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Jenny Viola Morina (fd Lung)
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02/28/2018 at 10:11 am
How to use arousal and stimulation in your marketing… Now hold your horses... I don’t mean it in THAT way. What I’m talking about is arousing and stimulating your prospect's desires. Which is very often missing in marketing messages I see. If your ads aren’t producing enough clicks… If your blogs posts aren’t generating tons of new leads… And if your emails aren’t consistently making sales… I’m willing to bet this is one of the BIGGEST reasons why. They don’t tap into your prospects tru
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02/28/2018 at 5:10 am
🌼🍃“Where there is vision, there is provision!” Have you created your Vision board for 2018 yet? If not, it is about time to do so. Please reach out and I will help you articulate your vision for 2018 and provide accountability for making your vision a reality! You know very much about your passion and expertise, am I right? Maybe you’ve been doing what you do for years. But you have notice that when you explain it to others, it can be difficult to get them really excited about it. Every tim
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