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Barbara Johnson (Dr)

Leadership Dimensions & PDA International

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People-orientated companies, locally, nationally and internationally.

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Hello, I am Barbara Johnson the founder of Leadership Dimensions and partner of PDA International. Leadership Dimensions’ core value is the upliftment of Children through the development and wellness of those who influence them. Created in 2002 Leadership Dimensions has touched many lives in many different circumstances and in many different ways. In the past 13 years of People Development and People Wellness I have consulted to both companies and individuals to become “Better People, not in spite of, but because of, the very circumstances that they find themselves in” Viktor Frankl In optimising company talent through the discovery and empowerment of Individuals, together we make for better people, better bottom-line results, better companies. Leadership Dimensions works across People Development and People Wellness by utilising an interchangeable approach to Integrated Holistic Wellness System. The methodologies used are Counselling, Coaching, Training, Entrepreneurial Projects, Assessments and Speaker Events. 1. Integrated Holistic Wellness System: Leadership Dimensions’ aim is to improve on the reported 12% ROI that companies experience in their endeavours of training and wellness. The approach is non-prescriptive conversation, based on the UNIQUENESS and DIGNITY of the individual, working across gender, age, race and all life circumstances. • Trauma Counselling: TraumaRelease of PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, where the individual is manifesting or is suspected of experiencing loss, grief, pain, depression, anxiety, aggression or addiction. This fast, simple and empowering process is highly liberating. People get to experience themselves as creative, more engaged and contributing, positively impacting on those with whom they work and live. One-on-One Sessions are held in a safe, sacred and confidential space, shifting a hopeless-helpless and unhappy existence into a victorious, self-determining and transcendent life experience. Duration and Format of Programme: Two by 90 minute sessions are prepaid to setup the Introduction and Conclusion Sessions. During the Introduction Session it is mutually agreed / or not, that the Individual requires / or not, more sessions. Face to Face, Skype or onsite. • Transformational Coaching: o TrueSelf is Meaningful-Life Model for Individuals to find their Meaning, Purpose and Fulfillment of life. o SelfTranscendence is going beyond that which has been inherited in our biology, psychology, social standing and environment. In this space of mastery, higher goals, achievements and influence are achieved. o BetterCare is a self-care programme that attends to the nutrition, thinking and exercising of individuals to self-transform, exhibit discipline and the generation of hopeful-helpful and happy attitudes. o BeyondSelf extends Individuals towards others, cause and their spiritual-self. It is in this space that personal performance, contribution and engagement into social communities is seen to significantly improve. This is balanced victorious living. o Yes, Yes YOU! 10 Stepping Stones to GET ON with YOUR LIFE is authored by myself, published in Canada and is based on 12 years of showing clients how to access a change in their life circumstances. This recourse is used across all Leadership Dimensions’ service offerings. o Entrepreneurial Projects build personal education and wealth development. Private or Group Sessions. o Private, deeply personalised 90 minutes Sessions are offered as either face to face in Hillcrest Kzn or via Skype. o Group Sessions would be full day events. • Training: Logotherapy training programme is a two-day Introductory Course to HR personnel, Psychologists, Teachers, Parents, Health Care Givers and those dealing with direct requirements of People Development and People Wellness across all life circumstances. This training programme is offered both on-site and off-site. • Speaking Events: Given my passion for humanity, companies engage me as a Motivational Speaker, often leading into joint ventures, coaching or workshops. How may I assist your company with this service offering? 2. PDA– Personal Development Analysis Report and MPC Coaching PDA and MPC are applicable across all People Development and People Wellness offerings. PDA Link gives access to a 15+- minute online, non-prescriptive, non-biased, uniqueness-focused assessment tool. It incorporates both the external manifestations of personality as well as the individuals intangible drives, emotions and energy levels. A 20+ page, highly graphic PDA Report is generated. A deeply insightful 90 minute Feedback Session is usually requested given my expertise in counselling and coaching. Connected to PDA Report is MyPDACoach (MPC) – a six week online intervention based on Competency building. 24 Competencies are available. One Competency is worked on at a time. LD&PDA is in a fortunate position to be able to offer your company direct access to PDA REPORTS and MPC. Designated staff member/s are trained as PDA Analysists and MPC Coaches. I would become your link to make this happen. Leadership Dimensions brings to the market place what I have termed as The New Psychology approach - encouraging us to be the very difference that we are each called to bring into Life as “Better People”. I very much look forward to the engagement with your company and staff members. #People Soul-utions / #The People Developer BARBARA JOHNSON (Dr) Integrated Holistic Wellness System Speaker, Trainer, Author, Analyst, Consultant, Counsellor, Coach Global Leader in Online Behaviour Assessments Tel: +27 (0)31 716 8226 / Cell: +27 (0)82 784 7656 Skype: Barbara.Johnson48 Practice No: THO 699917 / C4CSA No: CO 0895

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