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Mila Araujo

Ogilvy & Ogilvy
Homeowner, Auto & Business Insurance

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Westmount & Toronto Offices, QC H3z2y5

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If you are building your dreams, then I want to protect them. A lot of people hate insurance, I got into the business by accident at the time of a national disaster here in Quebec. Maybe that's what made me love insurance, thousands of people had claims to make, and throughout those days it was insurance that was able to provide them with the peace of mind to know all was not lost. Since then, when people ask me why I do insurance, or what exactly it is I am doing...well, I listen to my clients, I understand what's important to them, I respect they work hard for their money, and they work hard to build their dreams, and I offer products that in essence protect their dreams. I got into blogging in social media after a friend of a friend lost their house to a fire and they were not well insured. I felt so badly when I saw this, I thought to myself, If only I had known he was having insurance issues, I could have helped. I realized I had to get online and let people know what I do, and share that knowledge. Its only when you lose something that you realize how important insurance can be. Who are my clients? What I am looking for? If you are looking for the cheapest price and don't care about how you are protecting your "dreams" and check the price of your insurance year after year trying to find the cheapest ever, then I am not for you. Not because I don't have good prices, but because I am looking for a business partnership, I do my best for my clients, I check the markets for them for the best price every year, but I also make sure to counsel you on your needs, so you can make an informed decision and be protected. It's a relationship built on trust and expertise. I do not ever want to have a call from a client who had a claim and have them say "Why didn't you tell me about this". In 15 years it hasn't happened, and I am not about to start now. I sell on value, on need - I don't cut corners to make the sale. I also know the markets and the industry, I can offer specialized solutions to almost any situation. I have a background in executive class insurance, I understand lifestyles and needs. I offer expertise in these areas. So, if you fit this profile and not the "price only" view, and you want to work with me, then I'm all in! I have a great team around me to support you in Life, Health, Financial Services, Home, Auto, Car, Business, Travel and Group Insurance too!

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I am a licensed broker and I've been working with clients on their insurance for nearly 15 years. Our company, Ogilvy & Ogilvy has been in business since 1924, serving the community for over 85 years! We have offices in Toronto and Montreal, we also have a specialty national Marine Program which allows us to insure performance marine across Canada, including USA exposures. I am the Director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy & Ogilvy. I personally blog about Insurance at Our company website is

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