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Fayton Hollington


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If you draw breath, I seek to provoke all your senses through a literary awakening of consciousness. What you believe does not exist, have not affected you, or you have long dealt with; will become palpable. With this being the first of three such novels completed, I ask that you voyage through, and share your experience with others. With me, I seek your thoughts regarding your experience, be it brief or long, where they will nestle alongside the many editorials received, now floating in my cyber column of reviews. Take that breath with me, won't you…

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Amazon Professional Reviewer Amazon’s Literary Reviewer, Grady Harp’s outstanding assessment, as seen on Goodreads and Amazon. (Literary Aficionado submitted) Conception of a Dialysis Patient (the untold truths) `My arm was opened between the forearm and the bicep at the elbow' `Autoimmunity is the failure of an organism in recognizing its own constituent parts as self, thus leading to an immune response against its own cells and tissues.' It would likely be impossible for anyone to read this rather extraordinary memoir by Fayton Hollington and not feel a cramp in the body and the psyche, attempting to identify with the story revealed here. This is one of those book that not only teaches the reader about a condition few have even heard about much less understand while at the same time presenting the spirit of a survivor against all odds. It is a revealing exposé about the medical fields of kidney dialysis and kidney transplantation - far more complex and enigmatic than the public understands. None of this would be so profound were it not for the quality of writing that Fayton Hollington brings to the book. Hollington is a writer - of two other books and a number of screenplays as well as poetry that will surely gain recognition following the most assured success of this debut. The name may not be immediately recognizable at present, but in time that will change. Hollington is an African American man from a large family. His father was killed when he was young, forcing his mother and his siblings to move form Harlem to Long Island. And that is where his story begins. He contracted a viremia-like syndrome with high fevers and a dermatological nightmare of abscess-like lesions on his body. Eventually the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosis was made and despite medical treatment of a poorly understood illness he went into renal failure and required renal dialysis just to stay alive. He underwent kidney transplantation but eventually rejected that donated kidney and now he remains dependent on dialysis. In this book Hollington shares the marriage of chronic renal failure patients to the dialysis machine and his in depth discussion of that is both harrowing and informative. Few people can describe the fateful bond between machine and life the way this fine author does. Place this book in the column of `must read' - it is both a humbling and a challenging experience and reveals the soul of a man whose spirit is indeed indomitable. -Five stars – Amazon and Goodreads RADIO INTERVIEW LINK LISTEN IN: Novel: Fayton Hollington Published Novelist/Award Winning poet Spoken word Artist SAG-AFTRA Join us,

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