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Danielle Powers

Black Marker Design
Graphic Design

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Austin, TX 78730
United States

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Bands, Businesses & Individuals seeking various styles of graphic design services.

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Have you ever wondered where the homeless got that black marker? Inspired by the concept, a name was born! I found that freelance graphic design was basically the same thing. A hungry artist, needing to find the black marker/the name- then create a sign/the website- then hold up the sign/promote the website- then hope and pray others will stop and donate or need graphic design assistance! That might sound desperate, but starting out hoping to go somewhere with this dream planted in my mind, I can only rely on God’s help and guidance first and foremost for anything to prosper. It opens up my perspective to the resources around that are provided. Moving to Austin has obviously been a huge eye opener for me from where I grew up in Canyon, Texas. I find that when I let my hair down yet still am anchored, I have a solid foundation, but I have the freedom to move around and find my place without straying too much into too many things all at once. I noticed moving here every corner in Austin captured some form of art, even if it was a cardboard sign. I once went out on an afternoon mission with a small group to hand-out lunches to the homeless and poor people living on the streets. The effect didn’t do much for me. I noticed that most really do have plenty of food, either brought to them in bulk by other organizations or food from cars as they stopped at the light. And do you find yourself getting slightly annoyed at most of them begging for something? I could definitely agree and know that no matter what we give, it will only be so temporary or go towards furthering them to ruin their body to blanket the pain they feel. I wanted to be able to at least reach just one person and leave with them something indescribable, yet hungry for more, but beyond their definition of hungry. Maybe even releasing the negative sign they hold, by replacing it with a chance to start living their life. I couldn’t stop thinking about how far human touch could really make someone feel more alive than food. Now, take a moment and think about the feeling of going to the hair salon and getting your hair washed. That human touch just seems to take you away from the world for a few minutes and you find yourself wanting more and more. I could say that mostly likely none of the ones on the street (that truly live there) have had that kind love or at least in a long time pending the situation. What would it be like to have a mobile homeless hair wash service? Far Fetched? Maybe for some. But I would love to get my hands dirty! It is the human touch we long for and homeless people need human touch too, they need to feel loved and be encouraged because they are more than this label of “homeless” or “poor”, but may not realize it or know how to come out of that pit. We are all blind of a part of ourselves and it takes those around us who provide the time to show they care and give hope, enlightenment, encouragement and love to surface new perspectives. So, my goal is to take a portion of Black Marker Design’s funds and create a mobile homeless hair washing service. I believe a change can happen and will happen and maybe even one day reach Skid Row in LA! Another goal I have with Black Marker Design is to find a way to incorporate animals in some way. Anything I can do to help, I hope to have the opportunity and be able to give back as much as I can to go beyond just reaching my goals!

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