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Marie Wolny

Own Your Own Quit
Quit smoking program

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Helena, MT 59601
United States

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There are two types of clients I am seeking. First, are smokers who want to quit. My online program can help the smoker learn to hate their cigarettes and finally quit with a battle plan. Second, is employers that want to help their smoking employees quit. In addition to the online program, I can be available to consult with your group.

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I’d rather be an ex-smoker with an occasional desire to smoke than a smoker with a constant desire to quit! Most programs take away your cigarettes and leave you with carrot sticks. When you Own Your Own Quit, you learn what you need to do for you to quit. You create a new You that doesn’t need nicotine. Quitting Smoking is more about where you are going. When you are free, what are you going to do with all that time and money? Design your own quit It doesn’t take strength and willpower to quit smoking; it takes understanding of the steps and reasons needed to break the addiction for good. The course takes you thorough the preparation to quit including how to hate your cigarettes so you want to quit, and you design your quit based on your needs to beat your addiction. You set your quit date. You decide what steps you need to take to understand your addiction (know your enemy), lets you know what to expect before, during and after quitting, so you emerge as a New, Free Person. § Learn how to use knowledge instead of willpower. § Train your mind to help you. § Receive specific tools like “Battle Plan” and “Empowerment” cards. § A list of books and websites to help you with your research. § Know your enemy. The NicoDemon can be beat. § Prepare your mind for quitting. § Design your own quit. You decide what to use and when to use it. § Quitting cigarettes is a positive and empowering experience. § Create a New You! Cigarettes do not solve the problem, they are the problem! It starts with one and then it never ends. The smoker is left with a hunger and emptiness that is never satisfied. Quitting sucks, but not quitting sucks more. § Have you tried to quit and failed? § Something missing from the program? § Think there has to be a better way? § Do you think being free of cigarettes is impossible? Other programs can get you to the point of quitting by sheer willpower, but then relapse occur because the smoker is so uncomfortable being free, that they are compelled to return to the familiar – smoking. When you Own Your Own Quit, you use knowledge instead of willpower.

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