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Donnie Trump
Natural Skin Care

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Vail, CO 81657
United States

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Whew! Bear with me PLEASE, this is very challenging to TYPE. Transparency Time: OK, just a few short years ago…I was at a point in my LIFE where I was IN TRANSITION and I was at a BREAKING POINT! I needed to HUGE CHANGE, FINANCIALLY and with my ASSOCIATIONS: ALL of my Bank Accounts closed my Accounts because I owed them too much money. I lost my car. I learned some interesting things when I was younger between Gary IN, Chicago IL, & Park Hill CO and I let those things lead me to do things I wasn’t proud of. I was SELLING DRUGS to make ends meet but I could NO LONGER HURT MYSELF & OTHERS! I had to move back to my Mama’s Home (Mother’s house). I remember I had $7 in my pocket and I tried to save it as LONG as I could because I had NO INCOME coming in. I was Broke! So I would always PRAY for an OPPORTUNITY, EVERY… SINGLE… DAY! I stopped just Praying Because I found Leadership Development, Personal Development, Attraction Marketing, Online Marketing & Relationship Marketing. I found a way for me to be able to have FREEDOM! To do what I want to do and go where I want to go. So I won’t lie, I was SKEPTICAL but I had a P.H.D. (Poor, Hungry & Determined) so, I got started and went to WORK! ALL I do is just follow the SYSTEM & LISTEN to the people that are Making It Happen! I’m doing well, but more importantly I’m HELPING MANY OTHERS DO VERY WELL. Making a LIVING, while making a DIFFERENCE. :) I’m not where I want to be financially yet, I’m not where I want to be in the company yet…but I’m humble and I’m happy. I’ve Traveled throughout the States and Overseas. I’ve spoken about my TEAM in front of 20,000 People at the MGM Grand. I’m happy because I’m on the right track. I’m working with right people. I’m in the right industry. I’m with the right companies. Most IMPORTANTLY, I’m with the RIGHT TEAM! THANK YOU GOD FIRST and FOREMOST… Personal Development, & Attraction Marketing and Leadership Development for Making my dreams a REALITY. I LOVE YOU ALL! I Love What I DO! I LOVE Who GOD is MOLDING ME to BE… I’m HUMBLED. ALL Glory to GOD. I’m just a sinner, working to Become Better, NOT Better than YOU, Better than I was YESTERDAY… Let’s Be ABLE at ANY MOMENT to SACRIFICE WHAT WE ARE, for WHAT WE WILL BECOME. I Surrender My EGO … I FORGIVE MYSELF. LET’S GO! In Friendship and Success, Donnie Trump A Few Good Words from Life Coaching Clients, Business Partners & Friends: “Donnie I Write down the Names of 3 People I’m Grateful For EVERY Morning… Today I Wrote down YOUR NAME…“ -Life Coaching Client & Business Partner (Caribbean, Turks and Caicos Islands) ​​​”Donnie is an awesome individual, who I have been fortunate to work with personally. Donnie is Global Minded and Success Focused! He is one of those people who won’t just talk about changing the world but someone who is actually changing lives for people all over the world. He is Simply Amazing!” -Life Coaching Client & Business Partner (Bankhead, Atlanta, GA) “Donnie, THANK YOU for BELIEVING IN ME ALL these YEARS… For SEEING ME even BEFORE I saw ME…” -Life Coaching Client & Business Partner (Aspen, CO) “Very good Donnie, I am very proud of YOU!!! I… Hope you continue to move toward your dreams and goals. I pray that God would see you through everything you desire to accomplish and most importantly that your relationship with him would grow stronger and stronger. May he bless you handsomely in your faithfulness. God Bless Love!” -Life Coaching Client & Lifelong Friend (Vail, CO) “Donnie is one Amazing Man. I am SO GRATEFUL He let’s GOD work through him.” -Life Coaching Client & Business Partner (Bankhead, Atlanta, GA) “Thanks Donnie; I ALLOW YOUR GUIDANCE.. GOD is using you in my LIFE. (Guidance)…” -Life Coaching Client (Addison, TX) “Donnie, Your testimonial video made me cry. You have always been an Amazing Man. I knew that the moment I first met you. The day I realized you were one in a million and destined for absolute greatness was _____ after we partied with that actress at from _____… When the WHOLE WORLD saw you as a Man LOST with no direction I saw the complete opposite. I saw a man who had more vision than anyone I have ever known. I saw a man who was beautiful and distinguished. So what everyone sees in you now bro, please know I have seen that all along. I’m so proud of you. You make me proud everyday. I’m in your corner always and forever.” :) “YOU act like you don’t know Sir!! I cried out and also sent Prayers regarding you and your LIFE consistently. I thank GOD for YOU. I NOW Know I deserve the BEST! I’m patient, because I have to wait on GOD’s Commands. You are the only person other than my Pastor who IS and HAS INvested KNOWLEDGE & TRUTH within Me.” #Blessings -Life Coaching Client (Carrolton, TX) “From sellin dope to SHARING HOPE Bro?! Sign me UP!! Sign me UP!!” A Friend JUST sent me that @ 2am August 20, 2014 time to get UP & Handle Business “Donnie I get off @ 2:45 a.m. This J.O.B. makes me want to INVEST more in MYSELF [with you]. You were RIGHT! I’m #ThirstyForMore“ -Life Coaching Client & Soon-to-be Business Partner (Frisco, TX) Donnie’s Response: “I Love What I DO! I LOVE Who GOD is MOLDING ME to BE… I’m HUMBLED. ALL Glory to GOD. I’m just a sinner, working to Become Better than I was YESTERDAY… Let’s Be ABLE at ANY MOMENT to SACRIFICE WHAT WE ARE, for WHAT WE WILL BECOME. I Surrender My EGO … I FORGIVE MYSELF. LET’S GO!”

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