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Mark O.Niemand

Bratex srl
M.C.I.W.A.& PW

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Buyers and Sellers interested to transact business. Any product of any kind and, of course legal. Our market is West Africa within UEMOA.

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WHO WE ARE ..... We are a group of professional business consulting / executive . We offer support to companies in the strategic choices and continual assistance to the stages of adaptation have operational projects and implemented in each sector . We help investors, entrepreneurs and management ( direction ) to identify new opportunities for business development ( business development ) , in the design of intervention to improve business performance and management of the operational implementation phase , overcoming the traditional concept of counseling and coming a real partnership relations (agreement) with the customer. WHAT WE DO Organisational support and organization We provide managerial assistance and support in the process of adaptation with an approach that effectively combines design capabilities and support realization . These distinctive elements of our approach : We help to make things happen : Compared to the past , we believe that the majority of companies today have a greater awareness of their business strategies. The difficulties for complex organizations are often to be found in the ability to bring about change in a relatively short time . Our service is always calibrated on the culture of the company and its effective capacity to absorb change. In some cases, we ourselves begin to take responsibility for new functions or business units, " incubating " the early stages of activity. We transfer skills Intersegment : consulting firms are large, often organized practices ( practical ), this type of organization , while it promotes a strong specialization in the field of business, on the other hand does not allow a " cross-fertilization " ( intersection of information ) between sectors and experiences. In our vision is that the client company must provide the project with the utmost competence of business; value creation of a professional external intervention , in addition to the methodological contribution , should also be sought in the transfer of qualifying experiences made ​​in other areas of business. We work behind the scenes : we believe it is fundamentally wrong to label plans and projects under the brand name of the consulting firm that helped develop them. Management must be the one true leader of a change project . In our projects we always try to make the most of the skills in the various functions of the company , by integrating them into interventions that have an impact on economic performance and sustainability in the medium term . The consultant must provide a means of supporting non-invasive, able to support the customer's facilities to facilitate the delivery of results through an independent approach, transverse to the functions and responsible 100% on the project. OUR VALUES Our Company is a true professional partnership whose spirit is fully shared by a cohesive group of professionals , who find themselves first and foremost on a set of core values: PROFESSIONALISM " the consultant who is able to identify the leader of the whole people of the client company ." In the imagination of different clients the consultant is a figure little pragmatic and alien to the life of the company , not able to understand the capabilities and potential of management. In the past this has brought forth several ironic about our craft . Here it means to be a professional mainly : Respect and value the professionalism of individual managers with whom we work , having the ability to understand the context and constraints in which they operate ; Knowing how to take a position in a clear and independent on the issues we deal with ; Make sure that the value provided to our clients is always higher than the fees we require for our performance. ENTREPRENEURSHIP : " the range of opportunities." Our partners are entrepreneurs who share a system of risks and opportunities. The model predicts that, in addition to consulting, our partnership Company may decide to invest resources and time in business ventures . This opportunity allows you to: Reduce the concentration of business risk on business consulting ; Keeping alive the attitude and entrepreneurial spirit of the people ; Predict the areas in which even the junior may be exercised on specific soils and operational . BALANCE : " the first person of the adviser ." We believe the figure of a consultant who is mainly a mature and balanced , that you have chosen a company that does not promise big gains right away , but that it intends to create pleasant working conditions and satisfactory in respect of personal space . SUSTAINABILITY REPORT : For we sustainability means primarily act responsibly and with balance. Taking responsibility is an integral part of our business model and is promoted and encouraged at all levels . Responsibility towards the company , the people who work in the Africa and economic and social system in which we are included . With regard to the relationship with the market, in particular , the responsibility is manifested in the commitment towards management by which we relate , in the independence and impartiality of our assistance and intellectual honesty that leads us to believe concluded a job only when the customer is fully satisfied. The continuous search for balance is another feature in our management system : Is need to balance the demands of a professional job challenging and extremely demanding , with the needs of people working in the U.S. that need to be answered in a work environment collaborative and respect the privacy of each consultant . The balance should also be sought in the ways in which we carry out projects for our customers where , in order to ensure the feasibility and long-term sustainability of the proposed solutions , we evaluate by attention to the benefits produced by the different stakeholders ( multi-stakeholder approach ) . The demonstration of sustainability in the company is therefore part of the company's values ​​, is inherent in the way we operate and individual concern to each of us. We are aware that a sustainability report is not able to fully grasp the everyday life of our choices that have to be lived , rather than communicated . Never the less a documentation of our efforts , however, we believe it is appropriate to clarify in an explicit and transparent the values ​​that bind people to our system and make us a cohesive group with distinctive features on the market of management consulting . With this in mind , we began to report our activities in a sustainability report that we intend to improve year after year, with an increasing involvement of the structure.

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