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James Buccelli

Runway Magazine
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8560 Sunset Blvd. 5th Floor
West Hollywood, CA 90069
United States
T: 424-274-4614

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I'm seeking clients that are looking for Fashion Magazine, Fashion PR, Commodities, Film Funding or Purchasing a Runway Magazine License.

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CEO, James Buccelli | Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine France Eleonora de Gray| A Worldwide Trademark Runway Magazine® | 77536081 | 3586631 Runway Magazine® | 85805139 Runway Magazine® logo® | 86115935 R logo® | 86115971 Runway Magazine® Peru - 77183) | 554754 Runway Magazine® Hong Kong -77347) | 302814651 Runway Magazine® International | 1058209 The Plunge Magazine® | 86114490 Got Runway® | 85222764 4093206 Runway Magazine is most famous as a presenter of images of high fashion and high society, but it also publishes writings on art, culture, politics, and ideas. It has also helped to enshrine the fashion model as celebrity. Full-service publicity firm, focusing on customized strategic public relations campaigns in fashion, beauty, Internet, consumer goods, and entertainment. We specialize in brand building campaigns and product launches to create excitement among the media, buyers, the end consumer and the entertainment and business communities. We create innovative, attention grabbing news angles that get our clients booked in high profile print publications, on television and radio, in industry trades and in new media. We also specialize in strategic celebrity alliances and co-branding efforts with various organizations and events. For years, Runway Magazine has been America’s cultural barometer, putting fashion in the context of the larger world we live in- how we dress, live, socialize; what we eat, listen to, watch; who leads and inspires us. From its beginnings to today, three central principles have set Runway Magazine apart: a commitment to visual genius, investment in storytelling that puts women at the center of the culture, and a selective, optimistic editorial eye. Runway Magazine's story is the story of women, of culture, of what is worth knowing and seeing, of individuality and grace, and of the steady power of earned influence. For millions of women each month, Runway Magazine Inc is the eye of the culture, inspiring and challenging them to see things differently, in both themselves and the world. From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, Runway Magazine is a cultural catalyst—a magazine that provokes and drives the popular dialogue. With its unique mix of stunning photography, in-depth reportage, and social commentary, Runway Magazine accelerates ideas and images to center stage. Each issue, Runway Magazine is an unrivaled media event that reaches modern, sophisticated consumers who create demand for your brand. Runway Magazine translates style and trends for the real lives of women. Our editorial covers the most pressing interests to readers: from beauty, fashion and health to politics, Hollywood and relationships. We’re often optimistic, always inclusive, beyond empowering and can always separate the Dos from the Don’ts. I will continue to bring you fashion and beauty as I have since 1995. Our readers live for fashion, live for beauty and most of all, live for Runway. CEO James Buccelli Founded Runway Enterprises, Got Runway?, Runway Magazine Runway Fashion TV in 1995 About Global Commodities Limited is an investment management company specializing exclusively in commodities (energy, metals, grains & softs). Mission Our Mission is simple. Our contacts are unprecedented. We have BUYERS and SELLERS of Oil, diesel, Copper, Coal, Steel, Aluminum, Commercial Real Estate worldwide. Our Team and colleagues have traded hundreds of millions of dollars and Mt of trade. We are currently trading with China, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Korea, India to name a few. You need it sold - GCTF is your team. You need to buy - GCTF is your team Description Global Commodities BUYERS/SELLERS Global Commodities Trade Firm Ltd specializes in exclusively in commodities (energy, metals, grains & softs). Offers three investment products designed to complement a portfolio requiring strategic, tactical or thematic exposure in commodities. Why Invest in Commodities Every year we consume more commodities which have to be replaced. As a result, the drivers of commodity prices are different from those of financial assets. Factors that affect commodity prices are supply and demand. A commodity in short supply will be more expensive than in times of over supply. Supply disruptions are mainly attributed to adverse weather patterns and geopolitical tensions. The differing supply and demand drivers are the basis for the robust diversification that commodities provide in an investment portfolio. Strategy The Global Commodities strategy does not target market inefficiency; rather, it capitalises on how commodities are stored, transacted and valued. The investment strategy seeks to determine when there is an implied “storage yield” or an implied “storage cost”. The implied yield is compared to the risk free rate (the interest rate on short term bills) to determine when commodities are to be stored or sold. Investment capital is then allocated to the potentially higher yielding asset. Process Passive indices such as the GSCI and the CRB have fixed betas to the commodities they represent. For this reason they are exposed to all the price volatility that those commodities may experience. The Global Commodities strategy does not have fixed beta exposures to commodities. Commodity positions are established with a similar risk reward profile to that of a long synthetic call option, but without the time decay. Weightings Global Commodities Trade Firm Ltd offers investments with various weightings across the four main sectors of energies, metals, grains and agriculturals. The commodity portfolio weightings are designed to: Capitalize on economic growth and the subsequent demand for raw materials by investing in the energy and metals markets; • invest in the grain and agricultural sectors to hedge investors from food price increases due to adverse environmental cycles. Commodities included in each sector represent the benchmark for global pricing with highly liquid futures exchange-traded markets with negligible counterparty risk. Active Global Commodities Un-leveraged long only includes energy, metals, grains and softs sectors, incorporating a risk management overlay switching from commodities to fixed interest. Global Commodities Trade Firm Ltd Un-leveraged long only includes grains and softs sectors, incorporating the same risk management process as the AGC. Further information is available upon request (contact us).

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