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Techno artist with 10+ years of experience mixing vinyl with digital formats in a new way delivering amazing performance on 3 turntables and Pioneer DJM mixer enriched with Allen & Heat K2 for control over Native Instrument's Traktor Scratch Pro 2. DJ Nitevision is about real, underground techno music. Experience my performance live or through videos and mixes in "LIVE A/V" tab of my fb page -->. Enjoy! Yet... "NiTEVISION" is more then just banging. Don't get me wrong - I like it and do it hard, but the most amazing part of it is why I do it the way I do it. Don't miss the real eye opener and invest few more minutes of your time to understand the life changing effects of "Evian Driving Techno" explained in "From Dis-Ease To Ease Zone - It Is Our Ultimate Aspiration" article. Go on and look inside "Biographical Reflections Scroll" tab. I promise it will be worth it and after you ensure yourself it is share it with your friends cause that is what it's all about - Sharing "NiTEVISION" !! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ○• AWARDS & RECOGNITION •○ FUTURE SOUND OF ZAGREB DJ CONTEST (Croatia) MIX: "Monkey And The Nuts Case" - elected among 24 mixes by elite fleet jury of 14 legendary croatian dj's to join them on Techno floor ECO FEST DJ COMPETITION (Slovenia) - 2nd MIX: "Uncharted space (Relax… still wax)" SCHRANZ-TANZ DJG Contest (Slovenia) - 1st MIX: "Lost Wisdom" NIGHT ACTIVITIES - SMASH IT DJ Competition (Slovenia) - 1st MIX: "Lost Wisdom" BIG ONE DJ Competition (Croatia) - FINALS (actually very bad experience because club owner literally used about 25 djs and after 5 rounds of "battles" he postponed date of finals which never took place) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ○• APPEAREANCES •○ I've played at: Midnight Resurrection's Dance Of The Undead 2012 @ Štuk (Maribor, SLO), Technosphere (Smb), Future Sound of Zagreb 10 @ Boogaloo (Zg), Invazia (Zg), TEKNOTIK open-air (Zaprešić), Techmentology @ Club Simfonija (Planina, SLO), F-Club (Zg), Life (Vž), Žabica (Kc), Schranz-Tanz @ Club Simfonija (Planina, SLO), AK You Tehnorija @ Klub Pržan (Ljubljana, SLO), Azzuro - Tech park (Vž), Kyoto (Vž), Tehnorija III @ Klub Močilnik (SLO), Nasipavanje vol. (1, 2, 3, 4...) @ nasip (Zg), Regenerator (Zbk), Electronic movement (Kc), Extravaganza @ Futura (Vž), Free expression @ Oaza (Vz), Dramatika open-air (Kc), PROKLUKUS @ Oaza (Vž), Underground fusion @ Dijana (Čk), Exhibition @ Dijana (Čk), Big 1 One (Ludbreg), Kult (Vž), Exhibition @ Totomore (Čk), Project @ Kocka (St), Morgan's bar (Vž), Exhibition @ Shpitza (Vž), Majestic (Vž), Club (Vž), Ex (Vž), Park (Novi Marof), Blue (Ivanec), ZSC (Vž) Radio appearances: Techno.FM, Digitally Imported, Absolute technoise, Radio 1 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: BIOGRAPHICAL REFLECTIONS SCROLL: ▓▒░ FROM DIS-EASE TO EASE ZONE ░▒▓ ▓▒░IT IS OUR ULTIMATE ASPIRATION░▒▓ "NiTEVISION" STRAIGHTFORWARD My name is Velibor Vitez (Knight) aka DJ Nitevision and Iam techno artist from Varaždin, Croatia. With 10+ years of experience Iam mixing vinyl with digital formats in a new way delivering amazing performance on 3 turntables and Pioneer DJM mixer enriched with Allen & Heat K2 for control over Native Instrument's Traktor Scratch Pro 2. Electronic music became an important part of my life in 1998. and within a year I've found myself in techno. I only had a glimpse of something bigger behind it but was unable to grasp it at that time. Although it was rather blur it was big enough to force me deeper into it… "CREATIVITY OF DEVIATION" - CHANNEL TO EASE ZONE As years went by the vision in the back of my mind became clearer and clearer but surprisingly became vivid when I least expected - when due to exceptional circumstances I distanced myself from it for a while. Iam about to share significant secret with you. Actually it is so obvious that makes it invisible to majority who, in preoccupation with their lives and everlasting forced projection of imposed images of meaning, didn't get a chance to think about it. As we all know music is very powerful messenger and every power can be abused so is this one as another extension of business sphere or simply merchants who are prepared to mutilate anything as long as it might get profit. I hardly believe they are doing it on purpose to keep us narrow minded but I won't disregard even this possibility. However, it is more probable they don't understand deeper meaning of it either and are just focused on money making. They are doing so by indulging majority who feels save in familiar environment and seeks this kind of reinforcing content. We all think how free will is something we are born with. That might be true but from that day on it is being narrowed by strong current of mainstream flow which is perpetually splashing over and over and over our conscious and subconscious from every direction so eventually we believe that what we want is really what we need. How we've found ourselves in this situation? Well, while building civilization, an constant attempt to improve living conditions in physical reality, we were gradually, unaware of it, moving to it. When we turn back from this new perspective to our Source it looks alienated and frightening. We are in the state of discrepancy. Fear, once our friend, required to avoid danger, to survive, was transformed to our enemy who keeps us in disbalance of body and Source - in dis-ease zone. Fortunately, there ARE means of restoring equilibrium. Opposed to generally accepted, limited view on reality which is simplified for purpose of survival, the Source is abstract. So, if one want to break out of this patterns it needs to be challenged with abstraction and this is where lies fascination of art in generally. It is showing us the doorway by emulating Source's modus operandi, manner of operation. It is very hard and more often impossible to attach images of contemporary pop culture to techno which makes it its anti-pod. Its abstract nature is its shield. This is its bless because its purity cant be polluted with it. Techno will always obtain direct link to what he truly represents – human nature. Of course from music business perspective it's a curse. They want to sell and they want to do it fast so their approach is based on invasive, violent inception of their refined values and shallow ideas. They don't want you to go deep into it because under glittered surface