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Peter Lundstedt

Investment managemnt

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Greenwich, CT 06831
United States

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U.S. equity investors

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Thank you for the connection. Let me know what I can do for you. Please contact me with a problem to solve. Designed specifically for U.S. equity investors - A Successful U.S. Listed Equity, Institutional SMIA. (separately managed institutional account) If you have a plumbing problem you call in a plumber, unless you want to do it yourself. Are all plumbers good? No. It's similar to a bell curve. Some are really good, some bad, but most are around the middle which happens to be the average. Some plumbers think differently and can come up with various solutions to a problem which gives them an edge. I have an edge. If this SMIA worked successfully, for 5 years with real money "and" it worked on 300 model equity portfolios, do you think it might continue to work? I do. Oh, by the way, how many equity managers do you know that created 300 model portfolios "before" letting investors in? It's a simple formula yet it works better than 95% of US mutual funds. Let's put it another way. If you did the same thing over and over again successfully 300 times, do you think it might do something similar on the 301st time? I do. The newest one is here "LIVE" So what is so hard to understand about putting 40 US stocks with exceptional fundamentals equally into an equity brokerage account and letting it grow (while keeping the 40 equal by rebalancing)? I must either be a genus or everyone else must be burdened with a less than average IQ, and I don't necessarily think I am a genus. But then I'll let you answer how they got us into the 2008 mess, and every other mess. This is how it works: An equity brokerage account holds the owners capital. The manager divides the account into 40 equal amounts. The manager screens all U.S. stocks fundamentally and buys the top 40 stocks. The owner then sits back and watches his US listed stock portfolio grow. This professionally managed portfolio uses concepts from some of the greatest minds on wall street like: Buffett - EPS consistency and ROE; Templeton - diversify globally in high earning companies; Munger - the market always returns to the mean; and $30 billion equity manager Bill Hay - equal weighting and rebalancing stocks works better. After four years the GAMG Mid Cap model portfolio of 46 stocks can be seen here: Email me if you are having any problems with large mid small or all cap "U.S. listed" stock accounts. I can probably improve them, a lot (in my opinion of course). Start out with $10 m, then add more later according to liquidity of all issues in the portfolio combined (or however you want). No lockup period. Leave whenever you want, it's your money, not mine. If a client moves funds, I assume that it is in their best interest, (which is in my best interest). Remember, you are controlling the assets; I am just arranging and rearranging the stocks. Performance fee based accounts are around 40% less than a standard 2 and 20%, (enough to maintain sufficient incentive but not so much as to make it unpalatable for regular folks). If you can use this then don't be afraid to call. You shouldn't be confident about this SMIA because you haven’t used it yet, which is perfectly normal. I did it 300 times "and" ran it with live money for five years with a $30 billion equity manager. I better be confident about it having done all that! If it is doing better then it must be doing something different, and different takes a little time to get used to. We can do each step together if you like. Best regards Peter Lundstedt U.S. Stock and ADR Portfolio External Sub-Adviser Private U.S. Listed Equity Portfolio Manager, CEO Greenwich Asset Management Group, LLC 2 Greenwich Office Park, Suite 300 Greenwich, CT 06831 USA Tel +US 001-203-733-0311 For Institutional and Accredited Investors

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