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Ari Meisel

Less Doing
Executive / Life Coa

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141 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
United States
T: 2126733027

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professionals, people in transition who've lost their motivation, productivity challenged, and those with certain chronic illness.

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Have you ever wanted to do something but just didn’t know how? Have you felt like 2012 should be a new year for you but you’re faced with the same challenges that you were in 2011? Achievement Architecture is based upon the art of less doing so that you can simplify your life and learn how to lead a more effective life. The outcome is that you will be more productive and be more successful. Many people focus on productivity as the problem. However, through research and listening to countless individual problems, it has been discovered that productivity isn’t a problem – it’s a symptom. It’s why treating it as the main problem doesn’t make it go away. It’s ultimately like trying to cure the common cold with a cough drop – it’s just not the right remedy. So what is the correct remedy? Achievement architecture is a coaching service that has been developed through experimentation, analytics and personal tracking to help individuals with some amazing results. Anything that you are trying to achieve is possible through building the right architecture – that is, the setting of goals. This includes everything from corporate operations to curing chronic illnesses and even running a faster mile. By learning to work smarter instead of harder, you can hone the skills of doing less and becoming more productive. It is all because of a unique sense of being able to optimize, automate and outsource. After all, why should you have to do everything yourself if there are people better qualified out there who can do it for you? This will allow you to spread yourself out a little more effectively so that you can concentrate on the things that you can do properly without having to stress over the smaller details. Ari Meisel is an entrepreneur and self-acclaimed productivity geek who has become a Skillshare Master Teacher by taking his class on The Art of Less Doing to an entirely new level. He has listened to the individual needs of his clients and has helped them to accomplish all of their goals. Through Achievement Architecture, clients are able to become more effective at everything they do. Many people are just focusing on the wrong problems. They try to look at a symptom instead of the full cause, which is why their goals are ultimately not getting accomplished in a timely manner – or at all in some cases. By taking a step back, Ari is able to use Achievement Architecture to coach people to become more effective. Tools and techniques will be implemented in order to reach the goals by forming appropriate milestones and setting benchmarks along the way. It’s 2012 – what are your goals and how will you reach them?

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