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Jodi Pliszka

Pliszka's Adventures LLC/HEADLINE IT!

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Muskego, WI 53150
United States

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Anyone with a HEAD! If you wear any type of headwear item, you NEED our product!

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My name is Jodi Pliszka, M.S, President-Inventor of HEADLINE IT! We are a Small Disadvantaged, Nationally Certified Women Business Enterprise based in Muskego, Wisconsin. I would like to introduce you to a new, high tech, high quality product being used by U.S. troops under their advanced combat helmets, (AAFES, NEXCOM, US MARINES), construction workers (EXXON, VALERO, PEPSICO, ENERGY COMPANIES, MINES, CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES, FACTORIES) and many others using hardhats, bump caps, respirators, hazmat suits, baseball caps and other headgear items. It enhances their Safety and Comfort needs by replacing ineffective panty liners, bandanas, sponges, expensive cooling gels and dew rags that many wear today. Our liners offer a one of a kind solution with the newest technology and most benefits with the lowest cost per liner, less than $0.22 cents per day. We have passed all burn trailer testing and are allowed to be used by the US MILITARY, although FR isn’t on our packaging, the product has a polypropylene base which won’t allow the material to ignite when used under a hard hat. HEADLINE IT! is a thin disposable liner made from high tech wick wear similar to Under Armour. It affixes securely inside any headwear item with a self-adhering peel strip. Each disposable liner must be replaced weekly to maintain hygiene and effectiveness of sweat absorption. HEADLINE IT! is the only product in the world that allows sweat to evaporate continuously, while keeping the headwear items (helmets and caps, ie.) dry & clean. (see attachment) Our liners hold 4-5 times their weight in sweat, while evaporating continuously. This makes us the only product that doesn’t leak sweat into the eyes and the military calls us the number one SAFETY product. According to medical research, there are factors that affect vision, especially in harsh environments, that are crucial considerations for efficient performance, on and off the job. This includes sweat that runs into the eyes and causes headgear to become unstable and slide around the head that could impair vision. More importantly, HEADLINE IT! offers: SAFETY: preventing sweat from rolling into, blurring and burning the eyes and compromising vision. HYGIENE: It traps oils, salts and odors into the liner, and can reduce eye and ear infections and cysts on back of neck due to pooling sweat. COOLING: It evaporates sweat continuously, reducing Heat Stress in the summer. WARMING: helps reduce Cold Stress by keeping the head and body temperature more consistent. COMFORT: Ultra-thin wick wear passes sensitivity testing and reduces itchiness by eliminating salt lines from the scalp. The liners improve effectiveness performance. Average use of each liner is 7-10 days. HEADLINE IT! is available through Safety Distributors, (Grainger, Airgas, MSC, Orr Safety, Hagemeyer, Do It Best, Safety Solutions, etc….)and is being used by firefighters, police, construction, drilling companies, athletes, equestrians, and many others commercially, as a Safety/Comfort item, to combat heat and cold stress. It has the newest technology (Under Armour) with the most benefits and lowest cost per liner over other products. ________________________________________ We offer the newest technology that is taking the market by storm and adding SAFETY in the workplace. Thanks! Here is info that may interest you further: Information from EMCOR'S Vice President of Safety & Quality Management, David Copley: (EMCOR is a multi BILLION dollar company.) I like this product [ HEADLINE IT! ] it can help us reduce risk and improve productivity in many of our operations. We work in sweltering heat and freezing conditions both of which require that workers down tools from time to time, to attend to personal needs, such as wiping away sweat or warming themselves up. If we can address these particular needs some of the time it will pay dividends for example: If a worker takes 2 minutes every 15 minutes in hot conditions to attend to wiping away sweat and cleaning eye protection etc. then 8 mins per hour are lost to production and 64 minutes per working day. For a crew of say 10 workers this equals 640 lost minutes per day or 53 hours per week. If the crew rate is $55 per hour this is equal to a cost of $2915 per week. If the above is only true 50% of the time, the cost is $1457. If one pack of HEADLINERS is provided to each worker a week then the cost is $183.The return on investment is 796% ! and if true 100% of the time and only half a pack of HEADLINERS were used in a 5 day week the ROI would be 3168 %. Additionally, if one eye injury could be prevented , as a result of say a worker not wiping his eyes with the back of a dirty jacket sleeve for example, then the cost of this injury $800 would be avoided along with the resulting lost productivity (800 x 5) of $4000 ________________________________________ Sincerely, JODI (below are some TV clips that showcase our product) HEADLINE IT! commercial. JODI explains HEADLINE IT! *Here is a story that was filmed January 11, 2011 on Channel 4 news. *Here is a site that has comprehensive information from military textbooks, in regards to the problems that sweat presents to our troops, and our one-of-a-kind solution ..HEADLINE IT! ________________________________________ TOP FINALIST on ABC'S AMERICAN INVENTOR TV SHOW. Here are two short (3-4 minute) clips for your viewing pleasure. Jodi A. Pliszka, M.S. President/Inventor HEADLINE IT! 262-682-4267 office

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