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Roxanne Cottell

Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell
Alternative Healing

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Pomona, CA 91768
United States

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Please read the "about my business" portion of my profile to get a better idea of what I am all about...mahalo... ROX

About My Business:


I am not sure how exactly to tell a person what my business is. It is more than I thought it would be. I am Los Angeles Kahuna, Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell. I run the ONLY Medicine Dance Hula program in my area, and probably yours, too, utilizing my 40+ plus years with this beautiful dance my ancestors used to do to contact their gods...the healing with hula program, meant for domestic abuse survivors when I first started it, with myself being my very first client. I may very well also be the only alternatively self-employed person on this side of the Pacific who chooses to do only Hawai'ain Mana Card readings. It is nothing like any other form of card divination that I have had the very blessing to be able to do. I write a Spiritual Teaching Blog called "The Mana'o Blog," which you can read by going to, and also "To Hell and Back - A DV Survivor's blog," which is located in my website. I coach other DV Survivors and yes, Medicine Dance Hula was created specifically for those who have been through domestic abuse, who have made it out on the proverbial other side of the madness, and who now feel they need some help, not forgetting what they have gone through, but remembering who they are for real, because really, we are all beautiful, and sometimes, we just need to be reminded of it. Of course, like all other Ordained folks, I indeed DO perform weddings, which is also a page to visit in my website...and particular to my own practice as a minister, like my Medicine Dance Hula, Hawai'ian Mana Cards, and a whole lot of other things, my friends, the indie band The Pharmaceuticals, and I, are the ONLY ones who have come together to create what is a really great wedding package for not a lot of money, is a WHOLE LOT OF ROCK AND ROLL FUN...Rockin' Live Band Kegger Party Backyard Weddings, and yes, it is a LOT less expensive than a lot of other weddings, is meant to be the most fun yet relaxed time any bride and groom has EVER had the very smarts to do if they cannot afford a traditional wedding and more than that, do not have any desire whatsoever to go into debt paying for one day in their lives, even though I know how very dearly important that one day is in the life of any woman. I do coaching, my main client is a DV survivor, and yes...indeed, I indeed also coach DV Abusers, because once it is that you have been someone's victim, and once it is that you have spent a lot of time in your own life trying hard to understand these people, you learn a whole lot about what goes through their heads, and my better than two decades of trying (and succeeding) to no longer be in that situation, and within the time span that I was in that mindset, I was able to really study, not only my situation, but also the things that went through this other person's head, all the time. I also coach artists, musicians, and teenagers, because these are the very most misunderstood people on the planet. There are a lot of other clients who I work with, not only creative types, and I also offer group ho'oponopono sessions, because even at work, we need to get along with each other, because we have to be there for a long time everyday, so why not at least try to understand the entirety of it all by choosing to broaden your own thoughts and methods of thinking and allow this...the light of come on in and invade the darkness that is the inability (at least you want to believe that) to get along. It is not that you are not able, but maybe that you just cannot get past a thought about a thing, and that thought about a thing is what is keeping you where you are, which you might want to call "stuck." It only seems that way....I can help you see it in a totally different light... So...there you have it...these are the things that I do...

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