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Terry Pope

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Richardson, TX 75080
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From a referral side, anyone in business for themselves, corporate employees, military vets, municipal or government employees, or those who work from home - anyone who works and makes money can benefit from understanding how LinkedIn works and the gigantic power that all of us have due to the elements of networking. LinkedIn is now the 800 Lb Gorilla for finding jobs, seeking talent, acquiring venture capital, creating alliances with channel or vertical partners, sales - every element of business is now being conducted via LinkedIn. From a direct client perspective I mostly look for C-level executives and upper-level management types who are either between jobs, just lost a job, are about to leave a position, or those wanting to be able to use LinkedIn as a daily business conduit for doing business with other companies and individuals.

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For years I maximized SEO for corporate websites to help increase their website traffic – in turn increasing sales. Although I still do that, I am now an expert in building comprehensive and optimized social media profiles, specifically LinkedIn - creating and tying personal websites to those profiles for search engine visibility, driving more traffic to a LinkedIn Profile, mentoring, training, and teaching my clients and organizations why branding is so important.

My services include creating Maximized SEO (Search Engine Optimized) LinkedIn Profile Make-Overs that get my clients found on LinkedIn as well as in the external search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and the Internet in general. I also mentor my clients in showing them how soft-sell branding can increase their visibility for their company for sales, partners, capital, etc., or as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) without ever saying that they are experts. It has been reported by several credible sources just in the past few months that the "Resume" will be a thing of the past in just the next few years, with the online business profile taking its place. Since the resume will be dead very soon, it behooves anyone working to make sure they have stellar profiles on business social sites, especially LinkedIn – the choice of the HR industry. I also create what is called Name-Sake Domain Mini-Sites (personal websites based on a person’s name – e.g., to drive as much as 10 times more traffic to a LinkedIn profile, and add multiple points to a client's LinkedIn search algorithm ranking score which puts them as close to if not on Page #1 of an internal LinkedIn Advanced Search results. Most people see their LinkedIn Profile as nothing more than their resume. FYI - copying/pasting your resume into your LinkedIn Profile is a guarantee that you WON'T be found. It's all about getting found during a search of your skill sets and it doesn't matter how great your resume is if you’re never found. With both services comes mentoring and training on how to maximize the usage of LinkedIn and the external search engines for many different reasons – again to gain higher visibility both internal and external to LinkedIn. As an example as to why LinkedIn has grown exponentially the HR industry has been making huge changes in how they search for job candidates leaving the big job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder for LinkedIn - so much in just the last few years that those job boards have lost over 70% market share to LinkedIn. The funny part is that LinkedIn wasn't even trying to be a job board (until now). But the HR industry discovered how much better a tool LinkedIn was and helped put them on the map. LinkedIn is now over half a billion members strong and continuing its exponential growth. Despite the vast appeal of LinkedIn for the job searching and talent seeking side of things, statistically job searching/talent seeking (HR related activity) constitutes less than 30% of what LinkedIn is used for - the other 70% is used for doing business on a daily basis. I work with individuals, companies, and organizations in either a single private one-on-one session approach or by training groups on how to bring their LinkedIn profiles up to maximum level, how to "game" LinkedIn's internal search engine algorithms, how to maintain high visibility on LinkedIn, how to "work" LinkedIn for doing daily business, and how to use external sources to drive more traffic to a LinkedIn Profile. Much of my training is usually geared towards all the employees beneath upper-management, with the C-Level people having their profiles maximized by me personally. This means that if you are or have a company that specializes in resume writing or career coaching for upper-level management or C-Level types, this can become two additional value-added options that take just a few minutes to sell but pays pretty well for the time spent. And, group training pays a whole lot more. I would invite anyone who would like to promote what I do for a discussion on how all this works so you'll understand the importance for anyone as to why they should be on LinkedIn and why they should have SEO maximized profiles and/or personal Mini-Sites.

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