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Welcome to the Capital Markets Intelligence: Strategic Market Intelligence for Making Better Educated Investment and Trading Decisions Who reads Running Private Investors Investment Advisors Brokers Banks Fund Managers FX Managers Floor Traders And you! Not ready to subscribe? Sign up for our Free Email at Running Welcome to Running -- where we reveal the Financial Market Outlook ON-TIME with Bold Transparency and Fresh Insights Our particular emphasis is in Putting Boundaries Around Future Events. We do this by Identifying the Price and Time Coordinates of Key Decision-Makers, underlying Future Price and Volatility Action. We investigate global macro economic trends and factors affecting investment which are fundamental to successful trading. subscribers receive a critical look at the path of least resistance of forward market movement, in the context of emerging macroeconomic events and important behavioral trends impacting major markets of international equities, commodities, currencies & bonds. We believe reading the "macro picture" correctly leads to a sharper understanding of the markets and opens up opportunities for enhanced decision making. We also look at a variety of geopolitical, socio-economic and other issues or trends to make sense of today's complex world. Experience the Difference in your Trading Edge by looking through our highly fine-tuned market lens, formulated from a unique scientific research framework and quantum computing gaming strategy. Engineered over a 16 year period by the company founder, Efrem Hoffman, this market intelligence has successfully guided his strategic decision-making and thinking about matters relating to International Investing and Financial Futures Trading in particular. Start building your Trading Advantage Today by Subscribing to Running The near-term trend is just entering a period where all the market dominoes are lining up to topple, except here, not all dominoes are of equal weight -- some market players have more clout, others more money behind their investments, and some with more conviction in their decision-making, especially when the pressure is on for protecting their vested interests. Like in the game of poker, the key is to size up who the players are in any given session. At Running, Efrem Hoffman, the company founder, pays particular attention to the gaps in information flow among trading participants. As in reading between the lines, it is often what is not seen that matters most. Without perfect knowledge, as is ALWAYS the case in the trading world, we can, at best, try to look through the lens for which decision-makers, of different types, observe market flow, momentum, and valuation levels. To perform this seemingly intractable task, Efrem has engineered a proprietary process that takes the entire data-base of market valuations, going back to the first transaction ever recorded in the S&P 500; and partitions the range of price action into an optimally ordered sequence of different sized time slices -- across all the relevant trading intervals. To add a human element to this mathematical abstraction, we can think of longer term traders, who have the capacity to carry bigger positions (without slippage) than shorter term market players, as those which acquire data less frequently, and perceive changes in price momentum at slower rates and account for fewer data points in history, when making judgments about the future. Rigorous experimental and real-time analysis shows that it is crucial to account for all types of market players, across the widest spectrum possible -- aggregating time slices, that extend from even below the time-scales of today's ultra high-frequency algo-bots, all the way up to the one-trade-for-life crowd. By doing so, and through application of next generation quantum computing gaming strategies, we have created a magic trick, called the Momentum Perception Map ( MPM ). It allows us to spot and fine-tune our recognition of extreme points of market strain, and the episodes of fear and greed that usually precede critical inflection points in both price and volatility. MPMs light up a forward series of connected points on a price chart, at the time and price coordinates that always seem to mysteriously match up with both short-term and long-range future measurements of zero momentum crossing points -- as reflected by traditional price momentum indicators, such as MACD and RSI. This reverse engineered process is like all magic tricks -- there is an underlying order that creates the orientation. To account for the full mix of market players, that may show up on a given trading session, we color code and overlay these points of zero price momentum (we will often refer to them as "balance points" or "isobars") for each trader time frame -- so that they visually and intuitively correspond to the relative observation interval and size of each market player. As in the game of dominoes, to maximize the potential for a toppling event, there is an optimal ratio between the height of a domino (size of a trader) and the distance (relative interval of observation) between each. In the markets, it's all about identifying those special situations "WHEN" the longer term traders, with more clout, will be perceiving changes in momentum (or shifting their emotional sentiment, as driven by their momentum perception of the future) before shorter term market players. This Map enables traders of any level to quickly infer future changes in momentum from afar, with high levels of conviction and clarity -- by simply observing the distance that the current market price is above or below the zero-line. For instance, when price is above (below) the line, momentum is perceived as positive (negative). What is most powerful and unique about the