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Steve Gordon

Steve Gordon Marketing Systems

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2228 Capital Cir NE, Unit 2
Tallahassee, FL 32308
United States
T: 877-316-4448

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My clients are professional practitioners, small business owners and sales professionals in a wide array of industries. They are typically experts at what they do, but have never been trained in how to attract their ideal clients in a consistent way. Here is a list of the broad industries my clients represent. Information Technology Home Repair Property & Casualty Insurance Life Insurance Financial Planning Real Estate Non-Profit & Association Medical Business Coaches Accountants Bookkeepers Small Manufacturing Legal Marketing Consultant Roofing Contractor Records Storage & Management Electrical Contractor Interior design Home Theater Installation Furniture Retailer Chiropractor Consulting Engineering

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What exactly is the Get More Clients System™ and what does it include? Getting More Clients into your business demands that you understand who your IDEAL clients are, what challenges they face and why they will buy your solution. In the Get More Clients System™ you learn and act on the seven steps for building your marketing system. 1. Make Marketing Your #1 Job Marketing is the most important function in every company…you know the old saying “Nothing happens until you make a sale.” Yet as a small business owner you’re swamped with payroll, accounting, client service, HR…and more. You’ll never feel any outside pressure to work on marketing your business…and that’s the danger! Too many businesses suffer through feast and famine sales cycles because the owner doesn’t devote consistent time to market and grow. 2. Focus on your IDEAL Client Most businesses market too big…they chase any prospect with money. The most successful business know exactly who they serve best and target their ideal clients with laser focus. By identifying your ideal clients you will focus your marketing dollars and your valuable time on the customers you want most…focused effort always yields better results. 3. Attract Your Crowd…Use The Right Bait You can get clients in one of two ways: 1) You can run ragged chasing prospects, making sales calls, being the “annoying pest” that bugs prospects for appointments OR 2) You can be a smart hunter and set out the Right Bait for your prospects and catch them as they willingly seek you out. The right bait will help your prospects identify themselves to you, pre-sell them on you and your expertise and turn you into a customer educator…not a slimy sales person. 4. Double Your Business Without Advertising Imagine doubling your business without spending one red cent on advertising. Referrals are the fastest, easiest way to grow your business…but you’re probably not getting the steady flow of referrals you deserve. Most businesses fail horribly when it comes to referrals…your marketing system will fix that and help you smooth out the feast and famine swings that most businesses experience. 5. Don’t Be a Sleazy Seller…Use a Silent Sales Machine Research shows you need 7-22 contacts with a prospect before they’ll buy. How would you like to have an always working, silent sales machine, churning out a steady supply of ready-to-hire-you prospects? Your silent sales machine is your “under-the-radar” sales tool that keeps you in front of your Ideal Clients. It educates your prospects AND sells you…you won’t even need a plaid jacket! 6. Get in the Fast Lane with Sales Multipliers You’ve got two routes to reach your goals in business—the conventional (slow) route or the smart-fast way. The slow route says you need to sell each client one-on-one. The smart approach is to multiply your best sales pitch and best sales person. Sales multipliers position you as the expert and they deliver your best pitch to prospects over and over automatically. It’s the ultimate sales shortcut. And, instead of chasing them…they come to you. 7. The Ultimate Peace of Mind…Marketing on Autopilot Have you ever sent a postcard or run an ad…got poor results and gave up? Hey you’re not alone. Without a systematic approach to marketing you’re setting yourself up for failure. We’ve developed a systematic approach to marketing and found all the tools you need to automate your marketing so you can set it and forget it. Your marketing system will be on autopilot so you can go home early for a change. I have boiled down my 15 years of sales and marketing experience into these 7 steps…The Get More Clients System™. Most importantly you will learn how to make getting clients part of the daily operations of your business. You’ll learn how to leverage your time and build a series of client getting engines…churning out new clients on consistent basis. And you’ll build the one true asset in your business…your list of happy, paying clients.

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