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Universal Spiritual Connection Productions

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Mesa, AZ 85208
United States

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Broadcasting Host, Advertising, Audio Commericals, & Media Leads.

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USC TV & Radio Productions©™, LLC Wave of the Future In today’s world, the media has focused a lot on keeping the public entertained at the expense of providing high quality and unique content. USC TV & Radio Productions©™, LLC station has decided to introduce a fresh new approach of ensuring that the population’s demand for new and original content is met. is quickly ascending to the role of the #1 leading global innovators who have introduced a “New Paradigm” by revolutionizing the media broadcasting scene. The need to have fresh content that addresses overall challenges facing the global community as well as promoting higher consciousness and quality of life has earned Meza, Arizona based USC© to be called the Global Bridge Builder of “we the people”. Considering the focus and high dedication to revamp broadcasting communication global structure, It is in order to describe USC© as the “New Wave” of media targeting to bring in a new way of informing the public. The internet is a key platform that has contributed to the success of USC TV & Radio Productions©™ because this broadcasting and publishing media firm runs on a cutting edge web-based platform that allows users to benefit from focus-specific content. Radio shows as well as TV programming is hosted by professional hosts and instantly broadcasted to a worldwide audience via the internet. This station focuses on a number of diverse shows that specifically focus on personal development and enhancing global community living and unity using different topics. The use of High Def technology multimedia platforms to reach out to mass audiences around the world has greatly contributed to advancing the agenda of USC TV & Radio Productions©™, LLC to succeed in harnessing technology to positively use media to spread inspirational and spiritual content to enrich the lives of listeners across the world. Media content on USC© is more focused on educating audiences with the aim of encouraging people to live healthy lifestyles in order to realize personal goals and achievements. Furthermore, it is possible for audiences to be part of the USC© by accessing media content on other technology devices thanks to the online platform which has been optimized for mobile devices. USC© has continued to excel by providing top notch programming geared to engage listeners with a positive and spiritual attitude about life. Leilani Graham is a vibrant speaker who presents Universal Spiritual Connections™ hosting a panel of various guests answering studio questions with a live call-in session to enable users to have a better understanding of the subject. The show focuses on how our experiences affect each other and ultimately translate into an everlasting love and peace for humanity. This together with other amazing shows such as Hugs Talk and Healing with the Rainbow Rays have enabled audiences to learn a lot thanks to diverse topics that focus on common issues that affect the present society. USC’s dedication to improving global broadcasting standards is evidenced by the state of art technology 501- (C) (3) NON Profit broadcasting school that equips students wishing to pursue a career in broadcasting with valuable skills. This broadcasting school provides an opportunity for students wishing to improve their knowledge and expertise in media broadcasting. USC’s approach mainly focuses on Human Motivation by bridging the gap and dealing with difficulties that people have experienced while trying to achieve their “Hierarchy of needs”. Issues revolving around education, employment and overall wellbeing of global communities are comprehensively discussed. USC© services include an ecommerce platform that allows buyers to purchase CD’s, books and other useful items for enriching personal growth and spirituality. Furthermore, the online platform has an advertisement section for various announcements related to products and events. The good news is that advertisers are also invited to advertise in the online 3D magazine for reasonable rates. A lot of listeners love live chats that allow them to have a first- hand interaction experience and allow participation in various events. USC TV & Radio Productions©™, LLC has become a respected global community media platform seen as a guiding light and a trusted source for promoting an empowered lifestyle. At a critical stage of human evolution, USC© remains focused on catering for humanity and the earth in general as we are ushered into empowered greatness. Website: USC TV & Radio Productions, LLC®COPY RIGHTS©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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