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Trevor Hugh Makondo Cooper

Commercial Construction

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Griffith, ON K0J2R0

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1) people interested in a holiday in outer space 2) people wanting reduced launch costs for satellites 3) people interested in taking a spaceship past our moon to explore our solar system 4) people interested in mining asteroids 5) People interested in collecting profit shares every time someone visits our HotelsInSpace 6) people interested in our ability to collect SpacesJunk

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Tasha9503 had you in mind all during the development of this business. We have something for every one so read all. 1) Mars - For the people who want to colonize Mars, we designed a spaceship that will be able to take a crew and cargo to a Mars orbit and back. 2) Mars - For the people who want others to go to Mars, these spaceships can be the transport vehicles. 3) Venus - For the people who want to study Venus, we designed a spaceship that will be able to take a crew and cargo to a Venus orbit. 4) Gas Giants For the people who want to study any of the Gas Giants, this spaceship will take a 12 person crew as far as Pluto. 5) HotelsInSpace - For the people who want to holiday in space, these spaceships will sleep 216 guests when being used as resorts in Earth's orbit. 6) ZeroGravitySex - For the people who want to try ZeroGravitySex, there will be room for fun in the resorts. 7) HotelsInSpace - For people who would like to win a week in space, Tasha9503 will lift one random Subscriber every launch after the first HotelsInSpace is in working order. 8) Human Survival - For the people who believe we need to get off Earth before a calamity stops Earth from supporting human life on Earth. These spaceships will be an Arc. 9) Satellite Launches - For people who want to launch satellites, these spaceships will lift satellites as they are lifted into orbit at a greatly reduced price. 10) SpaceJunk - For the people who want to collect the SpaceJunk other pockets left orbiting Earth, these spaceships are designed with the ability to collect SpaceJunk. 11) SpaceJunk - These spaceships were designed to produce Zero SpaceJunk during launch and use. 12) Profit Shares - For the people who would like to receive profit shares every time these spaceships are used as HotelsInSpace, Tasha9503 is selling time and profit shares for as little or more than $25/week. 13) Space Science - For the people who have experiments and studies that need to be preformed in ZeroGravity, These spaceships will have more interior space than the ISS. 14) Human destruction of Mother Earth. - For people who want life to get off Earth before Global Warming, Human Pollution, Nuclear War Heads or a rouge asteroid makes Earth uninhabitable, these spaceships are the ticket. 15) Peace on Earth - For people who want the whole world to work together on a peaceful mission, Tasha9503 needs people and technology and help from around the world. 16) Space Elevator - For people who want to build a Space Elevator, all of these spaceships can lift the infrastructure to space during launch and one can be used as a work station to build the Space Elevator from space down. 17) Work Space - The people who have a design for a bigger and better spaceship or StarShip will be able live in one of these spaceships while constructing both the space ware house and the spaceship or StarShip. 18) Asteroids - For the people who plan to mine asteroids, these spaceships were originally designed yo mine asteroids that are smaller than a car. 19) Everyone else - If you are one of the few who think Tasha9503 has thing for you, please contact Tasha9503 and tell us why. 1961 we went to space and back 50 years later we plan to lift 213 people per launch reusing the hardware that lifted them as infrastructure in Space 2007 -showing the new shape of the HLV (rocket) 2009 -showing what 6 used rockets look like attached 2009 -produced to create the ability to sell 85% of the infrastructure we put in LEO 2011 –our blog Each link is different but all on the topic of HotelsInSpace by Tasha9503

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