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Any business that wants to make money faster and send it out slower can benefit from our services and expertise.

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TREASURY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS One of the key components to any business’s success is accurate and timely access to all your financial tools. Managing your cash effectively requires a focus on gathering, controlling and disbursing your funds using the latest products available. Our Treasury Management services put the tools for your success in your hands. Cash Gathering Wholesale Lockbox One of the fastest methods for converting receipts is through our Lockbox service. If your business collects much of your receivables through the U.S. mail, then changing your address to one of our P.O. Boxes can accelerate your collection time and improve your information flow. All checks are imaged for optional quick electronic reporting through several channels. The envelope and invoices can be imaged as well. The information can be returned to your company via the Internet, package delivery or monthly CD-Rom. If you receive credit card payments with your mail, we can process these as well. Remote Deposit Another way to quickly and easily make deposits to your account is by using or Remote Deposit service. By using a small scanner that sits on your desk and is connected to your computer, you can scan through checks meant to go to the branch for deposit right from your office. All items are imaged and saved to your hard drive. Significantly reduces employee time spent out of the office driving to the branch. Cash Vault Services Citizens Bank offers Cash Vault services so your company can handle banking activities safely and easily, without leaving your business. Armored carriers reduce security risk by delivering change orders and collecting cash deposits. Processing is done with sophisticated equipment, resulting in a cost savings to you. Cash Controlling Business Express Business Express Internet Banking service is the access point for management of your financial world. Whether it comes to moving funds electronically, monitoring your accounts, or transferring files, Business Express can do it all. All previous and current day balance information including balances, float information and check images can be viewed from any Internet connection. Other features include Stop Payment, Loan Information and Payments, Report Downloads, File Uploads, Wire Transfers, ACH Collections, Payments, and Tax Payments. Some services require risk approval. Zero Balance Accounts Eliminate excess balances in multiple accounts and forget about the need to make periodic transfers by establishing a ZBA. During the business day, activity in your account will result in a positive or negative intra-day balance. At the end of the day our system will tabulate all transactions and move enough money to bring all of your sub accounts back to a zero balance. End of story. No worries on your part about which account to move the funds to that day, just make sure your main account has enough funds for all of your daily activity. The most popular use of this service is for Payroll Accounts. ACH Transfers One of the most powerful tools available to today’s businesses is electronic funds transfer via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. ACH Transfers give businesses the power to inexpensively collect or disburse funds to accounts at any financial institution in the country provided the account holder agrees to allow it. Money moves quickly and easily without any float. This next-day funds transfer technique is perfect for high volume transactions such as: Direct Deposit; concentrating funds from your accounts at other banks; collecting contributions, dues, utility or mortgage payments; and making supplier payments. ACH Risk approval required. Sweep Account Our Sweep service can help to maximize your daily investment earnings on excess funds in your checking account. Together we set a target balance to maintain in your checking account. Then each night after all of your daily activity settles to your account, we move funds above this target balance into the overnight investment of your choice. In the morning, all funds are back in your account for that day’s activity. Simple, quick, efficient. Cash Disbursing Controlled Disbursement Clients engaged in aggressive cash flow management need to know what is going to settle to their account each and every day before it happens. Our Controlled Disbursement accounts provide you with notification during the day about the total amount of checks clearing your account that day. This allows you to borrow funds or liquidate investments to cover that day’s cash needs. No more funding accounts early just in case the need arises – move your money when it is really needed with Controlled Disbursement. Check Imaging The world is becoming continually more reliant on electronic information flow and less reliant on distributing paper. Laws have changed which allow banks to trade images of checks rather than the actual check, which we are already doing by imaging every item passing through our bank. Our CD-Rom Check Imaging service places all of your paid checks and your monthly statement onto a CD-Rom that allows you to save storage space and speed up your research of old items. The images can be retrieved and displayed on your computer, viewed, printed or cut and pasted to any other program. Check Positive Pay Check fraud is one of the fastest growing forms of financial crime in the United States. Protect your business by using our image-enabled Internet Positive Pay service. Use the Internet to send us a file of the checks your company issued in one of three common file formats, then login each morning to verify any items submitted to us for payment that do not match your records. By notifying us of any fraudulent items, we will quickly return them to the bank of first deposit. Timely identification of fraud allows us to use all means at our disposal to insulate your company from the financial impact of fraud. Wire Transfers For high dollar amount or time sensitive funds movement, nothing beats a wire transfer. When you have to move money quickly, wire transfers can be initiated through our telephone service utilizing a pre-established PIN number or by using our Business Express Internet Banking service. Repetitive wire transfer templates can also be setup. Contact your PJ Danhoff to discuss adding any of these Treasury Management solutions.

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