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Residential real estate buyers and sellers in Cape Town (south)! Please note we do NOT provide any type of rental services. I am also a real estate trainer.

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#ServiceDriven .As long as your client can be assisted in my area of Cape Town (Cape Town South - From Observatory to Cape Point) they will get good communication and assistance in helping them solve their problems. You will never look bad as a result of your referral to my team of 34 agents. As the owner of the business I personally manage all incoming and outgoing referrals - they are the gold in my business and 40% of my business is now referral based. ***** Testimonials: I started 14 years ago and it has been very productive and successful years with the Chas Everitt International Property Group, as top selling agent in Constantia. The Southern Suburbs office is headed by Andre De Villiers. Anyone who takes the property profession seriously and is prepared to give the commitment it takes to be successful, should join CHAS EVERITT. You will be given excellent training and management commitment to help you succeed, the rest is up to you. I am proud to be part of the Chas Everitt International Property Group. Shanaz Herskovitz ***** I joined Andre de Villiers nearly thirty years ago as a rookie agent, in a totally new industry to me. At that stage he was the Sales Director of Steer & Co one of the oldest real estate companies in Cape Town that subsequently traded as ERA Steer. After a few months and a couple of sales, my administrative skills were required and together we’ve moved on and kept on moving and growing, both in real estate experience and FRIENDSHIP. I’ve developed many good relationships and friends in real estate and supporting companies. Good business practices and above all no compromise with ethics ensures both my and our ability to grow further. Terence Feredinando (Administration Manager) ***** Upon joining the Chas Everitt Cape Town South team 7 months ago, after being in the Industry for 11 years , I was awoken to a new dimension of training and source of information led by a rare energy from the top that I have found contagious! The methodology of training under the auspices of Andre has not only increased my knowledge but refreshed my approach to marketing enabling me to nurture my professional career development by learning new skills thus culminating in knowledge confidence and individual flair. Besides being happy in a company that encourages self growth and development I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experiences and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. Hazel Tappan ***** I have been involved with Chas Everitt for the last seven years – which has been my entire real estate agent career. We have an amazing atmosphere in the office and our team is incredibly supportive and encouraging. It is absolutely imperative to have support at home when you start working in this demanding industry – you will definitely receive it at work. You will be encouraged to improve yourself, to grow and learn continually. André has been an unbelievable mentor to me and is never too busy to discuss or answer any questions or to give excellent advice. He is one of the best trainers I have ever encountered in this Industry, and we are lucky enough to have 24-hour access to him! Sally Gracie ***** Support received from Andre', Scott, Bruce and Terence is invaluable! The offices all have a warm welcoming feel. Andre' is constantly finding new ways of enhancing the business by streamlining and simplifying processes. Strong and consistent values ensures a happy work environment here at Chas Everitt. Joan Ross ***** Seeing that we spend so much of our lives in a work environment, it is of the utmost importance that my environment is one where I am happy. Starting to work for Chas Everitt has been a wonderful experience for me. We have an incredible, motivated and dynamic team. Working together with positive thinking, like minded people creates an incredible energy, the value of which is immeasurable. I look forward to many successful, happy years in an industry which is exciting and challenging at all times. Barbie Mark ***** I started my Career as an Estate Agent in 2001 and joined Chas Everitt Tokai in 2012. I am extremely happy with the choice I made. Chas Everitt is an Honourable Brand. They are extremely good to their Staff. Andre de Villiers has been an exceptional Principal. Andre is good to his staff and has incredible values. His ethics are beyond reproach. I have never worked in such a wonderful caring, professional environment. Winnie Sass ***** I have been searching for a career for 20 years where I feel like I have come home. Chas Everitt South has offered me just that. I work with an enthusiastic and supportive team. In a short time I have become very passionate about helping buyers find their dream home and sellers reaching the highest possible selling price. Andre has offered me amazing training and support which has driven me to excel. I have heard many stories about other agencies and I feel blessed to work for such a dynamic and ethical brand. LJ Mansel-Pleydell (Sales Associate – Tokai Office) ***** What would you expect from your family? Support encouragement patience. That is the family I found in Chas Everitt. With an added bonus Andre De Villiers has a sense of humor. Franlize Fourie (Sales Associate – Tokai Office) ***** My first ever meeting with Andre de Villiers was at a crucial junction in my real estate career. I needed a move to a business that shared my passion for the industry, who cared for the development of its agents and had a compelling value proposition. Andre's vision and passion for his business and its people coupled with the backing of an established national brand in Chas Everitt, gave me the confidence in making a move. Seven years later and I have never looked back. I found the mentor and friend that I needed and who has helped me to achieve the professional and personal growth that I longed for. We have