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Joe B. Seals sr.

BULL Finance
Financial Planning

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Real Estate, Gold Investors, and Investment Brokers

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My Coordinates: BULL Finance Financial Planning CFO INTERNATIONAL FINANCE DEPARTMENT Joe B. Seals sr. Financial Planner Cell: +49 (0) 174 708 4350 Mail: My Skype: wpseals Partner Website (GOLD): Bank Platform Partner: Real Estate, Buy / Sell / Finance: "MUST HAVE AT LEAST 4 to 10% “LIQUID ASSETS / CASH"! Immobilien Kauf / Verkauf / Finanzierungen: (4 bis 10% "EIGENKAPITAL ERFORDERLICH"!) Erlaubnis nach § 34c GewO allg. Makler. Stadt Nuernberg, Abt. Gewerbeangelegenheiten Mandate Facilitator Intermediarie: Private Placement Opportunity Programs (PPOP) CONTRACT PARTNER: Polo Trade Finance (General Equity Building Society ) is the premier Provider of Trade Finance and Project Finance Instruments: i.e. Pre Advice / RWA messages, Documentary Letters of Credit, (DLC) Standby Letters of Credit, (SBLC) Bank Guarantees, (BG) (100k – 200m, “HIGHER SUMS NEGOTIABLE”) Proof of Funds, and various SWIFT message services. Issue Instruments, secondary Banks, and Financial Institutions. Transmit SWIFT MT 760, MT 799, and other messages on behalf of our clients without tying up their funds in the Transaction: 1982: Registered Representative, National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) USA Sponsor: Financial Planners Equity Corp. Disclaimer: We do not sell or buy securities whatsoever. We are referral agents. Data in this email is for information purposes only. This is not an offer of any kind. Contemplated transactions are strictly one of private placement, and in no way relying on or related to the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended or related regulations, and do not involve the sale of securities. Further, we hereby declare we are not licensed brokers or government employees, and understand that neither are you or your organization. We mutually agree that this private placement transaction is exempt from the Securities Act, and not Intended for the general public, and all materials are for private use only.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++jbs This is an executive summary of some of the parties I am working directly with the signatory. GOLD Our group provides project funding to clients who have non-leased bank instruments available as collateral. We base our funding decisions on the rating of the issuing or custodial bank as opposed to the project or region. Our investors are comprised primarily of ex-bankers from Europe and Asia. We use our own funds and or credit facilities and we are able to close on transactions in under 30 days. Bank instruments such as Bank Guarantees, Stand By Letters of Credit, Certificates of Deposit, Safe Keeping Receipts, Medium Term Notes, Bank Avaled Corporate Notes, Bank Avaled Promissory Notes, Sovereign Guarantees as well as other instruments are acceptable means of collateral. Currently our investors have vested interest in real estate in Hong Kong, the US, London, Panama, Germany and Bolivia. We accept bank instruments from financial institutions with ratings that are B and higher as rated by Moody’s and Standard and Poors. Our financial capabilities are strong and we are able to fund and or invest billions in project financing and real estate ventures where our purchase and acquisition model is accepted. Our model is also able to assist corporations who require funds for expansion or buy outs. They are able to use their own assets and bank relationship to accomplish these tasks. Via partnership, I work with private investors who have credit facilities in top 10 world banks as well as other banks. To insure proficiency my leading partner works under an official capacity with our investors. I am not a mandate, representative or broker. I work under an official capacity with full authority. My leading partner currently work as the negotiate power of attorney for Mac Eurochem, LDA Avenida, Arriaga AT 73 I Sala 105 9000 – 060 Funchal Portugal; and HF – Financial and Investment Group Corp. They have offices in Portugal and New York. These two companies have credit lines ranging from 100 Million to 50 billion. These credit lines are in Portugal (Bank Espirito Santo or Bank BANIF) and in SUISSE the Private Bank (VP BANK). My leading partners have closed over 100B in business over the past 10 years. These are two other groups of private investors with credit lines in HSBC, London and Danamon Bank. I am able to offer 100% funding for owners of SBLCs, DLCs, LCs and even Usance LCs Top Banks Only..  as a partner with these groups, We will endeavor to help you achieve the goals you have.We structure the loan to meet the clients needs. We can pay a certain LTV lump sum, or we can pay a much higher LTV over a few weeks or a few months.  The Credit Provider prefers the SBLC TEXT which I have attached. Please see if this can be issued. Please have your client complete the questions below so we can provide you with an appropriate response. Is this to be owned or leased? 1.      If owned, will you provide a copy of the escrow receipt? 2.      If the provider requires a POF, will you provide a copy of POF? 3.      Do you have a countersigned sale & purchase contract? 4.      Who is an issuing bank? Soliel 5.      Have you paid the bank transmission fees? 6.      If yes, will you provide a copy of the payment receipt? 7.      Have you already deposited in an escrow? 8.      Instrument Amount? 50M 9.      SBLC, BG, CD or Bank Draft? SBLC 10.   Speaking of a non-rating / low rating bank instrument, will your issuing bank send swift MT760 through a top corresponding bank with full bank responsibility if you look for a high LTV? 11.   If MT799 Response is required, will you provide MT799 Pre Advice? (We will issue Response with MT799 RWA to receive MT760 and pay) 12.   What price are you willing to accept?  13.   Will an issuing bank provide you a RWA letter to say that they will issue MT760? 14.   If no, will your FC BG provider provide you a RWA letter to say that they will issue MT760 from the issuing bank? We prefer a RWA bank letter. 15.   Monetizing only or Trading? 16.   When are you ready to start? The document requirements:  POF Letter / Instrument Fee Payment Receipt, RWA Letter, Fully Countersigned Sale & Purchase Contract, And Compliance Package. Please let us know how you wish to proceed?   We monetize BGs/SBLCs Top 50 Banks, non-recourse or recourse, lease BGs, monetize and trade, Lower rated banks Sberbank, Soleil Chartered, GEBS, Banks South Africa, India Banks, Sovereign Guarantees, LTNs, V Bonds, etc.  For 100% LTV NON RECOURSE Project Funding, we can pay over 6 to 10 months. We issue MT799 RWA after we receive your MT799 Pre-Advice. All can be funded, minimum 200M preferred.  We can pay 50-65% LUMP SUM on Top 25 leased bank instruments. We can fund 80-90% LUMP SUM on OWNED Top bank instruments. Payment usually in 5 banking days. For LTNs, we can pay 50M per month, total 600M NON RECOURSE, if you can send SKR by MT542 or MT760. We will need: Copies of RWA Letter, Swifts, the Bank Instrument, SKR if available , and KYC package to get started.  Contracts usually done in 24 hours. Funding in 3 -5 Banking days unless lower rated banks.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are always looking for direct sources who also do the same as we do.      Ken MD   PLEASE CONTACT AT:   Joe B. Seals sr. FINANCIAL PLANER CFO INTERNATIONAL FINANCE DEPARTMENT joebseals@gmail.comj +49 174 708 4350 Skype: wpseals

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