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Judy Altman

Laineys Pawtique & Bakery Inc
Pet Bakery

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Chicago, IL 60630
United States

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I'm seeking clients that are looking to purchase Pet Bakery Treats at Wholesale. I will soon be looking for Help in this business as I am growing!

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I LOVE ART!! I NEED to Create as much as people NEED to breathe! I love all kinds and have since I was little! In H.S. I took EVERY art class available except Graphic Arts…. I just ran out of time! My Favorites were Photography & Interior Design. Which I am able to use both in the making my cookies. I NEVER knew there was so much creativity in baking and I am having FUN with it. I have a 2 legged child Niki and than I have Lainey who is my 4 legged baby! Autumn is the Face of Puppy Mills and is my Starfish (the Star Fish Story) and Chloe tolerates me BUT LOVES her Daddy! I think Artistic people march to a different drummer and that’s OKAY. If you want to get out of a Craft Store or Show fast DO NOT go with me! I have a tendency to lose all track of time & take up residence. Tell me about your taste testers (dogs). Well I have Lainey (who inspired me and who I named the Company for) she is a 7 year old Puggle. Lainey likes to sit or sleep on a chair while i bake just like kids do! I also have Chloe who is a 10 Year old Lab and than we have our Rescued girl Autumn who also is a 7 year old Puggle who KNOWS what the Timer sound is…. COOKIES!!! Autumn is TRYING to Take Over Laineys Position of HEAD TASTE TESTER!! ALSO My Hubby who I use often to get a human perspective. How did you get started making dog treats and biscuits? I NEVER NEVER thought I WOULD be a baker!!! EVER! If you would have told me 5-6 years ago that I would be baking I would have laughed and laughed. But I had Lainey who has a sensitive tummy to begin with and A family member had given me a recipe and I just held it…. and held it. Than the Recalls of food and treats started and I thought well Now is the Best time! So I finally made the cookies and thought WOW NOT as hard as I thought it would be. Friends said hey you should sell these and … well here we are! What makes your treats and biscuits different? They are made by ME!! I LOVE the babies….. I use FRESH ingredients like pumpkins, cutting & gutting & cooking, coconuts, breaking, scooping & shaving, fresh fruits and vegetables (from my OWN garden) while in season. If WE can eat them than THEY can eat them. I would NEVER feed your babies something I would NOT FEED mine! I use NO added sugars or preservatives. I try to find UNIQUE ingredients & pair them up unusually! I address the smaller babies with tiny cookies. I LOVE that my packaging and containers are Different and limited, so that you have a SPECIAL treat! I OFFER your babies Name or Picture on cakes or cookies! We are ADDING NEW Gluten/Wheat/Grain Free Flours all the time! We CAN also substitute Eggs with Banana's for sensitive tummies. How do you come up with your flavors? I get inspired EVERYWHERE, you NEVER know where the next recipe is waiting!! I go to stores and I am OFF in my OWN little world. There are all these colors, textures & smells. I am thinking hmmm can this go with that? I also read magazines and books and listen to what people are making and see if i can use them or tweak them for my cookies. It’s a scary place inside my head :)

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