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Nkululeko Gumede

Gumede Cellular Billing
Cellular Billing

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My services are designed for Corporates, Organisations and Government departments who offer cell phone allowances to their employees.

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Gumede Cellular Billing is a new company that has the solution that many South Africans have been waiting for. Our cellular industry has made huge profits and will continue if customers are not empowered to force changes. We will show you why you need to have us in your corner and why you can trust us to have your best interest at all time. • Problem Service providers are profit driven. When you take out a contract, the agent needs to make commission and the service provider needs to make a profit from that sale. Companies do not have the time to run around finding quotes that will benefit them and if they do this information is still not guaranteed to be the best for you. There is no publicly available information on how to cut your cell phone bill cost and cannot be studied at any institution. There is no onus on the service provider to analyse you bill and advice you if you are not on the correct package or if you are overspending. There is currently no company in South Africa that can do this for you either even though South Africans spend so much on cell phones unnecessarily. • Current Options  Companies hire cell phone administrators This option helps in terms of having someone who will be directly responsible for ensuring the cell phone database is up to date, payments are made in time, lines are locked and unlocked on request, puk numbers are issued etc. Problem arises when specialized services are required. I am yet to meet an administrator who was able to do a proper reconciliation on all accounts and come up with proper figures that the service provider will not be able to dispute. These administrators also do not have the time to do this tedious exercise. When it comes to finding the correct package they too rely on the salesperson employed by these service providers.  Companies hire Auditing Firms As mentioned before, there is no class you can take to learn about this industry. Auditing firms will look at your bills but cannot analyse them in a proper way. They too do not have the information or knowledge required to conduct these analyses. They do not understand the bill systems used and how to work around the charges to come up with the best solutions. • Our Solution Gumede Cellular Billing is a company that will employ billing administrators and specialists from the various service providers and we will take all our knowledge and expertise and assist you in making the best decisions and cutting you costs. We will advise you on your entire wireless structure and make recommendations that will benefit you. We know the industry, we know the services and we know the systems. Above all of this, we gain by cutting you costs, the more you save the more we make so you a guaranteed to be in the hands of people who will ensure that you get the best out of your contracts. We offer a wide range of service which we will tailor make for your company and your needs. We have no ties with any service provider yet we have staff who have worked in all the leading Service providers in South Africa. • Services We provide a complete analysis of all your Cellular, Data and LCR contracts individually on a 3 month basis and provide you with an easy to understand spreadsheet with a breakdown of all your costs and recommendations on how you can cut costs per line by using the available Value Added Services that service providers fail to mention when taking out a new contracts. We guarantee you that we can cut your spenditure by at least 20% and up to 50% depending on the size of the organization. We also provide a service where we go through your bill should you suspect any billing errors or feel you are overcharged, which is the case more often then not. We handle any billing disputes for you so you can concentrate on the important stuff. This can be done as a once off or on a retainer basis which would be negotiated with you. We provide advice on the best packages to suit your needs when you are looking at new contracts or upgrades and we can negotiate discounts and extra services on your behalf. We will also advice on contract terms and conditions, different implications and tariff information and jargon for when you need to make decisions. We will gather all information, look around for the best deals and find you the best packages and service providers that will offer you legendary service with us making sure that you are always number one and your requests are completed on time. • Packages We do not have a set fee for our services we look at your company in terms of how many lines you have and how diverse your packages are. We will do reconciliations on two numbers for you at NO COST, if you are happy with our findings we can continue with the rest of the numbers once an upfront fee, which also is dependant on your profile, is paid. We will then take a specified period to complete our analyses and once completed we will provide this to you to implement the changes with the Service Providers. We will then have a look at your next bill after the changes and we will invoice you 50% of any savings you make for 3 months and from then you can enjoy your savings for the duration of the contract.

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