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Teen Propulsion / Millennial Propulsion: The Ultimate Career Tool for Teenagers and Millennials. Save valuable time and money, and gain piece of mind by defining your student’s career purpose NOW, before they make their college or training choices with TeenPropulsion®, here’s how…

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Are you and your child preparing for their future? Are you overwhelmed with all the choices between colleges, universities, majors, or other training? Wondering about the right direction, and where to begin? Choosing the right life path can be a daunting task. Improve your student’s chances for success in the search for a career path, remove the guesswork, and get clear direction with TeenPropulsion® - a proven process designed to give your student a competitive edge in the “Game of Life.” The principles and techniques learned in our class are key “life skills” that will be used many times over the course of a career. If your greatest concern for your teenager includes: “What are they going to do with their lives? How are they going to find success?” And your answer is: “I want them to “Maximize Their Capabilities” and “Live a Productive, Successful Life,” then we should talk. The awareness of individual purpose and the passion for it is critical to building a successful life in the near and long term. The “Millennial” generation born between 1980 and1999 is the largest in history at 82 million. The one dynamic that defines them is relentless, ongoing CHANGE. As a group they are impatient, technologically adept, extremely pressured and incredibly confident. Consider this: Starbucks has always been around the corner and now comes with a drive up window. They have never used a manual crank to “roll down” a car window. Voice mail has always been available and they’ve been able to email the President of the United States since first grade. The national average of four-year college students graduating in six years is a stunning 56%!! (Chronicle of Higher Education, College Completion Statistics) As we all know, learning from experience is painful, expensive and time consuming. The earlier an informed decision can be made on a potential career the better the choices will be for college, university, trade school, military, etc. Additionally, recent employer surveys suggest that their biggest concern with recent graduates is that they are not prepared to deal with the realities of the next step educationally or the workplace. They lack social skills, the ability to analyze problems, assess data, and work with teams. The TeenPropulsion® Program is a GATEWAY process for your Teen’s successful future. It is a powerful, focused and proven process leading to the discovery of life purpose and passion NOW and providing ongoing life skills to deal with change as they must adapt to it in the future. Graduates of our programs know how to develop resource networks and use techniques that help them develop the industry specific skills that address these concerns. Our focus is on the student and finding developing life skills that will work for them NOW and in the future as their career evolves. Save time and money with TeenPropulsion®. We will help your student identify their passion and life purpose NOW. The plan we build with you and your student will significantly increase their chances to stay focused, and graduate in fewer years with the training or education needed to compete effectively for their first career job. Who are we? We are a team of experienced and proven career mentors/facilitators who have worked with more than 3,000 clients ranging from the corporate executive suite to high school students. We have been in the “Career” business individually since 1992 and our cumulative experience working with clients of all ages and skill sets is more than 70 years. It’s never too late. Is your student already in college or trade school and struggling with which direction to take? It’s never too late to take The Birkman Method® Assessment, and TeenPropulsion®. This course will help to align your student or young adult toward the career that will best fit their passions and purpose now, while preparing them for future success. Our Process Leads to Your Teen’s Discovery of Career Purpose and Passion WE GUARANTEE IT! “Trust” us with your Teen and you will give them one of the greatest gifts a parent can provide: a successful career direction. We will guide and put them on a proven path to career success. What’s the cost? For a $1497 investment in the TeenPropulsion® Program you could easily generate financial savings of over $50,000 to $100,000 in educational costs over the next five years. Not to mention that your Teen will have identified a “verified” career path based on “real world” proven tools, which is worth millions of dollars is saved opportunity costs and time wasted by learning from personal “experience.” Your Return on Investment (ROI) will be staggering. What’s in the Course? Our TeenPro 5.0 course includes The Birkman Method® Assessment (the premier personality, social perception, and occupational interest tool), personalized individual guidance and feedback as well as eight hours of classroom work and interactive exercises – all designed to help direct your student to their purpose and passion in life, giving them and you the power to feel confident and have peace of mind in their career choices and direction. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee This program works, but you and your student must do the work!! Use this program for 90 days before deciding if it works for your student. Work with our instructors, complete all classes, assignments and exercises. Use the techniques and apply them as directed to your student’s purpose and passion search. After 90 days, if you find NO value in the course, we will refund 100% of your investment. No questions, no hassles. Email us your refund request and refunds are processed within five business days. We want you to feel that this is the best “investment” you’ve ever made. Call or email me today for more information and to receive a free copy of my eBook “Power Tools and Action Strategies for Winning the Career Game.“ I can be reached by email at, or by phone at 720-313-8474 or through Colorow Consulting at 303-526-2156. Sincerely, Winfred (Win) Deal

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