, for the purpose of creating supportive housing that will be safe and affordable for low income youth and their families, with the priority given to homeless children and their families. Vision Statement: Englewood Community Connection Outreach will impact attitudes, values and beliefs of the Englewood Community, ending homelessness and violence through training, education and the development of affordable and supportive housing. They also wish to increase opportunities for employment of the youth and adults in the community. Mission: of the organization is to provide the poor and indigent with the tools they need to help themselves. Englewood Community Connection Outreach was formed with a desire to address a broad range of social and economic ills within Chicago, IL  To empower low-income residents of Englewood Community and the surrounding neighborhoods.  To live with a greater sense of safety, dignity, pride and self-respect.  To move families toward economic independence through housing, economic empowerment and youth entrepreneurship. Programs provided: 1. Job Development, Job placement: The workforce program was created to provide each client with the tools to obtain skills to compete in the employment industries base on their natural talent and the skills and certification that is needed to obtain employment. Clients will go through an assessment, Drug screening and each client will take a placement exam All services will be provided onsite. Client will learn the trades through on hand training. Clients will spend 15 hours a month in a class room setting to study for exams to receive certification. All training will be conducted by journeyman of trade. 2. Supportive Services: Money Management –outside Bank entities and credit unions will provide financial education seminar or all clients that is enroll in the program. Each client will be able to obtain bank checking and saving accounts and learn every aspect of maintaining their financial assets. Overcoming Depression: a. Anger Management b. Overcoming Anxiety c. Healthy Family Life d. Healthy Parenting e. Building Self-Esteem f. Overcoming Alcohol Abuse g. Breaking & Understanding Domestic Violence: Clients will have the opportunity to attend Seminar classes that will educate them. Clients will be assign to a case manager and will be schedule a weekly visit. 3. E.C.C.O Literacy program: will provide education learning style techniques that will fit each Client learning capabilities in order to obtain a GED upon completion of the program. Each client will have the opportunity to move to the next level of their service plan. a. Summer Food Program: will provide clients the opportunity to learn the skill of working in food service industry and provide nutrition meals to youth b. Tutoring: clients will have the opportunity to provide Youth with the assistances in math, science, reading Writing. c. Youth Extravaganza (preforming arts): Youth will have the opportunity to participate in the performance art program. The program is design to showcase the youth natural talent in Arts. d. e. Horticulture class: f. Creative arts program( fashion & Design g. Field Trips h. Praise Dancing 1. New programs a. Single, Youth housing ,Family Housing b. Economic Mentoring c. My Baby can Read d. Re-entry Program e. KaBoom Playground

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