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Cata Marius
Internet Marketing

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I'm seeking to partner with Internet Marketers, affiliates and JVs.

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“To know a mans family is to know a mans heart.” I truly believe this. Before I get into all the internet marketing mumbo jumbo and wow you with my experience… J I want to tell you a little about the man that runs this company, a little bit about myself. My name is Marius Price. I am the proud father of 3 children, two daughters and a 10 month old baby boy. I was born in Romania in 1980. I was taught all my life to work hard and I would see the fruits of my labor in the form of success and wealth. In 2005 I realized that the internet is an amazing way to generate an income, I decided to learn HTML. I wanted to know how to write HTML for primarily two reasons: To make my own website To be able to edit/update other peoples website and make a business out of it But I didn’t just stop there…I learned more and more and eventually picked up every course I could to learn more about the internet, internet marketing and coding/designing. Because I obtained the knowledge, I was then able to advertise my services and also help myself launch any internet business that I desired. In 2007 I made a big move. My wife and I moved to Sweden where I was offered a very promising job. I was working pretty hard for 3 years or so, and also at the same time working with other businesses to help them expand. By this time I had a steady amount of people calling me for “consultancies” and I helped their business grow. It was 2010 when I quit my job and made a full-time living helping other companies…ALL ONLINE! That’s right, from the comfort of my own home! This was all fine and dandy, but one day I guess you could say “I was enlightened”. I realized that all of this work I was doing for other people is great, but at the end of the day I have nothing that I could call mine! I’ve been so busy helping other people grow their business that I didn’t think about mine! In 2012 I started a new journey, I opened to continue in my online journey and also help other people succeed online. The world of the internet is a tough, rough and tumbled place, but with the right expertise and guidance, boy oh boy can you make a killing! I would love to help you out! I have knowledge with the following: Membership Sites Software: Wordpress Drupal Ubuntu Amember Internet Marketing: Linkedin Marketing Facebook Marketing Forum Marketing List building Advertising Youtube Marketing Affiliate Marketing As you can see I have a pretty well rounded knowledge of internet marketing as a whole. I would like to offer my services to others who would like to follow me in this journey. “Everyone has a mentor, and I’m no different. “ I’ve bought a lot of online courses in my day, but most of them don’t work. I’ve bought mentoring sessions, and while you do take something away from them, many of them are designed to make the mentor money, not the student. One coach that really made a difference, is Alex Jeffrey. I would definitely recommend Alex Jeffrey as a coach. If you would be interested in following him or joining his coaching program…it’s a great community and he will teach you loads of valuable information. This journey is about every tool that you and I use to help grow our businesses and help others. My journey is something unlike other internet marketers: I want to learn as much as I possibly can, and then implement it. Once I see that it is viable and making money, I then turn my attention to helping other businesses with that same tool. That’s the difference between myself and other internet marketers. I’ll be honest..I want to help myself…or course I do, we all do….But at the end of the day I want to make sure I give other internet marketers like yourself the chance to succeed like I have. Like I said, this is a journey, and it is ever changing. There is always a new tool or a new technique to add to the arsenal and help us to make money. I hope this is just the beginning of our profitable relationship so I won’t say bye, I’ll just say see you next time!

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