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William D. Kuenning

Military Family Voices
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COMPELLING COMBINATION FOR CHANGE Seeking, those rare self-driven, high-level networkers, individual and corporate, who may desire the highest level input of strategic creative insight and who are also inspired to collaboratively help the wellbeing of our current and former Military and their Families in a lasting and fundamental way -to honor their service and also to help make all our communities stronger. We can help virtually any person or enterprise with strategic, creative insight on every aspect of the initiative. In turn, we are looking for networking, collaborative, and financial support to ramp up the sustainable funding for the singularly progressive Military Family Voices, an innovative charitable initiative. This is not a coupled service for those who believe they know it all. This is for those truly forward thinking, and doing, individuals and corporations who know, or deeply sense, that helping others honestly will change what they do for the better –in ways they have not contemplated –no matter what level of success they have. This is for those who may in fact be helping others but who can understand why helping our Military and their Families like this is fundamentally important for us all to get actively and creatively behind. That is how we connect and progress, as a society. Networking changes countless lives, and non-self-centered networking, in this manner, gives everyone that illusive permanent life-changing chance.

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MILITARY FAMILY VOICES Military Family Voices, MFV, is a federally registered charitable entity, 501 (c) (3), that records/preserves the voices of our current and former Military and their Families to help mitigate and preempt the brutal stresses and invisible wounds caused by their Military lives. The Pilot Program for all United States Armed Forces is in Colorado and serves Military Members and their Families, from every state in the Union. UNIQUE –PROGRESSIVE RECORDINGS There is no other charity in the world that does the recordings MFV does, at home and in the field, and no other charity that so immediately and permanently impacts lives through the recorded, preserved voices of loved ones. MFV, through the familiarity and comfort of these extraordinary voice recordings, helps make it possible to reduce brutal personal and familial stress by triggering memories, and keeping personal bonds strong for their wellbeing. These voice recordings can help reduce the precursor stresses to, for example: PTSD, suicide, depression, dysfunction and diminished wellbeing. Therefore these special voice recordings are also potentially preemptive of those tremendously damaging stresses from the separations and harms’ way of the Military life experience. These voice recordings preserve all their Loved Ones’ voices forever. These recordings are unprecedented and stunningly valuable. REQUIRED NETWORKING –A CALL FOR MOTIVATED MINDS MFV is truly singular, and even though MFV was voted and judged, out of 2400 charities, the Best New Charity in the Western Region in the 2012 National and International Classy Awards, and is uniquely progressive and forward thinking, we still have a hard time getting the public to get financially behind these recordings because they love the highly progressive social solution initiative but simply have to see actual physical devastation of our Military to support efforts to help them. We are fighting to change this perception that a Military Member must physically exhibit damage before folks will step up to help. We are fighting to show that just saying that one honors their sacrifices is not the same as actually doing something truly lasting about the problems born out of their service protecting all of us –problems that threaten their wellbeing. MFV is working hard to illustrate the deep, lasting value in preempting the stresses that lead to damaged lives; so, the public and business sectors can get behind preemptive initiatives, like Military Family Voices. However, we need help to network with those who truly wish to honor, help and change the lives of our current and former United States Armed Forces and their Families in the most progressive, fundamental and lasting way possible. CALLING ALL THOSE forward thinkers and networkers who really wish to change countless lives. Need a Voice – Give a Voice – Get a Voice Military Family Voices

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