there is nothing but their exploiting intentions. Their images are short-term mirages, shifts from reality, from yourself with main goal to toss your attention as often as possible with never-ending production of “hits“ which preserves its consumer in amorphous state as part of the mass. On the other hand the Idea, essence of techno, as I see it, is gentle, smooth but direct in its personal, one-on-one interaction. He is cleaning their mess, passing over layers and layers of who you think you are to reveal who you really are. What is happening here is process of synchronization with the Source. This takes time but already at the point of even initial fusion it is bond for life because you've realized it represents the ultimate truth about you – individual with infinite potential, and what’s more, ability and free will to reach it. Having this in mind, you should more clearly see why my style is redefining as Iam musically evolving. My intention is to always bring something different in musical and technical sense so Iam reinventing myself over and over again. Relying on serendipity, I love to experiment in these both segments and from their mutual correlation is created mind-expanding sound but still with pure drive on the dance floor. Every new record, new approach to different aspects of the mix and ultimately comprehensiveness of the music got to take me where I haven't been before and that is closer to the Idea and consequently to the Source. “Creativity of deviation” is my latest revelation. It has revolutionized my style and pushed it on completely new level. Mixing always on the first beat of the phrase and finishing tricks on the last one it's too expected and sooner or later gets boringly pointless. Iam breaking this pattern in many different ways but the key to avoid the chaos is to not overdo it and maintain reference point for listener's orientation in presented material. Without it he couldn't enjoy in this game of intentionally broken symmetry. In a way, presence of order and disorder are interdependent, it is impossible to define one without other. I use their polarity to further create tensions throughout the mix. “Creativity of deviation” derives unparalleled value from its unpredictable outcomes. Nobody knows what will happen next which is keeping artist in an intuitive mode of performance because he don't have time to think about his next move - he reacts - and as such is artist's endless creativity stream, his holy grail. Iam sharing experience different from uniform trend in today's electronic music which is destroying the main characteristic of underground party – unpredictability that awakes thrill in people. This fact of uniformity has even greater value if we take in consideration modern reality with electronic music literally everywhere (TV, radio, shops, phones, lobbies, public toilets etc.). The point is… party should get you away from every day life, which is forcing you to engage in artificial interactions, into natural, peaceful, dis-ease free state of mind so you can join the moment, reconnect with yourself and other people on profound level without any expectations or concerns. It is the unique ritual with no specific order of rules because you create them as you go, thus, unwrapping your true, forgotten but familiar self. You are finally, again, at home feeling great and capable of everything. Magic spreads even further. The mental souvenir keeps rediscovered image fresh and the sensation of ease zone is extending back to everyday life where you can easier or even effortless overcome challenges that patiently awaits you there and stand between you and your dreams. This, nowadays exclusive cognition, is priceless – after all, everything we do and struggle for on daily basis comes down to it. The beauty of this mind shift is that occurs subconsciously while you're having time of your life – it's the breathtaking mystery. ANALOG COMMUNICATION - I WON'T LET IT DISAPPEAR Digitalization is our reality, our future and has changed DJs’ world dramatically. It wont go away, in fact will unstoppably grow. Side effect of digital wide dispersions is vanishing of analog world. Underground subculture expresses, well fear is maybe too strong word, but concerns about the future of our realm. This anxiety is well-founded! I see three main triggers for it: 1. Generally, I can relate to transitional decisions of experienced DJs who were brought up from exclusively analog world and who are fully aware of some advantages of digital vinyl system (DVS) over analog approach. They choose to leave behind analog advantages to embrace digital ones. But when someone jumps straight into digital world he is taking huge leap forward, too big for his level of knowledge which consequently lead to general uniformity of expression and therefore, relating to previous paragraph, "channel noise". Of course there are exceptions capable to digest it but the bottom line is - superficial approach brings superficial music. 2. Sound quality and endless discussions about it all around the music community is case for itself so I wont get in to it again. As far as Iam concerned analog sound is superior. 3. While Iam aware that software became integral part of DJing, spicing it up with some new possibilities, I will always stay partly in analog world because I know that visual part of a DJ who is juggling with real vinyl in his shows cant be replaced with digital technology. There is something mystical in that sight, something that draws attention to it. ALL-ROUNDER Iam striving to materialize my vision as accurate as possible so I explore direct as well as related and indirect elements which are sharpening its manifestation. Few years ago I started to realize how the struggle to find suitable forms for it is getting greater and greater. Beside my need to create my own music this narrowing of options gave even more sense to it. Since 2009. I started to invest more time in music production. In 2008. I was involved (co-founder) in establishment of non-profit organization for promotion of electronic music (PROKLUKUS) which enriched my life with experience of event organization and residency in a few clubs where PROKLUKUS had more then 20 events. This all-round involvement is rewarding because it provides me with various insights on how to present my vision in its purest state and therefore fulfill my calling - to share it with YOU. NV

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