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Samantha Rayn Bachman

Samantha Bachman Healthcare Practitioner
Health Care

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Shop C5, The Village Upper Mt Gravatt, 1932 Logan Rd
Upper Mt Gravatt, Queensland 4122
T: 07 3349 3000

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I'm seeking clients that are looking for diet and lifestyle help.

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Samantha Rayn Bachman Healthcare Practitioner – Samantha has had 30 years experience in the medical and healthcare industry, working many years as a Homotoxicologist, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Consultant. She is a well renowned global speaker, radio personality, author, TV show host and life coach, covering topics such as health, lifestyle, diet, women’s issues and disease prevention. She is also a very active humanitarian working with 3rd world women in relation to diet, health, feminine hygiene and risk factors of poor lifestyle habits. She has spent the last few years working to get menstruation products into areas of need, such as Africa, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. She has developed workshops over the years aimed at improving self-esteem and finding solutions to problems between males and females such as domestic violence, verbal abuse, depression and role modeling She has been a weekly health speaker on ABC radio in Australia covering topics such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Degenerative Diseases and Diet Related Diseases. In fact Samantha believes that 80% of diseases are diet related and puts forward a pretty convincing case on how what we put in our body several times per day – everyday will have far more impact on your wellbeing than anything else you do. We have more health care, more medicine, more specialists, more supplements, more low fat, more low calorie, more health education than we have ever had says Samantha, yet we are the sickest, fattest and unhealthiest we have ever been – something is obviously wrong! Our food choices influence our long term health prospects more than any other choice. Time to stop digging our graves with our teeth she says and take back control of our health. Samantha has talked to Aboriginal teens on health and sex education through the Leroy Loggins Foundation with the teens loving her honest and humorous approach to the topic. She has also taught Vegetarian, Vegan and Healthy cooking for the past 21 years to teach how to prepare healthy meals on a budget to teens and parents. She has presented to Queensland Family Planning in relation to the issues faced by Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM), by our Australian doctors, gynecologist and obstetricians. She has travelled extensively throughout India, Middle East, UK, USA, Asian Pacific areas, Fiji and Africa educating on health, diet, female infections and sex education She is well respected due to her humor and common sense approach to life’s issues.

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