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Eleonora Asvou

The 10K Challenge

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I'm seeking clients that are looking for Marketing help.

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The 10K Challenge is simple step-by-step program, I work only 35 min a day, I follow simple steps, and i do daily tasks(join a site, create Gmail accounts, join income streams, send ads on safelists TAE sites, click for credits, etc.) So simply-program has main income streams-3 big ones, plus others which we use mainly for advertsing, and later we earn there too. 1. We join 10k, build some team-as soon as we are sure that at least 3 people are following the program actively-we jump into first income stream. 2. WE PAY ONLY ONCE 25$ OUT OF POCKET AND NEVER EVER AGAIN-AS WE GET IT BACK RIGHT AFTER OUR FIRST MEMBER JOINS IT AFTER US, AND 2 MORE MEMBERS AFTER, ALREADY PUT YOU INTO PROFIT MODE(that one after pays all others and also provides us enough money even for higher upgrades-so this way we only earn more) 3. PROBLEM OF ADVERTISING SOLVED-as we have over 40 free sites, where we place ads daily, it goes to over 6 million people per month , and later we earn on these sites too..If you advertise daily, and if your ads are seen by 6 million people per month-real marketers, there is no chance not to get active members 4. ADVANTAGE OF THE PROGRAM IS: we build only one team, which follows us in all 50 sites inside(simply when you join these sites, you only put your referral links in our 10k referral builder-so all your members join YOU there)..INSTEAD TO BUILD MILLION TEAMS FOR MILLION PROGRAMS-YOU BUILD ONLY ONE TEAM, THAT FOLLOWS YOU EVERYWHERE, AND NOT TO MENTION THAT OFTEN MANY OF THEM EVEN ASK YOU TO JOIN YOUR OTHER PROGRAMS THAT ARE NOT RELATED WITH 10K 5. ON LINE SUPPORT THROUGH SKYPE-SIMPLY WE WANT TO PROVIDE HELP ABOUT DAILY TASKS IN TIME-SO MEMBERS ARE NOT LATE, IF THEY ARE NOT LATE, MOST LIKELY THEY WILL ACHIEVE EXPECTED RESULTS PROJECTIONS OF INCOME ARE: 1. FIRST MONEY:4-7 WEEK ( I got first money during 4th week-i got back my only one investment out of pocket, and during next period i earned 13 times more-only in first income stream we have inside) 2. PAY BILLS: 4 months( this phase i just started, so I'm expecting to achieve that soon) 3. CHANGE LIFESTYLE-OVER 10 000$ PER MONTH INCOME: 1 year (I'm expecting to achieve that too, as it is achiavable with only 4 active members-as i have over 60 members so far, i consider that i will achieve that too) Please if you are interested to try, let me know..You won't risk even a penny, as you will build your team first(only one member is enough to pay you back your one time investment of 25$, plus he pays your next month membership in first income stream, 3 members put you in profit mode, and also they are enough to cover your next fees, in next income streams).. If you like this brief description-remmember this is MY STORY, NOT A STORY OF SOME FAKE GURU, so the results are realy mine(program started in February, i joined it in March, so it is not late to start it-even it can be an advantage, as it is new, it proved that it really works, so it is really pitty not to try something that does not put you in risk of losing money), let me know..i will add you on Skype, i will help you with daily tasks, so yes-here sponsors take care of members, as members are mentors one day-to their teams..only those who figure it out, who follow our PROVEN STEPS, can expect success... JOIN HERE: Best regards, Eleonora

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