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Don Townsend

Jason Group LLC
Sales & Marketing

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Downingtown, PA 19335
United States

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Start-up clients in Natural, Organic, Sprouted, Gluten Free products that have mass market potential.

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CREATIVITY. INTEGRITY. RESPONSIVENESS. RESULTS. Jason Group Integrated Sales & Marketing was founded for one purpose. To help small companies go to market as their leadership in Sales & Marketing – that includes everything from sales, broker hiring and management, marketing, package development and all of the parts that make it happen. We can work full time with you or give you 90 days of consulting to get you started. Look into our areas of expertise, and if you want someone to teach you how to develop a profitable sales & marketing plan and put the right pieces in place, then give us a call! During his well-accomplished 25+ year career, Donald Townsend has achieved market leadership through Strategy, Insight and Executing. Prior to founding The Jason Group Integrated Sales & Marketing in 2012, Don experienced various high level sales and marketing positions at several CPG corporations, including Kellogg Company, Sara Lee Household & Body Care, Unique Industries, Sara Lee Household & Beverage, SC Johnson and Shiloh Farms / PureLiving & SimPur Organics . Don is a Sales & Marketing Expert and Leader who understands how to develop people and successful processes utilizing all the resources available (large or small) while building trust, integrity and honesty with his customers and his team. His passion for sales & marketing, combined with his hard working, results-driven demeanor and vast experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, makes him a valuable asset for start up companies and other small companies looking to grow their business and gain market distribution in all channels (Natural, Organic, Grocery, Mass Market, Club, Drug, Convenience, Dollar Stores, etc.). Don resides in Eastern Pennsylvania with his wife, and two children and two cats. Some of his hobbies and interests include lecturing/teaching at the University of Delaware in Strategies for the Firm, Strategic Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising & Media Planning courses and cheering for the University of Delaware sports teams, singing in the church choir and avidly collecting sports memorabilia. The Jason Group Integrated Sales & Marketing is a full service integrated sales & marketing firm that performs the sales & marketing function of YOUR Company. We are your missing piece in terms of skills, experience & know-how in getting your products to the marketplace in a timely fashion. The Jason Group’s work focuses on planning and developing YOUR company’s processes and partners that will lead to accelerated profitable growth. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, but looking to grow even more, we can help you reach your goals and beyond. We have 32 years of bringing new items and plans to market and know from experience how to develop and build your organization imperatives and Go-To-Market Strategies. We are passionate about helping startups build their plan and succeed with their passion! We are not brokers. We deliver unquestionable value by engaging directly with your business. When you hire us, you get all of our connections and years of experience on the job EVERY DAY. This enables us to efficiently access resources for knowledge, expertise, ideas and solutions, which means you as a start up can move forward without having to gamble or overpay for what you need. The Jason Group Integrated Sales & Marketing brings great value to start up businesses. We will develop and build your business with our experience and vast connections with industry leaders from sales, merchandising, marketing, package development, public relations, manufacturing, execution and qualitative research. Together, we provide “integrated sales & marketing solutions” to enhance revenue growth, while placing strategic planning processes into action. Our goal is to enhance margins & profitability and deliver business & personal success. Areas of Expertise Sales Support – Not only do you have our sales support on major accounts, you will have our expertise at hiring the best to work for us. We hire both conventional and natural brokers who are sales professionals. These professionals usually sell for multiple wholesale manufacturers and the majority work entirely on commission. Wholesale manufacturers use brokers as a replacement or a supplement to their in-house sales team. The value proposition of the broker is that companies can scale their sales costs incrementally, and in line with actual sales revenue. Thus, companies can always know that their cost of sales will be 10-15% of their total sales revenue. Both large and small companies can gain significant advantage by hiring brokers to do their sales for them. We know the best and can hire and manage them for you, so the burden is off your shoulders. Benefits Of Working With A Broker For A Larger Company: It can be more efficient to pay a broker firm to manage sales in a territory than to carry the cost of full time sales reps and the cost of sales managers to manage the reps. In addition, there are some geographic regions where there aren’t enough customers to justify having a full time sales rep, but at the same time some presence is desired. Large companies frequently have just a VP Sales and Director of Sales who manages all of the broker firms across the country. If a manufacturer has an entire sales team in-house, there are often more levels of management, more sales staff, and the company would incur the cost of employee benefits, full salaries, and training. It’s easy to think that selling wholesale food may be easy – 80% of it is just showing up, right? Wrong! Highly successful brokers get the following results: 1) They can’t easily be replaced. 2) Their businesses are growing. 3) Their products stay on store shelves and every year sales increase. 4) They have built their broker firms into companies with long-term longevity and value. Consulting Support – We can develop an action plan in 30-90 days with recommended execution plans with structures to follow: Financial background, pricing, margins and marketing spend requirements During our work together we will develop the financial framework for pricing all your items both FOB and Delivered. We would finalize this framework based on weights and pallet configurations to finalize Delivered Pricing, margin corrections and marketing spend requirements on slotting, ads, demo’s and how to develop P&Ls by account prior to presenting pricing to any customer. No customer should get pricing until you fully understand the cost to do business with them. If they want a pickup or backhaul rate that should be figured into the final negotiated pricing. You can give general delivered wholesale price lists, product descriptions and intro presentations if customer inquires. The work to actually do business with them may take a visit and many steps of paperwork and negotiation prior to shipping your first order. We will supply you with “Your Company Top-Line Business Plan” spreadsheet with all facts and P&L’s included Jason Group recommended plans to go to market Jason Group recommended plans to hire brokers to work with YOUR Company and help you deliver your sales/revenue/profitable annually Jason Group recommended execution of plans and YOUR Company Sales/Marketing Structure Full Service Sales and Marketing – It’s difficult to spend $70-$100K on a full time sales rep immediately when it takes time to train them, ramp them up, and finally start seeing results. It may take 6 months or more for a manufacturer’s investment in a sales rep to break even – if they are good. By using a broker in the conventional or natural space, you only pay for performance, and you always know that you can afford to compensate that broker. You can also get a more experienced person with a breath and depth of experience and connections for a lower price than hiring many employees to support your work. Compensation for an in-house salesperson with the contacts and experience of a broker can be a six-figure salary ($150K to $350K). As a young company testing out new products in the market, having a broker enables you to get product feedback quickly and inexpensively, before completely committing to your product mix, pricing, packaging, etc. Commitment to brokers used to be on a 30-day contract – those days are over. Given the time and effort in launching and maintaining a line of products, most brokers will insist on a one-year minimum contract with automatic renewal based on satisfactory performance. How Quickly Should I Expect Results? Given the extraordinarily competitive environment, the time between assigning a broker and actually getting an order is about 6 to 9 months. Getting appointments, presenting the products, product approval, and shelf resets have added greatly to the time line. Some buyers review categories only at specific times of the year; others have the added step of securing a distributor for the line of products before they can be presented to the trade. Our Office Cell: 610.733.0548 Office: 610.518.1896

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