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Heather Ellis Drake

S E T NZ Energetics
Medical Intuitive

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Hamilton, Waikato 3020
New Zealand

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Instead of talking about the problem or trying to solve it with our thinking mind, Heather opens a space of stillness and silence that activates awareness of three dimensions of consciousness: personal, inherited and spiritual. Her and you enter this space together. First, we connect with our breath. Then, I open the gates of my heart to you. In a minute or two, we begin to feel. Emotions arise and memories stir. Unlike a therapist, who remains outside your process, I tune in with you. Together, we pick up a thread that traces from this moment into the distant past, to the root, the source of your issue in the history of your biological past. Empathic, Intuitive Energetics are alchemy. In the mind-space, where memories and images come alive, a powerful transformation occurs. You feel the presence of an ancestor whose trauma is at the root. When they are seen, acknowledged and honoured for what they endured, the thread of trauma dissolves. In its place comes a feeling of love and connection. This is the transformation. This is alchemy.

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Is there anything you’re holding on to that is limiting your spiritual transformation? Heather awoke from her Coma and NDE (Near Death Experience) to do exact that, blow out limiting beliefs and she embraces her gifts in fast potent miraculous healing for another. Empathic, Intuitive Energetics is a complete system of transformation that produces observable and verifiable changes that can be taught to others as easily as any other life skill. Empathic, Intuitive Energetics encompasses a new state of mind, a new way of looking at the world we live and breathe in, and a new way of reaching out to new possibilities – a consciousness shift. We all know what an “Empath” is, correct? Discover more from this evening, you may be in for a surprise of your life. This is from the people whose lives Heather has touched: We can be courageous, and explore what our Souls consciousness might wish to create of our lives. We can step beyond what is safe and comfortable. We can throw away the rules we lived by, and try on new ones to see if they fit. We can expand and then expand some more. We might discover that we are limitless as Creators, and that miracles occur daily. We might learn to take delight in completely unfamiliar territory. We can do all of this, and more. But first, we must agree that transformation will inevitably create change. New information can expand our existing frame of reference. It can open doors we never even knew existed. New information can blow the roof off of our belief system and create lots of expansion. Information can also lead to confusion and overwhelm. There is just so much of it coming our way, all day long. Our minds have become addicted to constant input. Collectively, we have become information junkies. Most importantly, we have become accustomed to receiving our answers from outside of ourselves. Information has begun separating us from our inner wisdom. Heather helps you connect to the inner knowing, which makes transformation possible.

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