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Ryan Fraser

Focus Personal Training Gyms & Boot Camps - Baulkham Hills
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B1 4 Columbia Court
Baulkham Hills, New South Wales 2153

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I am looking for clients that want help in achieving their health and fitness dreams. Some of our clients are business owners wanting to maximize their return on the time they put in. Some are people with health problems and special needs and some really need help to get form where they are to where they want to be. We have trained elite level athletes to 10 year olds and most types in between.

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HAVE YOU TRIED AND FAILED BEFORE? Have you heard a story of someone joining a gym – getting excited about changing shape – and then after two weeks they stop going – lose faith in themselves and in gyms and waste their time, money and life with poor health and fitness!?!? It is a common problem in our industry and it is caused by a lack of service, information and support. Focus gives you the facilities, service, information and support you need to enjoy better health, fitness and life! DO YOU HAVE A BUSY LIFE AND COMPETING PRIORITIES? At Focus we can tailor your exercise and eating plans around your life! You don’t have to fit into ours. If thirty minutes is all you have - we can program that for you. If you need nutrition help – we can help! If you need a home or travel workout to keep you going we can help you there too! You have to make your health and fitness a priority and enjoy the benefits this will bring to all other areas of your life! DO YOU WANT TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME, MONEY AND LIFE? Even world class athletes use coaches to get best results. At Focus – we help you make the most of your investment by giving you a world class coach! You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of personal training. Your trainer will start where you are starting from! You can choose the level of training within your membership to make sure you get the best value for your money. If a basic plan is all you need you will still enjoy out atmosphere, friendly culture and facilities or if you need allot of help to change your life – you’ll get it! DO YOU WANT TO FEEL RECOGNISED AND RESPECTED AS A PERSON? Have you heard a story of bad service and contract nightmares at a big gym? Some gyms spend more on their sales, marketing and lawyers than on helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. At some big gyms you are treated like a number not a person and via aggressive salespeople bound to choking contracts! At Focus we will treat you like a person – we know and use our members names and have flexible, fair membership options you can get out of when you want to. DO YOU WANT MORE EQUIPMENT PER MEMBER AND PERSONAL TRAINING SERVICE? We won’t sign you up and let you loose in a gym jungle and classes. With Focus you get great facilities and classes - more equipment per member than the largest clubs AND a personal training service to keep you accountable and focused on your goals. Via our three keys approach you get accountability, safe progression and the best results from your efforts! DO YOU WANT FACILITIES OR FACILITIES AND SERVICE FOCUSED ON YOUR RESULTS? Ask yourself this question – Would you get better results from A) going along to a class or gym and just jumping in? Or B) using a gym with classes and having a personalised plan established incorporating motivation, training and nutrition science and follow up sessions to maintain progress and accountability? DO YOU WANT TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AND WELCOME IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT? Walking into some gyms is like walking into a disco! We don’t cater for massive bodybuilders and glow-lycra clad freaks. At Focus you will feel like you’re at a friend’s place. We build relationships with our members based mutual respect and professionalism and we help you have some FUN! We have slightly more ladies than gentleman at our gym and lots of families. DO YOU HAVE HEALTH PROBLEMS OR INJURIES? For some people it is just not safe to walk into a big gym scenario. If you are carrying illness or injury and want to make improvements – CONGRATULATIONS for taking control! Just be careful and seek professional help. Via our personal training gyms and service we can give you safe, personalised and progressive programs to help you get back to your best. DO YOU WANT BETTER HEALTH, FITNESS AND LIFE? At Focus we believe we can provide Inspiration for Life through better health and fitness. “Health is a necessity for the duties and the pleasures”. Better health and fitness not only prevents illness and disease but empowers people with more capability and freedom in all areas of their life! “Through: F un fitness O ngoing motivation C aring staff U nique programs and S ensational service we will give you inspiration for life“ Focus Health and Fitness – Personal Training Gym, Boot Camp & Personal Trainers - are located in the Nexus building at Norwest Business Park (opposite the Norwest Crowne Plaza) just off Norwest Boulevarde, B1 4 Columbia Court, Baulkham hills, Sydney, NSW, 2153. We are the central personal trainer gym, boot camp, personal trainers, pilates and fitness gym to baulkham hills, Castle hill and the hills district and just a skip and jump from anywhere in Norwest, Castle Hill, Bella Vista, Baulkham Hills, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge, Glenwood, Kings Langley, castle hill and the hills district. Our members come from all over Sydney and often pass other gyms to get to Focus Personal Trainers Gym - Norwest. We also run regular boot camps & hills biggest loser competitions for weight loss, fat loss and the obese. Whether your goal is fat loss, strength and muscle or better health, energy and fitness you can be confident you will fit in at focus health and fitness. At Focus - we put your fitness first. We are a small friendly gym with a big focus on helping people with their health and fitness goals! At Focus – we’ll put your fitness first. Our comprehensive approach using motivation, gym training and nutrition gets better results than the normal big gym jungles and personal training studios! Another great thing about Focus is you will feel comfortable in our gym. Our members are just normal people like you – from Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Norwest, Glenwood, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge and the Hills district. Whether your goal is fat loss, strength and muscle or better health, energy and fitness you can be confident you will fit in at Focus Gym.

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