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Mikey Cohen


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My name is Mikey Cohen. I am Online Community & Social Media Professional & also a dance/trance remix artist under the alias of DJ Adam Overlake. My close friends call me "The Event" a name given to me because of all the people and networking associations in my life,the Fierce Influence I have on their lives & because of the FIERCE time they have when spending quality time with me.Call me what you want.But call me FIERCE! I know talent of all kinds when I see it, and try to promote it. I'm also a Club/Nightlife Promoter. ✔Verified Mons†er,by Gaga Camp! I am a An ENFP Personality Type. Which says I'm an Inspirer and I love being around people, and I am deeply committed to my friends. I am also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority. I am incredibly perceptive, I can usually internally sense if someone has hidden motives. I use lots of colorful language and expressions. Which also makes me quite the storyteller! In love, this makes me quite the charmer. And I am definitely willing to risk my heart. This time around I'm gonna be more discrete..I'm happily working,dating,and going to school. I am a man of my word and hate it when others in my life can't be...The following article below was recently written about me and sums up alot of my past accomplishments & awards. I consider myself a selfless LGBTQ Youth Activist, I'm a Social Media Professional & Accomplished Photographer & A Owner of 2 Clothing Lines geared around LGBTQ pop culture, I am also a published photographer,painter and trance/remix DJ, in which I attend various red carpet charity events in which I interview celebrities on the red carpet while my 501c3 youth non profit volunteers & works the events. I used to serve on the Pride Youth and Pride Board Of Directors here in San Diego,I was also on the board of directors of the Gay Youth Alliance at the Center.The San Diego Gay and Lesbian Times has featured me in many articles over the years both as a writer & for various projects he has been a part of.I was in an article about queer poets,as well as numerous articles about my present and past youth involvement: from Youth Pride Committee,The San Diego Pride Board Of Directors, GYA (Gay Youth Alliance Board Of Directors),his own independent 501c3, H.Y.P.I. (Homosexual Youth Positive Influence) H.Y.P.I. has volunteered at the GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards for 13 plus years & has numerous articles on that, I've been featured in a queer youth of the month segment in The Gay & Lesbian Times newspaper as well.I have an immediate goal in the works 2 start a LGBTQ fund through my nonprofit for LGBTQ youth for Transgendered people to pay for the surgery's and prosthetic genitalia they need to carry out a normal existence to fit in to our already judgemental LGBTQ Society.i served on the Board Of Directors for Youth Pride,Gay Youth Alliance, & Queerplayers.My organization seeks to have a cyber center for underprivileged and homeless youth and my in progress website is featured below which will further explain my vision to have the building (Structure) & the funds to purchase the computers currently.I know that someday with persistence it will happen. More @ Making A Difference By: Jake Powers Beverly Hills, California - Unites States of America Powers Productions, Inc. Only Premium Subscribers & members of my network may view my contact information. Endorsement: He is a great energetic and exciting leader and organizer of his peers, an asset to any company. - Sean Smith (3/26/08) Article: In this new millennium, at wide intervals, in different fields of action, there come special developments of individualities, and of that something we suggest by the word Genius-individuals whom their own days little suspect, and never realize, but who, it turns out, mark and make new eras, plant the standard again ahead, and in one man personify vast races or sweeping revolutions. I consider Mikey A. Cohen such an individual. Cohen is truly a triple threat. He is a poet, painter, and life coach/activist. His poetry is very direct and challenges the comfort level of all who allow it to take shape. A pioneer for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth communities through his incorporation of a 501 c non profit organization called H.Y.P.I. (Homosexual Youth Positive Influence). But Cohen is no hippie, but rather a Generation Xer who won’t settle for second best and won’t stop his pursuit of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth activism until they can have the same rights as any other American Youth in our society at which we call “freedom” I consider that America is illustrated in him; Cohen besides being a author creates deeply illustrated paintings. He won one thousand dollars and an award for his painting simply entitled “America Is Unsafe”. These words alone are familiar with our war against Iraq but it has a double intention. Imagine from a far a beautifully constructed canvas of the American Flag in all its guts and glory waiving in the wind, but then you are shocked to find out that up close and personal this canvas has been fully constructed of what appears to be used condoms dyed in Americas Red, White and Blue and adorned with silver stars. Each star represents a friend of Cohen’s for what ever reason and promiscuity decided to be “unsafe” and now is HIV positive. Both Mikey Cohen’s poetry and paintings showcase Democracy, as now launched forth upon its many-vortexed experiment for good or evil, (and the end whereof no eye can foresee,) is embodied, and for the first time in Poetry grandly sad fully uttered, in him. Writer Of The Gay Syndicated Press, Ryan called the 29-year-old Cohen a "distinguished man of letters," citing his various achievements, including the 1996 National Poetry Award for Poetry for his poem “When I Blow The Candles Out” and numerous prizes from the poetry community. "We're not a culture that's accustomed to hearing poetry read, but I'll do it anyway," said Cohen at the start of his address. In it, he read from such poets as Thomas Hardy, Robert Frost, Gerald Manly Hopkins and George Meredith, ending with his own poem, “When I Blow The Candles Out” from his newest collection, "Always Evolving." From Cohen’s talent in the arts to his pursuit of bettering the lives of the less fortunate than him, Mikey Cohen truly is an Always Evolving Genius. The eternal search for who we really are and what we want to become is always a part of my life as I am a firm believer of the search for the spiritual journey that guides us in and out of life's great expereinces! I am a person who is looking for a great peace and balance in my life that will bring all parts of my world together. I also see that life is too short to worry about all the minor details as if you trust it to the universe, it will happen the way it is supose to happen. Laughter is a great source of release and the one thing that I cannot live without in my life! I have a great passion for family and friends, being active, exploring the great unknown and just taking life one day at a time by living it to the fullest day it can be! I am also spontaneous in the sense of having my world turned upside down by just picking up and traveling or moving to a far off city!! The world seems so large but yet so small when you begin to explore all of its great wonders and amazing human beings, you can learn so much by just transplanting yourself into a culture unlike your own. Love is a very important part of my life as well, as LOVE drives passion, brings family together, brings us great friendships, makes us smile and it is the one thing that everyone looks for in this world. Money can buy us all the things we want in the materialistic world but it truly cannot buy us the things we crave the most in our lives.

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