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Paul R. Campbell

Maze8 Future Training
General Contractor

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Cantelowes, Greater London N7 9DP
United Kingdom

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Constuction, Horticulture, Landscapers, Driver Logistics and Cleaning Companies that require apprentice placements for excellent hourly wage rate.

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Apprentice wages start at £2.65 per hour – regardless of age, for the first year. An employer can choose to pay any wage above this. To qualify for government funding, an apprentice must have a contract of employment for at least 30 hour per week – and the job must last at least 1 year. All apprentices must be on PAYE and cannot be self-employed or in a commission only position. Our company policy is to only work with employers that have the intention to offer the apprentice a regular contract, based on performance, at the end of their training. Funding for apprenticeships is provided by the SKILLS FUNDING AGENCY (SFA). All programmes are 100% funded for learners aged 16-18 and are 50% funded for learners aged 19-24. Due to this funding gap, employers that choose to take on an apprentice that is 18+ must contribute to the cost of the training. The average cost of an apprenticeship is £5200. This would mean an employer must contribute £2600. The blend that we recommend in this situation is £1000 in cash and the balance ‘in kind’. This means that we will use their premises to train the apprentice, facilities, etc. Due to the tightening of SFA rules, a cash contribution must be made by the employer, but this can also be off-set by apprentice grants of £1500-£2275 depending on the employer and the source of the candidate. Currently, our programmes include – Level 2 Maintenance Operations (construction), Level 2 bricklaying, Level 2 Work Based Horticulture (grounds maintenance and landscaping), Level 2 Cleaning and Support Service, Level 2 Driving Goods Vehicles and Level 2 & 3 Business Administration. All Maze8 Future Training is accredited by Edexcel. Maze8 Future Training also operate an ‘Apprentice Training Agency’ (ATA). This is excellent if you have an employer that does not have a payroll system or does not want to contract, pay and deal with things like National Insurance, holiday and sick pay. The ATA ‘employs’ the apprentice and the employer ‘hosts’ the apprentice. For a fee (£3.60 in wages equates to a charge of £5 per hour for the employer) the employer does not have to issue a contract of employment, register to pay NI or worry about holiday and sick pay. Should something go wrong with the position, the employer does not have to initiate a dismissal, they can simply choose to end their hosting contract. Costs are collected weekly from the employer via direct debit to their bank account and based on the apprentices contracted hours.

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