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Gabriel Avalos

General Law

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San Diego, CA 92101
United States

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New small business owners, or entrepreneurs seeking resources to help secure, and run their business. Let the experts do what they do best, so you can focus on what you do best!

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Who is Gabe Avalos... Originally from a small town in California, called Sonora, I grew up watching behind the scenes of movie making, as movie stars from the 80’s filmed shows like, Back to The Future, The A-Team, Little House on The Prairie, and various western movies. It was real cool to meet the cast of different movie sets, and being able to be an “extra” in a few scenes back when I was a young boy. Meeting famous people for me was a great motivator to want to excel in my later years, and gave me the desire to study the business of film, music and television broadcasting, as I went on to study after high school. One of my first jobs growing up was as paperboy, and I also worked to help clean yards for the neighbors and their friends, by doing basic landscaping, stacking wood, cleaning gutters, etc. I did what most young kids do growing up, washing dishes, busing tables while working in restaurants as well, but one of my most memorable jobs was being a tour guide for the local train park, Rail Town, in Jamestown, CA. I got to tour people around the park and talk about movies that were filmed in the area, and about some of the props they used to modify the train engines that were housed there. Also got to show some of the stuff that the movie makers would use on set. I was in my early teens at that point, but one memory that I try to forget was the chore of having to sweep all the passenger train cars and I had to wash all the windows of the passenger cars as well. It was not fun, but I got paid! I almost forgot, the small town where I grew up is said to be haunted, and I personally had a few “encounters” with a ghost or two at the famous Willow Hotel when I had to work after closing hours there. Search out the Willow Hotel in Jamestown, California and see for yourself what others have to say about this historic place. Moving on, I was into radio broadcasting, studied that in high school, and volunteered for the school radio station, where I was called the “Soul Man!” That was good times! I then worked at a major radio station, and continued those studies in junior college at Modesto JC. My schedule was tough, since I was going to school full time and was working full time overnights for that radio station. I then moved to Seattle, Washington to study business for the music and broadcast industry, and advertising at the Art Institute. Seattle kept me there for a good 15 years, until I met my bride and got talked into moving back to Northern California. Now with school behind me, and taking my lumps in the corporate world I have teamed up with a fantastic company that allows me to work at my own pace, on my terms and offers me the ability to truly help other business owners, and their families by offering a suite of identity theft protection and legal services. I am currently an executive with LegalShield/GoSmallBiz. I've joined this group to interact with other like minded individuals, and I would like to establish some more great referral partnerships. Relationship building is key for me and I look forward to meeting you, to see how we can generate more business for one another. Together WE CAN - Together WE WILL! Small business owners typically have to rely on small or limited resources. Not anymore. With GoSmallBiz, business owners have assistance in all areas of running their businesses - such as Tax, Accounting, Sales, Technology, and Human Resources. Members think of these areas as departments they can rely on for guidance and direction on ANY business issue - large or small. From our consulting service and website builder to our newsletter and directory listings, GoSmallBiz has the resources to help you run and grow your business. "If GoSmallBiz is your guidebook, the TOOLBOX is your survival kit along the path to a faster; stronger; more efficient business, powered by GoSmallBiz innovation." ~ Fran Tarkenton, CEO For more GoSmallBiz info, watch this video clip: The WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW: LegalShield is to attorney fees what major medical is to hospital and doctor bills. In other words, many of the legal services you need most are prepaid through your membership. We place you, your family and business under an umbrella of legal protection with a nationwide network of law firms. Doesn't it make sense to have legal coverage to protect and defend your rights? Many Americans are going through difficult situations now. Unfortunately, the majority of those Americans are dealing with these situations on their own, they don’t know where to turn and they don’t know what to do. The stress of trying to deal with these issues causes problems at home and at work. And whatever the outcome, they accept it because they don’t feel like they have any other option. Now, more than ever, Americans need access to professionals who can help them deal with these issues. As independent associates of LegalShield, we know people do not have to just accept their situation. Instead, we help them by providing them access to quality law firms across North American to help them with their issues. We recently asked our attorney network to tell us what subjects our members are calling in about the most. Take a look: • Consultation on and review of severance packages including how to negotiate a better package. • Mortgage consultation including loan modification, foreclosure, work-outs, refinancing and short sells. • Explanation of the Hope for Homeowners Act. • Credit and asset protection. • Credit card liability resolution. • How to return items such as automobiles and end the associated loan(s). • Landlord/tenant issues including evictions. • Bankruptcies - Chapter 7, 11 and 13. • Lawsuits filed by aggressive collection agencies. • Child support payment enforcement. • Employment issues, especially relating to 401k’s. It’s our business to help Americans have access to quality legal services so when they are faced with an issue they don’t have to wonder what to do; instead, they simply pick up their phone and make a toll-free call to a Law Firm, which is dedicated to helping them receive the justice they deserve. LegalShield's mission has always been to make the phrase “Justice for All” a reality. We’re even more driven as we see the negative effect the US economy is having on the American family. For a low monthly fee, our members have access to the legal system, something they can use for every day life events and even serious legal issues. For more information call 619.929.0129 or visit

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