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Ralf Loveworker
Evolution Teacher

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Steigerhügel 11

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Unhappy people; Burnt-Out syndrome; Depression; Out of Balance; Advanced Seekers of Integrated Ascension; Inner Child Mastering; Integrated Ascended (I AM) Master Training; Overweight; Emotional Roller Coaster Driver; Main Areas: Helping People to raise their Enlightenment, empowerment, and enlovingment and so on!

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Ralf Arthur Fritzinger is a Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Evolution Teacher, Healer, Nutritionist, spiritual/Psychological Counseler,Spiritual Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker, Full Spectrum and Mental, Emotional und Physical Fitness Coach and Life Coach Since 2002 he is working with his students/clients around the world and he has about 11000 hours of Spiritual/psychological Counseling "under his belly" and knows of what he speaks and produces wonderful results! He loves to teach and train coaches, spiritual teachers and seekers after the truth around the Globe how to master the Mind and the Emotions and manifest their missions and to be in inner peace and happy and to be a Master in all situations and at all times in their lives. Ralf Arthur came from a background of drug, alcohol addiction and in truth every addiction you can think of, he was depressive and very tired of life, burned-out and very sick, was in jail and homeless, but he survived by the grace of God and fought hard to master his addictions and he humbly mastered himself to live a life of meaning and to help all people in need and who suffer to do the same and to live a healthy and happy life as a vital contributant of our society. Through his spiritual/psychological Sessions and coaching programs Ralf humbly and likewise professionally shows his students and clients how to fulfil their life’s mission and puzzle peace by teaching the Universal Laws on all Levels and spiritual knowledge and he coaches and trains them to live their spiritual Ideals and learn their lessons in this wonderful but likewise hard school of Spirit and thereby helping them to create the abundance they truthfully deserve on the energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial levels. His greatest Joy is when he see’s his students becoming Happy and Master of their Lives! Beloved one, Greetings of Love and Peace from my heart to you! Your Ark of the Covenant is within your own sanctuary and your Holy of Holies, your heart! By finding it, it will bring you the manna, fulfillment, spiritual ectasy, and Freedom and bliss your soul thirsts for such a long time. It is the river of God/Brahma/Allah/Adonai and the Water of Life of the Christ/Buddha/Atma/Krishna/Mohamed/Moses/ (we honor all religions;) which sustains your Tree of life or Bodhi Tree, but the branch which separates itself from the tree, withers away and dies…and that is what happened, when we eat from the fruit of the tree knowledge of good and evil, the fall, which means we began to think with our negative Ego/ fear based/separative Consciousness. Without water nothing blossoms within yourself and without in the universe and on earth! The Water of Life is synonymous with life, cleansing, purification, rejuvenation, rebirth, renewal, transformation! It is Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God Consciousness! WE are here to realize God and to transcend our Ego! God keeps His Promise and plays His part and we have to keep ours. So prepare your inner and outer temple, your mind and your physical body, your home and environs, so He/She may find your greater temple of consciousness and even the form in excellent condition! May your body mirror the beauty of Temple Beautiful, Salomons temple of old! As within, so without. As above, so below beloved Reader and so please make sure you fulfill your part of your agreement! Just as you know you can count on God's Word, God counts on yours! ;) God Is Love and Love Is God and since we all are created by him/her we are love as well so be loving towards yourself and others and you will live in God, rest in God and be God on earth as he/she is in heaven and you will fullfill your mission to bring heaven on earth!! So please Start The Day With Love. Fill The Day With Love. Spend The Day With Love, And End The Day With Love, For This Is The Way Of God! If you want to find your covenant and need a hand from a spiritual brother and humble teacher to make yourself spotless befor the throne, feel free and send me a message beloved one:) I love you! You are truly beautiful and very holy! Have a brilliant and peaceful day! JOY!! RalfArthur:)

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