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Brett Kardon

Massage by Brett
Massage - Energetics

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Hialeah, FL 33015
United States

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People that need to find a way to get relief from their physical ailments or injuries especially when left with little or no hope of recovery. I also enjoy seeing people who just need a little lift. I love to see a wonderful smile after a great massage session. People with emotional issues that would like to have an aid in relief of these issues particularly when under the care of a counselor(Psychotherapist), in order to enhance the results of therapy. People wishing to learn Reiki, Young Lion, or other Advanced Healing Techniques. If you are looking to work on a few hard to get rid of fat cells or diminish a little cellulite, or maybe lymphedema in your legs or arms, or maybe discover why you have a particular weakness with no help from surgery or physical therapy, or just want to relax, then come to my website and look me up.

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I am a Massage Therapist and enjoy practicing massage. I do relaxation as well as therapeutic forms. I do Swedish, Neuromuscular therapy, Lymphatic, Energetic, Cavitation Ultrasound and RF Pulse. I have been practicing Usui Reiki for 25 years. I am a Reiki Master and have become a Master of numerous styles of Reiki including Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, Imara Reiki, Ascension Reiki, Ayurveda Reiki, Kumara Reiki, Young Lion Energy, and many other energy systems. More recently I have been training in a very powerful energy system called, "Young Lion." It's roots stem back from the beginning of our time on the planet and involve some Kabbalistic training. While it is very powerful by itself, it's effectiveness is even more enhanced when used alongside traditional Reiki systems. I give training in all systems, Hands On or Long Distance as well as give treatments Hands On or Long Distance. I enjoy exchanging information with other Practitioners and Masters so we can all benefit from each others' knowledge, training and experience. This will help us all grow. ------------------------------------------------------ Testimonials- Estou passando um dos momentos mais difícieis da minha vida, pois perdi recentemente uma pessoa muito amada. A partir disso perdi minha energia e vontade de prosseguir com minha vida normal. Foi quando conheci uma pessoa que domina o "Reiki" e que por morar longe, fez o procedimento à distância. No primeiro dia algo começou a mudar, mas no segundo dia senti realmente que algo estava acontecendo muito forte e que estava revigorando minhas energias. Voltei a comer direito, a dormir muito melhor e agora estou voltando com minha vida "normal". Agradeço de coração ao mestre Brett. um abraço, --- P.S. SC, Brasil-------------------------------------------- OMG. Brett is incredible. I am an R.N. and was very skeptical of any of these things. I mean it wasn't part of my training or belief system. I went to him with a strong case of asthma. I was taking all the meds out there. I was preparing to go on a cruise as such and everytime I do, my whole immune system gets knocked out. Then my asthma is triggered in a severe, life threatening way. Brett encouraged me to try his energy work on me. He didn't promise any results but just said, "Lets see what happens." He treated me twice for about 15-20 min. each time. It was so calming and warm. I could literally feel energy traveling through my body. I was really relaxed. Since those 2 sessions, I have never again had an asthmatic episode. I have never again used my medicines or inhalers and it has been about 4 months already. I am so convinced that his energy work is great. Everytime I see my coworkers taking their asthma meds or having episodes, I tell them they definitely need to see him. Infact, I even told him that I was going to be his next student. --J.P. RN -------------------------------------------------- Brett heard my mom had had a stroke. She was unable to move her right arm. He asked if I would like him to come over and see if he could help her. I was skeptical but nothing else seemed to be working. Physical therapy can take months. He worked on the Left side of head, which was the affected side of the brain. He also said he was sending energy up from her hand and down to her hand at the same time. My mom was so surprised. She could actually feel what seemed to be electrical energy shooting up and down her arm. He worked on her for about 20-30 min. When he was done, she was able to move her arm almost completely back to normal. My Mom and I were so happy and grateful. We couldn't thank him enough. That was an excellent jump start on the physical therapy sessions. Its funny, I had worked with Brett for 14 years at our job and never new what he could really do outside of his profession until I really needed it. He has a kind heart and is the real thing. --M.R. US. Tech. -------------------------------------------------- I unfortunately came down with full blown pneumonia this cold season. I had been to the hospital 3 times and put on antibiotics, but I was not getting any better. I could barely breathe. Brett offered to do Reiki on me specifically aimed at my lungs. Since I am familiar with Reiki and the incredible benefits energy work can do, I was in no position to refuse. However, I am in NC and Brett is in FL. Brett talked me through getting windows messenger on my laptop and in no time we were talking face to face. Up until this point, I was coughing so bad that my body was convulsing. As Brett started to work on my lungs, I sat calmly and chatted about my kids and how sick I had been. I felt completely peaceful and before I knew it almost an hour had past without me coughing even once. It was a miracle. Something incredible had happened. I couldn't see it or touch it, but I FELT it. I slowly took the first full breaths of air that I had been able to breathe since coming down with pneumonia. The next day, I followed up with Brett after my check up at the doctor. Miraculously, my body had finally started to respond to the antibiotics. I still have a long road ahead of me until I am completely free of pneumonia, but at least that road does not lead to being hospitalized and away from my family. Brett explained to me how our bodies are made up of energy, and how sometimes that energy needs to be cleared or jump-started. In my case, my energy needed to be jump-started into healing itself. Every day I have become a little bit better. Without a doubt, I am convinced it was Brett's experience and wisdom that made the crucial difference. I can not begin to thank him enough. --S. B.-L.

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