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Gayle Ellett

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Topanga, CA 90290
United States

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I write music for film and TV shows, and also for award-winning CDs, commercials, corporate applications, games, etc. I specialize in acoustic music from any country in the world, and also many other styles.

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Gayle Ellett has been composing and producing music for over 35 years, and has performed on more then 90 CDs. He has extensive experience in a wide range of fields, including film and TV soundtracks, award-winning CDs, commercials, art installations, animation, music libraries, computer games, and numerous corporate applications. In Brad Pitt's feature film "Year Of The Dog", Gayle Ellett's acoustic music creates a beautiful and traditional old-world mood. Recently he has composed music for numerous film projects such as "Get Smart", "Kiss The Bride" (with Tori Spelling), "The Devil's Muse" (Directed by Ramzi Abed), "Out Of Left Field", "Combover", and others. He has created music for television shows airing on 20 different television networks in the USA including "Swingtown" on CBS, "Next" and "Exposed" on MTV, "The Osbournes Reloaded" on FOX, "Bad Girls Road Trip" on Oxygen, “General Hospital” and "Knock First" on ABC, "House Hunters international" on HGTV, "Surfer" and "Powder" on ESPN, etc, as well as soundtrack music for TV shows airing on PBS, Bravo, The Movie Channel, The Movie Channel 2, Showtime, Showtime 2, Showtime 3, Showtime Women, Showtime Family, Universal HD, EchoStar, EWTN, the TBS Super Station, and numerous networks overseas. Grammy Award winner Michelle Shocked recently hired Gayle Ellett to create and manage the all-acoustic "Topanga Mountain All Star Band" to perform on stage with Michelle, as her back-up band. He hired all the players and oversaw the rehearsals. On stage with Michelle Shocked he played Greek Bouzouki. Gayle Ellett has created many charity fund-raiser CDs such as "After The Storm" (which raised $40,000 for HABITAT FOR HUMANITY) and "Topanga Music Of The Mountains". He has produced numerous award-winning albums, including ROLLING STONE Magazine's "#2 Independent Album Of The Year" and BILLBOARD Magazine's "Critic's Choice Award". Owner of Firepool Records and HC Productions. He plays a wide range of instruments such as: electric & acoustic guitar, bouzouki, ruan, quirquincho, bulbul tarang, jal tarang, oud, koto, dotara, gimbri, dilruba, rababa, swarsangam, tumbi, bugchu, gopichand, cumbus, suling, harmonium, mizmar, shehnai, mandolin, flute, ocean drum, Tibetan singing bowls, piano & organ & analog synths, guitar synth, Theremin, upright bass, and other instruments. Many of these exotic sounds can be heard in his all-acoustic ensemble FERNWOOD. Working with master sitar player Todd Montgomery and producer Wayne Yentis, FERNWOOD creates beautiful pan-cultural music with a strong cinamatic feel. They have released two CDs so far "Almeria" and "Sangita". Their debut release "Almeria" was chosen as "#4 Album Of The Year" by John Diliberto at ECHOES.ORG. They also have a live recording on the compilation "Still Echoes" with Al Di Meola and others. FERNWOOD's music can be heard regularly on National Public Radio - NPR. GUITAR PLAYER Magazine (June 2008) described Gayle's music as "Wonderfully melodic, expertly layered, masterfully interwoven, luscious yet rootsy." GUITAR PLAYER Magazine (March 2011) described Gayle's music as "Skillful and evocative playing, majestic orchestrations, odd time signatures, and showcases their contributions to the progressive rock oeuvre." He has also recently recorded tracks on CDs by members of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel, The Lovin' Spoonful's Randy Chance, EcoVillage (a Swedish Psychedelic band), RadioSeed, Sejdman, The Nihil Project (an Italian Psychedelic band), Zachary Crocker, CCA (a Progressive band), Djam Karet, Ukab Maerd, and with his own ensemble FERNWOOD. One of the many music groups he currently performs in, Djam Karet, has released 15 CDs so far, and has received great reviews and awards in hundreds of magazines world-wide, including Rolling Stone Magazine's "#2 Independent Album Of The Year" and Billboard Magazine's "Critic's Choice Award". He has received awards in a wide range of musical styles, including "# 6 NEW AGE Album Of The Year" in PULSE magazine, "#2 Album Of The Year" in Electronic Musician magazine. They recently head-lined a three-day Progressive Rock festival on the beach in France called The Crescendo Festival. And his Experimental Music album was described as "The 'Apocalypse Now' of field recordings" by Progressive World. He has sold his music in a wide range of styles including Traditional WORLD music (available from any country), Acoustic Contemporary-Folk, Jazz, Progressive, Deep Electronic, Soundtrack, Hard Rock, and