Running Alpha com Research Framework is that it allows the trader to see, close up, through observing the slope (positive for bulls; negative for bears) of the zero-line, what no other momentum oscillator can offer -- and that is Sensing Changes in the Path of Least Resistance of Price Momentum and the Speed of Price Action toward Support and Resistance, even during those times in the future when no price transactions are crossing the tape; and when there is no apparent price impact resulting from the passage or lack of headline-driven events. Although each trader group time frame has a specific path of least resistance to future motion, the broader market movements are influenced by the collision of mass market perceptions; and what Efrem has discovered over his 16 years of market observation, is that an elaborate mathematical process is needed to make logical sense of all this information -- particularly about how the market's INNER STRUCTURE of Decision-Makers interact to produce the less transparent and collective OUTPUT patterns (be it, of price or other financial variables), as seen, and followed by our competitors. In today's analysis of the trading markets, Efrem is currently sensing high-impact changes in the path of least resistance of price momentum, across 9 trading time horizons, each having future balance points of zero momentum that are self-converging, simultaneously, at key resistance levels. What is most alarming is that this inner assembly of momentum measurements has an 82 year history (across the DOW and S&P 500) of setting off virtually everyone of the major 35 market panics and manias, including, but not limited to the infamous 1929, 1937, 1987, 2000, and 2008 market crises; as well as Efrem's highly anticipated outlook for rolling episodes of severe market turbulence in late 2012 through 2014 and beyond. These sweet spots of critical market activity are regularly identified, updated, and addressed as actionable trading setups in the TradingTimeAndPrice Volatility Calendar and Key-Levels Daily Blog. These special configurations, where the market dominoes line up, are also laid out visually on our Bi-Weekly TimeMaps. They serve as Your Personal GPS for Putting Boundaries Around Future Events, especially those Tracing Out the Price and Time Coordinates of Impending Tail-Risk Situations. The next Time-Map will be updated before the end of the trading day on Monday, October 1st, 2012. What is most unique about these trading coordinates, and an industry first, is that they are engineered to tell you the dominant trading time frames that key decision makers will be using to measure price action and value for the upcoming trading cycle. This timing feature is designed to enhance the visibility of emerging market trends and elevate your view from observing price cycles (mere, output patterns) to Seeing the Decision Cycles that Drive Price and Volatility Action. The MISSION is to Shock-Proof Your Strategy from Market Noise -- Keeping You Focused on Making Bold and Decisive Trading Decisions on the Right Side of Key Support & Resistance Levels. Most importantly, TimeMaps gives traders the flexibility of using their own indicators at the right times, and at the optimal level of magnification, so that YOUR favorite market patterns and market structure strategies stand out. ____________________________________________________ Disclaimer/Disclosures: Prepared by Naked Swan Trading Inc. For subscription inquiries e-mail to: support@Running This document is not for public distribution and has been furnished to you solely for your information and may not be reproduced or redistributed to any other person. The manner of circulation and distribution of this document may be restricted by law. Persons into whose possession this document may come are required to inform themselves of, and to observe, such restrictions. This material is for the personal information of the authorized recipient, and we are not soliciting any action based upon it. This report is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security in any jurisdiction where such an offer or solicitation would be illegal. No person associated with Naked Swan Trading Inc. is obligated to call or initiate contact with you for the purposes of elaborating or following up on the information contained in this document. The material is based upon information that we consider reliable, but we do not represent that it is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such. Neither Naked Swan Trading Inc. , nor any person connected with Naked Swan Trading Inc., accepts any liability arising from the use of this document. The recipient of this material should rely on their own investigations and take their own professional advice. Opinions expressed are our current opinions as of the date appearing on this material only. While NakedSwanTrading Inc. endeavor is to update on a reasonable basis the information discussed in this material, there may be regulatory, compliance, or other reasons that prevent him from doing so. Prospective investors and others are cautioned that any forward-looking statements are not predictions and may be subject to change without notice. No part of this material may be duplicated in any form and/or redistributed without prior written consent. In so far as this report includes current or historical information, it is believed to be reliable, although its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. It is both prudent and required that YOU, the USER, become aware -- and fully acknowledge -- the terms set forth in the full list of Disclosures, including, but not limited to, the Disclaimers, Policy Statements, and Terms of Usage, as displayed and referenced (via links) at the base of each web page. 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