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Individuals and families that want to get out of debt, create wealth and better manage their finances. Forecloseure? Bad Credit? More Income? Owe $12,000 or more to the IRS? Buy prescription medicines at Pharmacy COST.

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Financial Halo was launched to solve a major concern in the U.S. for over 90 million families: debt. Along with many financial experts, we believe the North American middle class is heading into what may well be a catastrophic debt and retirement crisis. Financial Halo was created to fix that. For the last decade, it seems like people have become accustomed to the idea that debt is simply a fact of life; that they will always have debt and there is no way to get out from under it. At Financial Halo we totally reject that notion completely. That is a noose around the neck of people that will forever keep them from getting ahead. Month after month, year after year, good hard-working people are responsibly paying their bills on time each month but are not getting anywhere financially. Most people would agree, the game of life is all about INCREASING YOUR NET WORTH. This is the most important formula in your life: Net Worth = Assets minus Liabilities (debts). What most people do is focus on increasing their assets, and that is a good thing. But it is also true that reducing and removing liabilities dramatically and effectively increases net worth. We’re going to show you how to do BOTH. Our Mission Statement is our promise to you: To enhance, preserve and protect the financial well-being of those who place their trust in us, helping people to develop financial strategies to overcome stress by providing proven, high-integrity products and services that exceed expectations while removing debt, anxiety and worry from our customers lives. We will heal relationships and save families from the burden of financial uncertainty. We are dedicated to helping you save thousands of dollars in interest payments by rapidly accelerating your debt reduction; then assisting you in directing this “new found money” to sound financial programs that will increase your assets and net worth. We have partnered with highly credible companies that can provide proven programs to enhance your financial well-being and lifestyle. Once you have additional discretionary income, you will be able to assess which of these “Financial Halo” companies best suits your net worth acceleration goals. Our concept is having a halo around you; a financial halo that shows you the right way to go and protects you on the way to getting there. If you’re concerned that you’re not getting ahead financially and your net worth is stagnant, we’ll show you some banking secrets that will change that with MyAcceleratorHalo; if you have debt that is threatening your financial survival, we’ll help you fix it so it goes away, that’s MyDebtHalo. If the IRS is coming after you for taxes, we can handle that with MyTaxHalo. Is your mortgage close to foreclosure? We are on it with MyForeclosureHalo; we’ll do our best to put a stop to that. With MyCreditHalo, we will go to work improving your credit score and cleaning up your credit history; we are very good at that. Once we have your debt issues in hand, we are going to go to work helping to increase your assets substantially; that’s the fun part of Financial Halo. MyForexHalo will show you how to automatically take advantage of the huge gains that can be made in the foreign currency markets; without sitting in front of your computer all day, you will be able to have the benefit of a proven, automated robotic software that trades for you with remarkable performance. There’s no better way to increase your net worth than creating additional income. With MySecurityHalo we will stop cyber thieves in their tracks with military grade encryption software; they will never be able to see a single keystroke you make. Your personal information and financial data are protected and secure. This is something that everyone with a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone has a critical and urgent need for. Finally, if you like the idea of helping people, then we will introduce you to the MyIncomeHalo business where you can make hundreds of dollars extra each month just for referring people to us who need our help. Or, if you want a full-fledged business of your own, we’ll show you how to make very considerably more than that. Over the last decade, watching the debt load of Americans increase year after year and seeing the numbers of people in financial crisis multiply has been a sobering experience. Based on an analysis of Federal Reserve statistics and other government data, the average US household credit card debt for 2012 stands at $15,263. Total consumer debt is $11.15 trillion in debt with $853.6 billion in total credit card debt. The average American home has 13 payment cards. Over 40% of US families spend more than they earn and the average U.S household pays $950 in interest each year. The average person spends 40% to 50% of their paycheck to merely make payments on their debts; mortgage, auto loan, credit cards, medical bills. If families are going to survive and thrive, THIS CANNOT CONTINUE AND MUST STOP. Financial Halo has taken up the crusade of opening a new path for Americans who desire financial security. We encourage a new and different emphasis. We are focusing our efforts on helping people accelerate their net worth and enjoy life. If families only just pay their bills each month and never have anything left over to create wealth and do the things they want to do, they are on a treadmill to nowhere. Financial Halo has a proven system that helps people liquidate debt quickly, saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in interest payments, creating “new found money” that can be put to work growing their future, relieving the stress of financial uncertainty and resolving the anxiety of debt overload. To us, it’s all about creating a lifestyle by design. Because life begins when you are debt free.

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