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Andre Rezos, P.E.

Solart, Inc.
Renewable Energy

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Benicia, CA 94510
United States

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Work with foreword looking companies and entrepreneurs developing green, renewable and inexpensive energy products. Health promoting foods, pure vegetable oils and energy generating appliances.

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What's the single-most critical problem facing America right now? Answer from an individual Californian may differ. I reside in the state since 1973 when my first Job was at General Atomics, designing the Saint Vrain's nuclear power plant in Colorado and developing concept, similar to French, where the 75% electricity is generated by a network of nuclear breeder reactors recycling their fuel to minimize nuclear waste disposal problem. Today General Atomics is a manufacturer of the drones raining havoc on our enemies from the sky. Thereafter, I worked all over for oil&gas industry and for the last ten years I did a process automation integration for biotech, food and renewable energy. Last two years I evolved "an invention", that is as old as life on Earth, the photosynthesis. Its microbiology has been understood for last 200 years, though the secret is difficult to replicate because of the femto second (10^-15) speed at what this natural phenomenon occurs. I figured process that allows in stead of the Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS), to recycle CO2 and through continuous LED's driven photosynthesis obtain sugar. Produced this way glucose, sucrose or fructose, I use further as a biotic feed energy, providing rapid growth of selected oil producing cell culture. This process is extremely efficient and constant, after an initial start up. Just to give you cost idea, todays sugar commodity price is bouncing around US$ 0.30 per pound, whereas using my method, the same amount can be produced for the UD$ 0.03. The tone of the rapeseed oil, that is currently sold by the Mundi commodity market for US$ 1,400; I can produce, applying my method, for US$ 250. Meaning of it is, that instead spending a lot of money to force liquified CO2 underground, we could be the first in California to show how, curtail pollution and make profit for major culprits like, electricity generating utilities, refineries, cement plants, etc. It can be done by continuous photosynthesis and mitosis, in stead of agriculture, at controlled factory floor, an industrial and sterile environment. Thus efficiency is multiplied.

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