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I'm Looking For A Few Serious Good Men Who Want To Join Me In Working With The Largest Direct Selling Company For Women!!! Visit:

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We are Independent Sales Representatives with Avon Products, Inc. AVON is The Company for Women & A Few Good Men and NOW is the BEST time to join Avon!! Here Is My Story: My Story..... **LOST** It all started in 1997(can't remember what month it was). When I was in my 7th year as a NYC Correction Officer. I remember it like it was yesterday. I really did not want to go to work this day, but had to go because I called in sick too many times before this day. I was praying that I would get a real easy post so the day could go by quick. It's funny how GOD never gives you what you want but always gives you what you need. You see I was always trying to figure out how I could start my own business, because I always(for as long as I can remember)knew that working for others was not the way I wanted to live my life. Boy I sure did not realize at this time how deep the rabbit hole really went. **GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE** Okay back to that day at work. There it was somehow I got the post I hated the most, THE INTAKE(where inmates are processed entering and exiting the jail). I remember sitting pissed off when all of a sudden this officer(Roger J.), I will never forget you Rog, started talking to another officer about money and how it works. He wasn't even talking to me, I just happen to be walking by and over heard him. He was talking about THE RULE of 72, INVESTING, REAL ESTATE, and OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I didn't know what it was but it was like I won a million dollars. I asked him, no begged him(just kidding, just asked) if he could teach me what he knew. Long story short he invited me to a Primerica opportunity meeting which basically changed my life. What happened next really made the change solid, I read 2 books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad & Think and Grow Rich. **FAST FORWARD IN THE TIME MACHINE** After making good money but with no solid traffic of new fresh leads (new prospects) and my warm market (family & friends) drying up fast, my dreams of home business ownership was DEAD. I hated every time my uplines (sponsors) use to tell me "You never run out of referrals in your warm market." Well, I didn't know what the heck they were talking about because that's what was happening to me. Also, during this period I discovered one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world THE INTERNET. I then joined several other business after Medical Billing, Phone Cards, Selling Dish TV, Buying ATM Machines, etc. **MLM COMPANIES** I loved the MLM companies I joined, I believed in their mission. Example: I do not like owning just one store in the mall. If there is a fire near my store and my store gets destroyed. My income DIES! Versus owning several stores in different areas of the mall and something happens to one of my stores. I still would get paid because of the other stores I own in that mall. I wanted a nationwide business not a local or regional business. This is what MLM Companies provide, the more people you have on your team(going for their goals & making money), the more money you make ALONG with them. NOT OFF OF THEM LIKE CORPORATE AMERICA DOES!! **NOW I CAN SEE VERY CLEAR NOW** My eyes once again opened up I saw more clearly. I after reading this understands what I am talking about. Also, it was something about the power of INTERNET that I totally loved. I figured if I could understand the power of the INTERNET and knew how to use it, I could get paid big money in a TRUE HOME-BASED BUSINESS. Don't get me wrong even though I quit some of the MLM companies I was with, I would choose this route(working with a MLM company) as a career over a normal 9-5 JOB(Just Over Broke) ANY DAY!! **MY FUTURE LOOKS REAL BRIGHT** I started and still am reading as many books as possible about on how to think, marketing, money, business, wisdom, basically EVERYTHING and ANYTHING involving personal development. I WANT TO GET PAID(Period)!!! WITH MONEY COMES FREEDOM, WITH FREEDOM COMES CHOICES, and I LOVE HAVING CHOICES!! I hated someone telling me when to go to work, when I could take a break (or how long), and I how much money I could make. I hated them telling me where I can live and what I can drive based on the amount of money I made. All of that made me sick (physically and mentally). That's why my future is looking very bright now!! **HELPING OTHERS** The best thing of all now is I can really help others by telling them what I've learned and what I am doing with what I have learned. One my greatest joys in life is to be able to impact other people's lives to help make them better. I don't want ANYTHING in return, just to help others THAT'S IT! So please browse thru my site, take advantage of all the info to see why I am so excited about my life now. Stay Blessed, Gary Bledsoe

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