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Barry Moniak

End In Mind
Strategic Consulting

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Salt Lake City, UT 84105
United States
T: 801.474.3500

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Businesses looking for better quality Strategies, Systems & Philosophies to reach their End Goal

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Leadership is the GPS system for personal, interpersonal and organizational endeavors. A GPS device knows exactly where we’re at – we program in where we want to go, and it plots the available routes, monitors our progress, and most importantly, offers us course corrections if we make wrong turns. For leaders to be of the greatest influence, they too need to know where situations under their watch currently are. They have to define where these situations could or should be, and then design strategic courses of action to realize these goals. And the most important function of an effective leader is to wield their influence in such a way as to acknowledge and support that which is already working well, and to encourage wise course corrections when things aren’t. Great leaders embody, & instill in others, a Definiteness of Purpose which often requires helping those they lead to better understand themselves, how they show up in various situations, & how they interact with others. Leadership has a lot to do with getting people to a place where they’re able to overcome limiting or dysfunctional Confirmation Bias about themselves or others. The neurological sciences explain that human beings are hard wired as a species to create stories, or in psychological terms, drama, about anything & everything. The phenomenon of Confirmation Bias is an aspect of this innate wiring in which the mind to allows information in that supports or corroborates our current ideas, beliefs or philosophies … and tends to reject information which doesn’t. In today’s business environments these bias issues can be identified in such areas as; gender, generational, racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, and the list goes on. We’ve been given mandates in the workplace about the kinds of things we shouldn’t say or do, but not a lot about better understanding ourselves & the people we interact with. Effective leaders … be it an owner, CEO, manager, supervisor, or people in sales or customer service, can influence the people they interact with to change aspects of their attitude, the way they communicate, or how they relate to one another. When people are unwilling or unable to upgrade their personal, interpersonal and organizational strategies, systems & philosophies, then what they’re presently doing will continue to produce the same results. “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again … expecting a different result” Albert Einstein Barry Moniak, Founder / CEO of End In Mind, is a Professional Strategist who acts as a catalyst in business environments to improve Attitude, Communication, Relationship & Leadership. These 4 Elements of Influence are the components which determine the outcomes of personal, interpersonal and organizational endeavors. Having a vision without action is a daydream … Taking action without a vision is a nightmare!

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