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Cocuk Akli
Kids Marketing

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Established in February 2004, Çocuk Aklı is the first and only kids marketing and Communication Company in Turkey. Çocuk Aklı (Kidzmind) specializes in understanding and communication to kids, tweens and their parents. Marketing through children’s eyes Çocuk Aklı creates brands and projects that touch children’s hearts. Through unique and innovative projects, events and promotions, Çocuk Aklı delivers kids your message in their own world. Our aim… Serving qualified, sensitive, respectful, realistic, reliable, honest, educative marketing and communication solutions to companies which target kids ages 0-14 by looking through kids’ eyes. What We Do? • Communication Management Advertising ☺In which media channels, when, and how should we advertise? ☺Are only newspapers, television, billboards, outdoors sufficient enough in order to reach children? ☺How should our advertising be in order to attract children’s attention? ☺Can Internet contribute to our publicity actions? ☺How should our POP and POS materials be in order to attract children’s attention? PR ☺Where, when and how should we reach children? ☺Where, when, and which activities should be put into practice in order to reach the best results? ☺Should we coordinate representative affairs, contests and activities? ☺In which platforms should we announce our activities and events? • Needs Analysis We present appropriate suggestions to your demand by evaluating your brand and services with the point of children’s view. • Strategy Developing How can your brand be more attractive and interesting for children? We give value to your brand by reaching the children at the right time, at the right place and with the right message. • Problem Solving Do you believe you have difficulties about your brand and services? We create particular and creative solutions that can get your brand and children together. • Project Developing Millions of ideas live on earth. But the most important thing is discovering the best for you through out these millions of ideas. State your needs and let Child Mind present you a basket full of interesting ideas apart from each other. • Product Developing The best things that we can do is developing creative product suggestions for you, renewing or recreating its package by determining your product’s target audience. We will make you say, “I haven’t seen my product like this”. • Trendspotting Do you have any idea about the new trends for children? Do you wonder what the next trends will be? You can find answers to these questions with us. • Research Children own all the answers to your concerns. We ask the views of children on every subject. We reflect their energies and fancies to our projects. If you want to realize the world of children and hear their voices, call us. We can ask everything you want to know to the children of 4-7 and 7-14 ages and we can get you together. The way to understand what goes on in the minds of children passes on research. But a standard qualitative and quantitative research is only the beginning. It is necessary to communicate with children by knowing their psychological and emotional world and starting with how they think. It is important how to ask the questions and how to construe the answers. We present the knowledge that you need by making qualitative researches towards children by the Çocuk Aklı methodology, which we created ourselves. The way to get your brand correctly and effectively together with children passes on a good promotion programming. We have the most appropriate, actual and effective promotions strategies, campaigns and advertisement suggestion. • Event & Lifestyle Marketing What about getting your brand with children together by special events? While we are developing the content of the event we see by the child’s point of view; we prepare appropriate content for their ages and genders. While we are implementing the event, we work with a team that knows how to appeal and behave to children. "Children are always on the move; home, school, shopping centers, sports activities, courses. They are always in the Exchange of information and communication (mobile phones, internet), even in their rooms. Their needs change day by day. What about reaching them at the right place and with their point of view? As we know them close and communicate them continuously, we know where they go, what they like to do and their needs. • Play Environments Our goal is to create chances and environments for children to play. We develop and execute playgrounds that can enhance children’s motor skills and contribute in their social progress. Let children play free to complement their healthy personal developments, learn and discover while playing, meanwhile you can get them together with your brand. • Kid’s Clubs Do not underestimate building a child club, or you may have millions of enemies. We create and direct the mechanism that the affiliate children can have a continuous, regular, planned and entertaining communication with the brand and each other. • Communication Channels Children of today are the children of technology. As they spend most of their time on Internet, one of the most important ways to reach them is the websites and virtual worlds. We create virtual worlds and web sites for them according to their needs. We design special, unique content and interactive websites and provide their contents.

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