other styles. If you google "Gayle Ellett", you'll find him mentioned on more then 10,000 websites (he is the only "Gayle Ellett" on the Internet). AWARDS: "#2 Independent Album Of The Year" ROLLING STONE magazine "Critic's Choice Award" BILLBOARD magazine "#2 Album Of The Year" ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazine "#2 Album Of The Year" GAGLIARCHIVES "#3 Album Of The Year" SEA OF TRANQUILITY "#4 Album Of The Year" ECHOES.ORG "#4 Album Of The Year" ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN magazine "#6 New Age Album Of The Year" PULSE! magazine "Top 10 Album Of The Year" DEEP LISTENING magazine "Top 10 Album Of The Year" EXPOSE' magazine "Top 20 Album Of The Year" PROGRESSOR FILM: "Year Of The Dog" (Executive Producer: Brad Pitt) "Get Smart" "Kiss The Bride" (with Tori Spelling) "The Promise Of Tomorrow" "Christianity And Science" "Los Gringos" "Vincent" "La Symphonie de Dieu" "Sondando en la Acera" "Out Of Left Field: The Making of the Chinese Baseball Team" "Combover: The Movie" "The Devil's Muse" "Analogy" "Snohvit And The Steel Giant" "The Hess Club" "Agnan Agnan" "Biowall 451" "High Seas" "The Search" "Wind Addiction" TELEVISION: "General Hospital" ABC-TV "Living Better With Carrie Wiatt" ABC-TV "Knock First" ABC-TV "Hard Copy" ABC-TV "Eye On LA" ABC-TV "Swingtown" CBS-TV "Rebecca's Garden" CBS-TV "House Hunters International" HGTV "The Osbournes Reloaded" FOX-TV "Exposed" MTV "Next" MTV "Fuggy Fuggy" MTV-International "Bad Girls Road Trip" OXYGEN-TV "Surfer" ESPN-TV "Powder" ESPN-TV "Movie And A Makeover" TBS-TV "Let Me Walk This Path" EWTN-TV "Distant Shores" British-TV "Roller Coaster" Australia-TV "Do Not Resuscitate" Australia-TV "Great South East" Australia-TV "Getaway Australia" Australia-TV "Sydney Weekender" Australia-TV "Queensland Weekender" Australia-TV "Chic" Canada-TV "Shavua SOF" Israel-TV "Tripleplay" Switzerland-TV "One Show" UK-TV "Help Teach Is Coming To Stay" UK-TV "Passage To Chios And Inousses" UK-TV Television and Films Gayle Ellett has scored have recently aired in the USA on: ABC CBS MTV MTV-International Fox HGTV ESPN EWTN PBS Oxygen Bravo The Movie Channel The Movie Channel 2 Showtime Showtime 2 Showtime 3 Showtime Family Showtime Women EchoStar TBS Super Station Universal HD COMMERCIALS: "New York Pizza TVC" "Riococo" "Understanding The Foreclosure Process" "Priceline" "Vison Sportswear" "Icebergs in Newfoundland" "Karate Glove" "Prancing Pony" CD DISCOGRAPHY for Gayle Ellett (composer & producer) 2011: Herd Of Instinct 2011: Progressive Journey II 2011: Strength 2010: There Has To Be More 2010: Global Mix 2010: Special Seasons 2010: Cellulose Moods-2 2010: Now Featuring-4 2010: Desert Flutes 2010: Traveling 2010: The Heavy Soul Sessions 2010: The Waiting Room 2010: The Sacrifice 2010: Music Journey Sounds of Italy Vol. 2 2010: Music Journey Sounds of Italy Vol. 3 2010: Invisible Bells 2010: Mantra Rocks 2009: Still Echoes 2009: Sangita 2009: Phoenix Asteroid 2008: India Water Garden 2008: Himalayan Relaxation Music 2008: Acoustic Heartland, Vol 2 2008: Acoustic Heartland, Vol 3 2008: Acoustic Heartland, Vol 4 2008: Spirit Of the Oriental Far East 2008: The Nilhil Project 2008: Not Different But Not the Same 2008: Set Me Free 2008: Country Road, Vol 2 2008: The Quest And That Magic Summer 2008: Almeria 2007: Rhythms Of Topanga 2007: Ethnic Ambiences 2007: Global Mix 2007: Exotic Acoustic 2007: Island Sounds 2007: Spirit Of Europe, Vol 1 2007: Spirit Of Europe, Vol 2 2007: Christmas Music Collection 2006: Oriental Far East 2006: Ethnic World 2006: Topanga Earth Day 2006: World One 2006: World Two 2006: World Three 2006: Riding The Range 2006: After The Storm 2006: World Music Collection 2006: World Music Loops 2006: Mid-Tempo Background Tracks 2006: IO Pages European Compilation 2005: Recollection Harvest 2005: Topanga, Music Of The Mountains 2005: Globetrotter, Vol 2 2005: World Tour, Volume 1 2005: Kinections: ProgDay 2005: ProgWest 2001 2004: Globetrotter 2004: Winds Of War 2004: Live At NEARfest 2003: Unsettled Scores 2003: A Night For Baku 2002: Heaven Machine 2002: No Commerical Potential...And Still Getting The Ladies 2002: Flourescent Tunnelvision 2002: A Beginners' Guide, Volume I 2002: A Beginners' Guide, Volume II 2001: The 4th Wave 2001: Ascension 2001: New Dark Age 2001: Afghan, Live at the Knitting Factory 2001: DK#1 2001: DK#2 2001: Past, Present, Future 2000: Pacific Rim 1999: Live At Orion 1998: Still No Commercial Potential 1997: The Devouring 1996: Music For Televisions 1996: Stacy Board Simple Things 1995: Essential Listening For All Musicians 1994: Collaborator 1993: Dali: The Endless Enigma 1991: Suspension & Displacement 1991: Burning The Hard City 1990: Kafka's Breakfast 1990: Auricle Sampler #1 1990: Auricle Sampler #2 1990: Escape From The Cage 1989: Reflections From The Firepool 1989: Book Of Alchemy 1987: The Ritual Continues 1985: No Commercial Potential

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