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Jess Baker

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Anybody and everybody can benefit from Reiki. Whether you are already interested in Alternative Therapies or you have no clue what it is or how it works! Reiki is especially beneficial to people who are stressed, depressed, have trouble sleeping or just those that are in need for some serious R&R - my clients tend to fall asleep half way through a treatment! Reiki is also good in healing long term illnesses like IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and many more! Reiki puts the body back into balance so it heals itself so there is nothing that Reiki cannot help with whether it be physical or mental.

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I started Gaia's Gifts in November 2010 as an Ebay store for Spiritual supplies. I have since been able to start my own website ( and got my qualifications in Anatomy & Physiology as well as Reiki II Degree. I treat from the comfort of my own home and can offer a local mobile service if needed. I am also a fully insured Therapist. Here is some more information about Reiki. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life-Force Energy’. Reiki practitioners have the ability to channel this energy to heal themselves and others. Reiki energy is a gentle, powerful energy which can help to heal mind, body, spirit and life. It works on the principle that all illnesses and states of dis-eases in our lives are created first in the energy field around our body. They then show up in our physical body. Reiki can help to heal the cause of these by working on the energies surrounding and within our body to bring those energies back into balance and release any blockages. Once our energies are in balance and flowing freely, our body can begin to heal itself. Of course, you don’t need to be ill to benefit from a treatment. A Reiki treatment is the ultimate ‘chill-out’ experience and a great stress reliever! Reiki Can Revitalise your mind, body and soul De-toxify your system Re-balance your body’s energies Being a self-healing process that can lead to optimum health Complement any treatment you are already receiving Reiki is Powerful Safe Relaxing Energising Enjoyable A Reiki Treatment Treatments take place in a warm, comfortable, safe environment. The calming, peaceful music, soft, gentle lighting and soothing aromas combine to create a place where you can completely relax and let go of your troubles for a while. Treatment times may differ, depending on the practitioner, however, a normal Reiki treatment usually lasts about an hour. Your practitioner will have a chat with you before they begin, to find out what you expect from the treatment and how you need it to benefit you. Then you will lie on the treatment bed. You won’t need to remove any clothes, except outdoor clothing and shoes. During the treatment the practitioner will place their hands in various positions around your head and body. As they do this, the Reiki energy begins to flow. You may feel hot, cold, tingling or other sensations as the Reiki flows and if you are in pain, you may experience a dulling of the pain. You will be fully conscious during the treatment, although many people find it so relaxing that they drift off to sleep. After your treatment, you will feel very calm, comfortable and relaxed and you may find that this feeling lasts for a few days.

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