all the resources, systems and support that any new or established agent could possibly need to enjoy long term success in our profession. Finally I work with wonderful people that share a common goal and desire to build lasting relationships with our clients and be the Agent that they would recommend to a friend. Scott Tait (Sales Manager) ***** I love working for Chas Everitt as it is a family away from home. Everyone supports each other 100%. The agents at my office were very helpful when it came to questions I didn't understand in my NQF4 and took the time to explain it to me in such a way that made sense to me. I am a very happy chappy here :) Caylynne Wiese (Staff – Constantia) ***** In a nut shell – Support. I feel, especially since joining sectional title, I have support and assistance from Ranate (team leader), Bruce (manager with loads of experience) and especially Andre de Villiers (principal). Support and help from the admin staff, Anthea with uploading and corrections when it comes to brochures etc, Eileen, keeping me informed on the transfer process as well as my clients. Before joining Chas Everitt 18 months ago, I looked at all the other agencies. On paper, Chas looked the best to join and start my career. I am still here,I made the right decision, because we rock on and off paper….. It's been an absolute pleasure dealing with Chas Everitt Cape Town South, I find them to be 100% professional, ethical and extremely motivated. What I really like is the training I receive, assistance and been kept updated on new information pertaining to what's going on in the real estate world. I am so glad I choose to be here, it was the right choice. Charlene Feint (Sales Associate – Claremont) ***** The best thing about working for Chas Everitt in Tokai and Claremont has been the wonderful support I've got from our administrative staff and especially colleagues. No one is ever to busy to help out or give advice when it's asked for. Everyone is so pleased when colleagues do well. People brainstorm with you when things aren't going so well. Our managers are incredibly supportive too. And it means a lot, too that our franchisor is involved in all aspects of the business and pays such attention to detail. Our branding and marketing is fantastic too. Pat McCleland (Sales Associate – Tokai) ***** Working for Chas Everitt South, and ultimately Andre, is a constant learning experience. There are the wonderful times where everything is going right and others when Andre can appear very critical and harsh. But this is with good reason, as he is always finding ways of helping, guiding and promoting us. Andre is an amazing teacher and provider for those willing to learn and also for those willing to put in the effort and work. When talking to agents from other agencies I know I made the right choice in joining Chas Everitt when I decided to start a real estate career as we get so much more than they do. Pippa Berry (Sales Associate – False Bay) Joining Chas Everitt after working for a big corporate company for 22 years was a huge change for me but having said that, Chas has more of a family feeling. I enjoy my position because I know what is expected of me in my current role i.e. clear objectives / no surprises. I get all kinds of chances to stretch myself. Kind and goofy humor is welcome on days when one feels down! Eileen Burnell (Staff – Tokai) ***** Joining Chas Everitt as a receptionist has done wonders to my personal character and my goal to grow within the company. I value the support and encouragement to help me reach my goal to become a consistent sales associate specialist now holding more than 40% market share within my farming area. Chas Everitt is the company I will recommend to individuals like me. I'm truly proud of myself that I chose Chas Everitt five years ago… and would choose Chas Everitt every time! "What Everitt is… Chas is it for me! Patricia Solomon (Sales Associate – False Bay) ***** I have been in the property business for 12 years. Seven months ago I was given the opportunity of joining this dyamic group. On meeting Andre and Scott, I was left in awe of their passion and commitment towards the Chas Everitt and their agents, including their core values and those of "Giving Back". The on going exposure to new technology, creative and innovative marketing techniques, by both Andre and Scott, has developed me as an individual in the most unprecedented and unexpected way, giving me a new found confidence in abilities I had not tested during my career. The high level of friendliness, support and professionalism I have experienced from all my colleagues is a testimony to “It starts at the top” I am proud to be a part of this innovative, forward thinking and caring team. Sandra van der Merwe I am proud to be associated with an agency whose brand represents more than just the business of buying and selling property. Led by a Principal with what seems like inexhaustable energy and passion for his business and his staff, there is also an underlying ethic of charitable projects, community investment and a genuine family-style relationship between the agents. I am honoured to be part of the Chas Everitt group. Lisa Rowell (Sales Associate – Tokai) ***** I joined Chas Everitt in 2012. It has broadened my outlook on life and I discovered that I could use my talents more widely. There is a lot more to it than just selling properties and our Sales Manager, Scott Tait has been an excellent mentor. I have found all my colleagues very supportive. I have been given another opportunity to grow in a direction I never thought would be possible. Thank you so very much Andre! Isabella Alexander ***** I had thought about real estate as a career choice for some time and as it so happens on the day I decided to speak to Sally about it, there was a Career Evening being held that evening in Fish Hoek and I thought to myself this was a sign that it was meant for me! I have subsequently not looked back and I'm so impressed by the constant support and back-up that I get from the team! Charmaine Papademetriou

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